Top 10 Hotwife Forum Resources For Decadent Hotwifing!

I’ve never been married, but my swinger friends have deemed me ”an honorary Hotwife” due to my adoration for cuckolding guys I’ve had casual relationships with. Since my whore wife anklet article (which you can find further down), I’ve had a lot of requests from up and coming cuckold couples asking for Hotwife forum resources.

Starting the journey to becoming a slut wife can be daunting and many are dissuaded by the lack of resources before they even begin this rewarding sexual fetish. I aim to stop this. Revealing the best Hotwife forum resources, I’m going to help you enjoy decadent Hotwifing by delving into things like:

  • Where to find the most slutty hotwife challenge ideas
  • Alluring hotwife lifestyle tips from veteran swingers and slut wives
  • The best cuckold forum where beta males can connect with each other and share tips and advice

From caging your cuck to humiliating him with black cock sex, these Hotwife forum resources will assist you massively on your journey. And most importantly, they’re all free! Now without further ado, let’s slide in… (Links to all resources are at the bottom of the article).

The best Reddit Hotwife forum

reddit hotwife forum

You know what I always say… If there’s an obscure or quirky kink out there, there’s more than likely a subreddit dedicated to it. And yes, there is of course a Reddit Hotwife forum with the fitting title of r/Hotwife. Although this is the umbrella forum for various other subreddits of the same topic.

Along with being a bastion of amateur cuckold porn submitted by kinky fuckers in the lifestyle from around the world, r/Hotwife is a great place to connect with like-minded folk and potentially arrange offline hookups.

Then there’s r/HotwifeAdvice. Run by the same good people as their parent forum, this is an advice-based forum where thousands of Hotwives, bulls, stags and others are free to discuss the Hotwife lifestyle, share their questions, give answers or ask the community for feedback.

The Hotwife forum of White to Black

Black to White is a massively underrated Hotwife forum. Even though it’s been around for ten years, I still meet people in the lifestyle who have never heard of it.

The Hotwife forum on White to Black is extremely active with thousands of threads covering common Q and As, reviews of swingers clubs and sex resorts, and various forum topics surrounding the Hotwifing lifestyle.

They have a fantastic interracial dating section divided by black males seeking cuckold couples and vice versa as well as aspiring single cuckolds and slutty women seeking to humiliate them.

One advantage White to Black has over other Hotwife forums is its international feature. It has dedicated sections for German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian cuckolds and Hotwives to enjoy in their native language.

Real Hotwife stories on the Dark Wanderer

Whilst many of the Hotwife forums in this guide will provide you with the guidance you need to become the ultimate slut or the most well-behaved cuckold, real Hotwife stories can provide a phenomenal source of inspiration as well as something to relate to when other kinksters share how their journey began.

There’s a lot of places for Real Hotwife stories online, but my personal favourite is the Dark Wanderer. Formed in 1996, this is a site dedicated to true cuckold stories from real people in the lifestyle. And trust me, there is some divine smut on here!

The Dark Wanderer also has a Hotwife forum of its own. However, it’s not the most heavily active compared to others on this list. So its main role is as a source of real Hotwife stories, in my opinion.

Hotwife sex on Do My Wife

One of the more retro sites on this list is the aptly named Do My Wife. Founded in 2002, its main role is an amateur Hotwife porn community where kinky members share their personal cuckold porn. But that’s not all…

Due to the interest, some of this amateur porn creates through the voting system, users can contact each other through the site dating service and arrange their own Hotwife fun offline. And of course, Do My Wife also has a forum!

The forum is fairly active and has thousands of threads going back years. Here you can find everything from Hotwife memes and cuckold porn tributes to discussions about the lifestyle and open conversation of all kinds with sexual beings.

The cuckold forums on XNXX

When it comes to forums for kinky people to virtually mingle, many people overlook porn sites. You don’t know what you’re missing! Lots of porn sites have dedicated forums covering various corners of kink that’s published on their site. XNXX is one of them.

One of the most well-established smut sites with a wealth of humiliating Hotwife porn, XNXX has cuckold forums with tonnes of active members discussing a range of sordid topics from hotwife fantasies to cuckold hookups, there is a lot on offer here.

Just on the cuckold forums alone, there are over 115 pages of varying threads discussing all types of topics about Hotwifing and the cuckold lifestyle by people actively involved in it. Overall? A very underrated fetish forum!

Find a Hotwife challenge on Cuck In

Ok, this one isn’t strictly a forum, but it’s too good to pass up when it comes to one of the most fun aspects of a cuckold relationship: Hotwife challenges! If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry, Cuck In has a list of Hotwife Challenge ideas that will certainly spice things up!

