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Top 10 Untapped Cuckold & Hotwife Vacation Spots

Who doesn’t love getting away for some sun, sea, and relaxation? The biggest bonus for me is being able to indulge in the sexual variety of foreign countries free of judgement. But one of the most underrated types of sex tourism is a cuckold and Hotwife vacation.

The Hotwife life doesn’t have to be confined to your homeland. It can do wonders for a cuckolding lifestyle to take their fetish international. If this sounds appealing, then you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to virtually travel to 10 destinations for sordid hotwifing vacations. We’ll be delving into stuff like:

  • Why the UK is an underrated Hotwife vacation spot and what it has to offer couples and singles in the lifestyle.
  • The best vacation spots in the world for a hot wife to live out he big black cock fantasy as her obedient cuck watches.
  • The realm of Hotwife hotels dedicated to providing sexually liberated folks with a vacation experience to remember forever.

And much more! So polish your chastity cages and prepare to make your cuckolding fantasies a reality as we cover the best places to have a Hotwife vacation!

A Hot wife vacation in Paris is divine!

Top 10 Untapped Cuckold & Hotwife Vacation Spots

To kick things off, we head to Paris. As well as being known as the City of Love, Paris has a far sleazier side for the sexually open-minded. In particular, it offers a few wonderful opportunities for cuckold and Hotwife couples.

From Le Mask to Les Chandelles, the city is home to a wide array of swinger lifestyle clubs that are welcoming to foreigners. Although speaking a few words of French will indeed go a long way!

But what makes Paris special for a hot wife vacation? Well, in my experience, its swing clubs are often frequented by hunky black men from France or former French colonies. It goes without saying, they’re more than keen to give a Hotwife the fucking she needs and put her cuck in his place at the same time.

What does the UK offer a hot wife on vacation?

What does the UK offer a hot wife on vacation?

Sadly, the UK is often missed from the hotwife vacation bucket list of many couples. False stereotypes about the Brits being prudish and perpetual bad weather should be disregarded. The UK is a major hub for those in the lifestyle, albeit underrated!

The country has swinger clubs, sex parties, and fetish events taking place up and down the country. Each year, Britain plays host to the notorious Swingfields festival. This enormous swinging event draws sexually liberated folk from all around the world and is frankly unmissable!

The majority of lifestyle clubs in the UK are more than accommodating to the Hotwife lifestyle. They’re also very tolerant to single males attending, within reason. So good news for all of you budding cucks out there!

Hotwifing on the high seas with a swinger cruise!

Hotwifing on the high seas with a swinger cruise!

For those of you who wish to see the world shoulder to shoulder or thigh to thigh, with an international range of other people in the lifestyle, a swinging cruise may be just what you need.

Features an incredible assortment of itineraries from the Caribbean to the French Riveria, lifestyle cruises have many of the features of a regular cruise ship. They come with bars, restaurants, cinemas, casinos, and more. Only the clientele is different and in the best way possible!

Whether it’s sex-swapping, voyeurism, exhibitionism, BDSM, cuckolding, or otherwise, you can expect everything you’d see at a swingers party just on the high seas! They’re fitted with swinger playrooms, fetish dungeons, and all manner of kinky stuff!

Prices for such cruises can vary, but you certainly get what you pay for. They’re open solely to those who align themselves to the Lifestyle. Dedicated cucks and Hotwives will be in their element here. But I would advise against first-timers or those unsure of their kinks.

Live your best hotwife life in Las Vegas

Live your best hotwife life in Las Vegas

Want to live your best Hotwife life? Then do it the right way in the city of sin that is Las Vegas! The city has a heavily active swinging scene and a number of dedicated sex clubs to try out. But that’s not all, there’s more to do in Vegas besides gamble!

Each year, Las Vegas plays host to a number of adult conventions ranging from porn industry gatherings to Lifestyle events and a range of fetish festivals too. I’ve been to the porn convention and, trust me, it was a memory I’ll never forget.

Vegas is a bucket list item for many. But combining with one of its notorious sex conventions in the day and indulging in the city’s sex scene in the evening, what more could a sexually liberated Hotwife and her cuck want?

Germany offers an intense Hotwife experience

One of my favourite countries on account of its unrivalled sexual tolerance, surviving sex institutions, and level of downright sleaze is Germany. As well as catering to a plethora of other kinks and fetishes, it offers an intense Hotwife experience that is difficult to beat.

Berlin alone is home to a number of swinging and sex clubs, each with its own unique vibe and style. It’s also home to things like porn cinemas where you can really kick your cuckolding journey up a notch.

But as one of the most sexually liberated countries in Europe, that’s not all! Germany is home to a number of dogging areas around the country as well as nudist resorts that are very friendly to the lifestyle. Something local and foreign swingers take full advantage of!

Stay at a dedicated Hotwife hotel

Unless you’re hiring an apartment, any Hotwife vacation will involve a hotel. But did you know there are dedicated hotels for those in the lifestyle complete with play areas, dungeons, and equally kinky guests to play with? Introducing the Hotwife hotel!

