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Sensory Deprivation Sex Turned Me Into a Quivering Mess

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I’ll cut to the point. My last few weeks at work have been stressful. Prolonged Goonette sessions helped, but I needed a deep form of destressing.

My idea of destressing isn’t a spa getaway. It’s hardcore sexual debauchery. Depending on my mood, I’ll take my stress out on a willing sub or switch and let my holes be mercilessly abused.

While browsing through classic hookup apps like Adult Friend Finder, I recently stumbled upon a user called SensDepDom. His speciality? Sensory deprivation sex, BDSM, and humiliation.

I’ve tried many things, but sensory deprivation sex was new to me. Like a slutty moth to a flame, I found myself writing him a message that went something like this:

“Hello, Sir. My name is Catherine. I’m a willing whore who adores pleasing Alpha Men. I have to admit that I’m intrigued by your profile and would love to become your plaything in a sensory deprivation BDSM session if you would be merciful enough to have me. Yours respectfully, Catherine. x”

It didn’t take long to get a degrading, no-holds-barred response. My slit softly leaked down my thighs when my AFF inbox pinged.

“Well, I’ve just examined your website. It’s fantastic to see a whore who has accepted her place in the world. Yes, I specialise in sensory deprivation sex. Which is handy, as I don’t want to look into the eyes of a whore like you. I just want to use your willing holes. You don’t even deserve to hear my grunts and moans. I’m off work tomorrow. Let’s set a time and date.”

Over AFF, we shared our recent STI tests that were all clear. I was in the mood for raw, primal, bareback sex. Thankfully, so was he.

We would meet at 18:00 the following evening. I would be wearing AirPods with Goonette Hypno playing at full blast. The noise of the outside world would be out of bounds for me.

I shared my Hypno playlist with the Dom so that he knew what kind of material I’d be exposed to during the session. This way, he could tailor his behaviour to the soundtrack.

Upon entering his house, I was to enter his bedroom, strip down and wear a BDSM mask that would be left on the bed. What happened next? Keep reading for the sordid answer!

The Dom’s Lair

The hours before the meet passed so slowly. I was constantly slipping off to the toilets at work to edge my clit in anticipation. By 17:00, I was rattling like an addict needing a fix of cock.

I rushed home and slipped into the outfit that I’d prepared earlier that morning. Pink stockings, suspenders, and a degrading crop top that read: ”Cheap cum slut and proud”.

I douched my butt, shaved my slit, and wore my best perfume. After slipping into a pair of porn heels, a skirt and a jacket to cover my outfit on the way there, I was ready to be used.

I drove to the address in a quiet street in the suburbs of Belfast. The small house was tastefully decorated and classy. As agreed, the front door was left ajar, and I made my way inside.

“Get out of my house, you disgusting fucking whore.” He muttered aggressively.

As I discreetly closed the door behind me, a rough, masculine voice called out from somewhere unknown. ”Come up the stairs and into the bedroom with the open door. Everything is ready.”

The centrepiece of the large master bedroom was a Queen size bed with a full BDSM face mask lying on it. On the bedside table was a butt plug, a large bottle of lube and some poppers.

I slipped out of the skirt and jacket and checked myself out in the mirror. You look like such a cheap slut, I thought to myself.

Putting in my AirPods, I played hardcore Goonette Hypno audio, which made my slit drip in the first few seconds. The BDSM mask blocked my vision but left my mouth exposed.

This Dom clearly had a ready supply of willing, cheap sluts like me. The mask smelt of stale cum and pussy. It was utterly degrading to wear it, but it simply made me wetter.

I reapplied my lipstick and sat on the bed. I was trembling from a blend of lust, anticipation, and anxiousness at this point.

“I’m ready, sir!” I called out.

Becoming The Embodiment of Porn

The Goonette Hypno on full blast combined with the blindness of the mask was a pure power handover. When I felt a firm, masculine hand grip my body, I almost jumped out of my skin.

I felt utterly powerless and was shaking uncontrollably. I could feel his hot breath over my body as he examined the insatiable whore sitting on his bed. Suddenly, he dragged me off it.

In the space of a few seconds, I was on my knees on the hardwood floor. The musty scent of his crotch was edging closer. Then, it vanished.