These challenges can be tame and range from pointing out every man you’d like to fuck when out and about with your cuck to creampie cleanup games. These will certainly test your limits and by completing them all, you’ll be on your way to becoming a fully-fledged Slutwife!

Similar to a forum, CuckIn also has a portfolio of real Hotwife and cuckold stories from genuine couples. You can use these for advice and inspiration. Some of them are very *ahem* sloppy if you know what I mean.

Wife Wants to Play is full of Hotwife lifestyle tips

When it comes to Hotwife lifestyle tips for beginners, I recommend the Wife Wants to Play forum. This erotic site has been around for over ten years now. During that time, it’s grown into a busy Hotwife forum and a phenomenal resource centre.

This Hotwife and cuckold community has everything you need. From how to start hotwifing and real Hotwife stories to personal cuckold experiences and a heavily active cuckold personals board to meet with like-minded people.

Like any good Hotwife forum, Wife Wants to Play has a solid verification process so kinksters can prove they are who they say they are. There’s a lot of posers and timewasters in the online kink community, so this is a nice feature.

Amateur hot wife tips on the Cuckolds Forum

Amateur hot wife tips on the Cuckolds Forum

Next up is a Hotwife resource called The Cuckolds Forum. This is one that, sadly, is rather inactive. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered some wonderful amateur hot wife tips from old forum posts on the site, so I thought it was well worth a mention.

The Hotwife community on here was once very strong and featured all kinds of kinky folk from across the world sharing advice, advertising hookups, and sharing mouth-watering kinky smut. For some reason, the posts stopped last year.

Regardless, whilst you shouldn’t expect the cutting edge of cuckold news on here, there is a lot of previous posts that contain some great content. So it’s worth checking out to collect some amateur hot wife tips!

Hotwifing has never been easier with the Cuckold Consultant

For those into the Hotwifing lifestyle, the Cuckold Consultant is one of the most well-known resource sites and community forums. Headed by Dr. 36, the site was started to help make cuckold fantasies a reality for couples around the world and has since transformed into a phenomenal resource centre.

Alongside a massive range of free resources and free cuckold assessments, the site provides tips and tricks to explain your cuckold or Hotwife fantasy to your other half in the right way to, hopefully, begin your journey of sexual discovery.

As well as this, the Cuckold Consultant has an active Hotwife forum community via its popular ‘Cuckold Chat’ feature that boasts thousands of members sharing tips, advice, reviews, and amateur hot wife porn.

Our Hotwives Forum index

Next up is a Hotwife forum I’ve been using for a while now. Our Hotwives is a community of over 75,000 people that brings cuckolds, slut wives, and people generally into the fetish together. It’s a little dated, but an active community and well organized.

Aside from dedicated forums divided into cuckolds and Hotwives, there is a lot more on offer on here. For example, here are my three other favourite areas of the Hotwives forum index:

  • Cuckold and Hotwife personals – This section really does what it says on the tin. It’s an old school personals section for kinky couples and singles to connect with each other based on their fetish interests with the aim of meeting up or indulging in virtual fun.
  • Hotspots – A really useful part of this Hotwife forum is the Hotspots section. It’s for kinky folk to share their favourite sex spots from swingers clubs to Gloryholes. There really is a lot to discover on here.
  • Real Hotwife pictures – And last but not least is the photo category. This is where open-minded people share photos from their slutwife or cuckold journey. I find it’s a great place for outfit ideas, Hotwife challenges, and general amateur hot wife porn!

So whether you’re keen to find new spots to expand your sex life, connect and meet up with other sexually open-minded people, or gain tips and advice from others in the fetish, then the Our Hotwives Forum is well worth checking out!

A Hotwifing conclusion

In conclusion, finding the right Hotwife forum can reward you with a range of important information that is bound to give you a leg up in your kinky mission. The Hotwife dynamic, if done right, can be a very rewarding fetish indeed. Here are some related posts:

All of the resources in this list are free and I hope that they provide you with some slutty knowledge! Slutwives, stay dominant. Cucks, stay caged and make it your mission to worship your woman and all of her lovers!

Index of Hotwife forum resources:

  1. Our Hotwives
  2. The Cuckold Consultant
  3. The Cuckolds Forum
  4. Wife Wants to Play
  5. CuckIn
  6. Cuckold forums on XNXX
  7. DoMyWife
  8. The Dark Wanderer
  9. White to Black
  10. r/Hotwife



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