From Blackpool to Spain and Cologne to Gran Canaria, there are lots of swinger hotels all around the world. Many of them, often in tropical or hot climates, come with their own private beaches. And yes, they’re nude-friendly.

So, if going down to breakfast two steps behind your Hotwife and her new lover sounds appealing, then you should consider a hotwife hotel experience. I guarantee it will be the accommodation you’ll remember for a long time.

Tokyo offers an Asian Hotwife world like no other

If you’re seeking an Asian Hotwife vacation, then Tokyo offers a number of untapped resources. The weird and wonderful sexual delights of the Japanese capital will make great conversation starts amongst others in the lifestyle, too.

In Tokyo, the little-known swinger scene takes place in clubs known as “kappuru kissa” or a “happening bar.” The latter caters for couples, single men, and single women. The former is often solely for couples and single Japanese girls.

But before you go buying a plane ticket to Tokyo, there are a few things I need to mention. Japan is not Europe or North America. Many bars will politely decline foreign guests and speaking some Japanese will take you a long way.

So, as weird and crazy as Tokyo is, it’s a great place for a Hotwife vacation to try out just how kinky the Japanese can be. But it’s no Berlin, so if you’re looking for the more hardcore and sleazy experience, then go elsewhere. Like the Volcanic Island of Gran Canaria, for example…

Live the Hotwife lifestyle on a volcanic island

Live the Hotwife lifestyle on a volcanic island

Having a cuckold suck my lover’s cum from my freshly fucked pussy on a volcanic island may sound like one of my sordid fantasies, but it’s actually possible to do on a Hotwife vacation to Gran Canaria. Introducing the Venus Star FKK Resort for swingers only…

Now, you will be forgiven for thinking FKK is a very German concept. Often centring around sexually open-minded nudist resorts in the country. But the Venus Star Resort is unique to this Spanish Island and, as a strict swingers only affair, also to the world!

I’ve stayed here twice and had tonnes of fun. It’s spotlessly clean, run by very attentive staff and attended by some incredible swingers from all over the world. They have a range of rooms available, a fantastic group pool, and a bar with great vibes.

If you’re looking for somewhere to kick back and relax in the day and sample a smorgasbord of international dicks whilst your cuck watches at night, then I highly suggest a trip to this FKK resort for an epic Hotwife vacation!

A Hotwife in Rio won’t be dissapointed!

A Hotwife in Rio won't be dissapointed!

Oh, Brazil… It’s another country I adore. From incredible food to gorgeous locals, there’s a lot to love about this South American country. When it comes to the capital of Brazil, a Hotwife in Rio will certainly not be disappointed!

See, the Brazilians are some of the most sexually open-minded people I’ve ever come across. As a result, the swinging lifestyle is heavily active in the country. Rio alone has a number of sex clubs ranging from elite to sleazy, but the sex is equally energetic!

But we’ve spoken a lot about clubs on this list, and Rio is more than just that. When I was there, I tapped into various Hotwife forums to find local private swinger parties and couples. As a blonde, Irish girl I had a lot of success arranging invites to parties.

From hung transexuals to equally hung black Brazilian men and bleach blonde beach bimbos to Latino hunks with washboard abs, the swinging scene in Rio was as diverse as the country itself.

With a large black population, this is an ideal Hotwife vacation spot to indulge in your BBC fantasies with your cuck by your side. Stay alert here though, Brazil has a high crime rate compared to many of the other countries on this list.

Live out your ultimate BBC Hotwife fantasy in Jamaica

Live out your ultimate BBC Hotwife fantasy in Jamaica

If you or your cuck have a big black cock kink, then it’s your lucky day as we round off our list of Hotwife vacation spots with the Caribbean island of Jamaica! As well as boasting stunning beaches, friendly locals, and phenomenal food, it’s also a paradise for the sexually liberated.

As well as being home to the iconic Hedonism II Swingers Resort where all manner of debauchery takes place, Jamaica offers a BBC Hotwifing experience unrivalled by many. The locals, many of which are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and well hung, are well-aware of the foreigner’s penchant for black dick.

“Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. It’s the Holy Land for swingers. You gotta go.”

― Reggie from You Me Us Them

During my visit to the country with my cuckold ex-boyfriend, I was propositioned countless times by local men when he wasn’t looking. If I liked them, I would proposition a rendevous at our hotel whilst my man watched. Some were put off, but most were more than keen.

So from swinger resorts to horny and well-hung locals, the birthplace of Bob Marley takes first place on this extensive list of Hotwife holiday spots.

Travel uninhibited

And so, to round off our guide to the ultimate Hotwife vacation spots. I truly hope you’ve found some travel inspiration from this list and are eyeing up your next sexy trip abroad. After the year we’ve all had, we deserve it!

So travel uninhibited and make use of the anonymity associated with travel to explore your kinkiest desires. But as always, stay sensible. Don’t let lust cloud your judgement, always research local laws, and research safety and security issues in any country you may visit.

Happy travels!


  1. Some fantastic suggestions here in locations we’ve never considered. We have been to Jamaica a couple of times and, as the article says found it easy for pick ups who were generally OK with me watching the action. Very very sick throbbing hot!


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