I felt myself release a cry of shock as my hands were yanked from behind and slapped in some form of BDSM cuffs. Pushing me forward, he slowly slid a large, lubed up butt plug inside me.

Then, the scent of male sex returned. But this time, I felt the unmistakable texture of cock upon my plump, slutty lips.

In sync, my AirPods unleashed the equivalent of a bass drop of the Goonette Hypno variety that went something like:

“Your mouth was designed for worshipping cock. You hunger for the soft, silky texture of alpha male sex organs. Allow them to socialise with the deepest parts of your throat. Nobody wants to hear you talk. Your life mission is to please dicks!”

Now, that’s what I call brainwashing! I thought to myself. I opened my mouth obediently and felt the dick make its way inside me. Bear in mind; that I’d never laid eyes upon his cock before.

In the realm of sensory deprivation sex, I was forced to try and estimate every inch as it went into me. Fuck. It just seemed never to end. I felt my throat bulge and my eyes water.

His cock was easily over ten or eleven inches. Gasping for air, I subconsciously pulled back to escape, only to find myself pinned against the bed. I was going nowhere.

I began to think I’d bitten off more than I could chew for a few seconds. This was an enormous cock, and he wouldn’t be gentle. Then, inspiration came in my ears.

“Porn whores have given their bodies to please Goonette whores like you. Return the favour and devote your body to the worship of porn,” The Hypno moaned into my brain.

How fucking dare I try to pull away from this noble mission, I thought. It was time to become the embodiment of a porn whore.


Instead of pulling away, I slammed my throat onto the fuck stick in my mouth. I pushed my body to the limit and slowly grappled my lips along his shaft until his balls tickled my lower lip.

I felt like his cock was in my stomach. When he violently grabbed my head and held me there. I was powerless to move. I felt like my head was about to implode, and I’d pass out.

But just in time, he pulled his cock out. It felt like minutes for the tip of his dick to pass my lips again. He’d opened my throat and now uncuffed me, but this was only the warm-up.

His strong arms wrapped around me and flung me on the bed like a rag doll. He felt enormous. He manoeuvred my body until my head was upside down and hanging off the bed.

“Good girls have a vagina and the privilege of being bred by men, whereas your cunt is simply to be used and abused.”

Based on the momentum he face fucked me with, I must have been perfectly aligned with his dick. The position made it feel like his dick was under my tits. It was going so deep inside me.

Within seconds, gravity ensured that the mask was now caked in my saliva and his precum. The audio in my ears sent me over the edge. I began rubbing my pussy ferociously.

As his cock ravaged my hole, I was edging myself until I felt drunk. I could feel my asshole suck on the plug as though my body was hungry for an orgasm.

As his cock pulled out of my throat, it left a pool of deepthroat saliva all over my masked face. Suddenly, a brutal slap tore across my face before I was roughly thrown on my back.

“Whores Aren’t For Breeding!”

“There’s a difference between a vagina and a cunt”, the Goonette Hypno proclaimed, “you have the latter. Good girls have a vagina and the privilege of being bred by men, whereas your cunt is simply to be used and abused. Your ass is the only thing worthy of receiving men’s semen.”

Apart from my own fingers, my Dom has largely neglected my pussy. It was clear he’d done his homework on my playlist.

Now on my back, he pinned my legs back so that my nipples tickled my thighs. My ass was exposed in the air. I felt weak, powerless, and humiliated.

The large plug was gently removed from my ass, leaving it sloppy and gaping. I then felt its lube-drenched exterior on my lips. I opened up and allowed him to gag me with it.

Then, his long tongue rudely invaded my exposed asshole. He hungrily lapped at my hole and plunged his fingers deep inside as I moaned out and ground on his face uncontrollably.

My feet were cuffed behind my head to make sure I stayed in place. It was a good thing I didn’t skip yoga this week! My asshole was his to do what he wanted, and he had plans indeed.

Brutal Anal Preparation

A generous dose of lube was slathered all over my cheap hole before what felt like a giant dildo was slowly inserted inside me. Like my Dom’s meaty cock, it was easily around 10 inches.

I had to control my breathing to take this beast, although the butt plug helped. Once I was used to it, he slowly began inserting it in and out until I thrust my hips back on it.

What happened next was insane. He violently began fucking my ass with the dildo as if plunging a sink.

I felt as though my ass was being rearranged, and I struggled to breathe with its intensity. As his strong arms relentlessly smashed the rubber cock in my hole, pressure began to build.

At this point, I found myself wailing out over the plug with lust-driven debauchery. Not hearing myself talk over the Hypno audio made it even more intense. Then, it happened.

My pussy erupted with a flood of hot squirt that covered my tits and my masked face. My sweet juices simply added to the sordid concoction of bodily fluids already ingrained in the mask.

As he pulled the butt plug out of my mouth, I felt his hand scoop up the pool of squirt on my stomach and rudely pour it into my drool-covered hole.

He moved me once again and bent me over his bed. It was time for the privilege of real cock, and my gaping asshole was more than ready for it.

Clean Up The Mess

With my quivering, squirt-drenched pussy lips dripping onto the floor below, I wailed in ecstasy as I felt the glorious feeling of a bare, throbbing cock slide into my sloppy asshole inch by inch.

When I felt his big balls slam against my wet and neglected slit below, he had officially docked inside my asshole. He settled in with a few slow strokes to not cum too fast.

The anal fucking that followed was merciless. He fucked my ass like a cheap sex toy and spanked me relentlessly as I screamed in a blend of pure pain and pleasure.

He’d often pull his cock out and shove it deep into my throat to take a break. After a while, I think most of the lube was gone, and it was solely my deepthroat saliva lubing up my hole.

The fucking must have gone on for at least twenty minutes in various positions. Some of the things I found myself screaming out throughout were downright debauched:

  • Please deposit your divine seed into my depraved fuck hole!”
  • I finally feel like a real woman when I’m impaled on the end of your cock!”
  • Your balls smashing against my clit is the only attention my used up cunt deserves!”

My nympho words became too much. His building orgasm was enough to breach the headphones. His cock twitched. His balls tightened as they slammed into my cunt.

As ropes of hot, sticky spunk sprayed the inner walls of my ass, I unleashed a primal raw of pleasure and subconsciously yelled out ”thank you, sir!” repeatedly.

With his balls well and truly emptied, he slowly pulled out of me. But he wasn’t done. I felt his hands push me down into a squat position and spread my legs.

I couldn’t control my gaping ass, and I felt a small river of cum and spit pour from my ruined hole onto the floor below. Thrown on all fours, I could smell the fresh cum next to my face.

I needed no further encouragement. On all fours with my ass in the air, I slowly slurped the depraved mixture from the hardwood floor when I felt his fingers on my pussy.

His two middle fingers slipped inside and rattled ferociously to batter my g-spot. It made me slurp up the anal creampie quicker. Holding some of it in my mouth, I felt an orgasm building.

My slit erupted in squirt again as I screamed out, causing second-hand jizz to dribble down my chin. As my orgasm finished, he spanked my ass as if signing off with a flourish.

The Aftermath of Sensory Deprivation Sex

I lay on the ground shaking uncontrollably in pain and pleasure. Then, his strong fingers fished inside my BDSM mask to remove one of my AirPods and say:

“You served my cock well and earned your place at my feet today. Now get dressed and get out of my house, you disgusting fucking whore.” He muttered aggressively.

As I heard the door close, I removed the mask and looked at myself in the large mirror. To say I was a mess was an understatement.

My eyes were red raw, my body was marked all over from slaps, almost all of my lingerie was torn, and my thighs, ass and stomach were slick with lube, squirt, and cum.

I left his house without saying a word. Driving home, I was turned on, knowing those in the cars around me had no idea of the levels of depravity I’d just been revelling in.

Back home in bed, my body began to ache. As the pleasurable pain gripped me, I started playing porn and began to dildo fuck myself to another violent orgasm.

As my used up cunt quivered in a post-orgasm bliss, I opened Adult Friend Finder and dropped SensDepDom a message that read: Same time tomorrow?

The Toys & Tools Used

If you’re keen on replicating this debauched sensory deprivation sex experience or are keen to know what the toys used are like, here’s a handy list of what was used and where to find them.

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Disclaimer: This true sex story may contain affiliate links to products or services I have personally used and tested. This means that when a purchase is made through the links, I may receive a small commission which goes towards the running of the site.

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