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An Adult Guide to the Blackpool Sex Scene & Why You’ll Love It

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I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to travel extensively for work. From Belfast to Berlin and beyond, I’ve been able to sample the sexual delights of Europe to my heart’s content.

But when people ask about my favourite sexual destinations, they’re often surprised when I say that the Blackpool sex scene is one of my favourites.

Whilst the former booming resort town of Blackpool has certainly seen better days, a lot of people are unaware that this is a sleazy forbidden gem offering a range of sexual delights to a horny visitor, provided you know where to look!

“Families see the scantily dressed sex workers in nearby massage parlours as neighbours who put the bins out like everyone else.”

– A Daily Mirror article on the Blackpool sex scene.

So, rather than explaining my love for Blackpool over and over again, I decided to write this homage to the iconic seaside resort, the wonderful people who live in it, and the enormous array of sex-related activities you can indulge in here. In this article, we’re going to look at:

  • From dedicated hotels to swinging clubs, why the Blackpool sex scene is a haven for swingers.
  • The reasons why I love the sex shops of Blackpool.
  • And why its so easy to find raunchy straight, gay, trans and bi sex in Blackpool.

So read on to discover what I class as the undiscovered sex capital of the North of England. By the end of this article, I can guarantee you’ll seriously be considering a trip to this grand seaside town to sample its range of sexual delights.

But first, for those of you who don’t know, where is it?

Where is Blackpool?

The Forbidden Gem of the Blackpool Sex Scene & Why I Love It

On the North West coast of England lies the seaside resort of Blackpool. With a 7-mile long beach, the town began transforming into a booming seaside resort in the 1840s when one of Britain’s first railways connected it to the industrial hub of Northern England.

Packed with attractions, Blackpool became an iconic holiday spot for British and Irish people throughout the decades.

But as overseas travel became more accessible, the resort began to decline in the late 20th century. With an economy rooted in tourism, the town suffered as a result.

Despite this, millions of people do still visit Blackpool each year to see its many attractions such as the Pleasure Beach theme park or Blackpool Zoo. However, a huge number of these people are unaware of the sexual delights on offer in the forbidden gem of Blackpool.

Growing up, I visited the resort a lot for family holidays. But it was later in life during a two-week stint in the town for work, I discovered the Blackpool sex scene whilst looking for something to do outside of work. Since then I’ve never looked back and often return there for sordid weekend trips.

From swingers hotels and gay saunas to legal red-light districts and amazing sex shops, the Blackpool sex scene is alive and well. Carry on reading to find out how you can experience it yourself and enjoy some retro Blackpool porn dotted through the article along the way!

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to Blackpool swingers

There's a lot of variety when it comes to Blackpool swingers
A retro porn magazine celebrating the women of Blackpool.

The UK is actually a great place for swinging. The British are shaking off prudish stereotypes at a rapid pace and an increasing number of people are getting involved in the swinging scene. Blackpool, however, is on another level.

Swinging apps and casual hookup sites in the town are extremely active. I’ve never had a problem arranging a casual hookup, party invite, or group sex meeting in Blackpool. It’s just so easy!

But if you think all of these swinging meets just take place in private homes, you’re very much mistaken. To accommodate the number of Blackpool swingers and open-minded tourists, the town has a wealth of swingers clubs in Blackpool to cater for them.

There’s over 3 dedicated swingers clubs in Blackpool

Yes, you read that right. To prove my previous point, Blackpool has over 3 different swingers clubs to cater for a population of around just 138,000 people. And with hearty competition in this resort, all of them are phenomenal in their own way.

One of which, called Infusion, boasts an enormous pool and sauna, a wide range of play areas, a fucking machine, and much more!

Another, called Club Play, is home to the world-famous Fuck Fest amongst its many horny events. The Fuck Fest is a no-holds-barred sex party featuring everything from cuckolding and bukkake to greedy girls gangbangs and transsexual sex. What more could one want?

But wait, it doesn’t end there. The Blackpool sex scene doesn’t end with a big swinging population and a large number of swinging clubs. It also has something every swinger seeking a good nights sleep should try once!

It even has its own swingers hotel!

It goes without saying that the swingers clubs in Blackpool are phenomenal. But did you know you can combine your raunchy swinging trip with a stay in a dedicated swingers hotel?

Well, here you can. The Blackpool sex scene is one of the few in the UK to boast its own swinging hotel. Introducing the aptly named: Hotel Paradise!

Located in Blackpool’s South Shore, this is a dedicated hotel for swingers and sexually liberated people. It’s been an icon of the local swinging scene for over 20 years! With sixteen rooms it caters for over thirty people, but that’s not all.

As well as a BDSM dungeon, an orgy area and dedicated playrooms, it has a well-stocked bar and social areas that hold swinger parties. These events not only attract guests at the hotel but also swingers from around the country.

And yes, on certain nights and within reason, single guys are welcome too! We even paid a visit to the Paradise Hotel. You can read our in-depth review on the Blackpool swinger hotel here.

Red light sex in Blackpool

Red light sex in Blackpool

Another surprising aspect of the Blackpool sex scene is that the town has its own Red Light District. Not far from Blackpool North train station is a series of roads that feature massage parlours, erotic saunas, and sex shops. One of the main RLDs is Cookson Street.

Prostitution in Blackpool goes back to the 19th century. Seeing the red neon lights reminiscent of Germany or the Netherlands is odd on the streets of Britain, but local authorities tolerate it as it’s seen as providing a designated space for the adult industry rather than it taking place in public.

Whilst it might be distasteful to the prudish amongst British society, it is a superior and much more modern answer to the unregulated sex trade that would otherwise take place regardless on the streets.

Interestingly, a Daily Mirror article that interviewed Blackpool residents living in the Red Light Area showed many were positive about it. Here are just a few of the things they shared:

  • Many residents viewed Blackpool’s sex workers as no different than neighbours and had no qualms about conversing with them regularly.
  • Some viewed the massage parlours and erotic saunas presence as “brightening up the mundane routine of peoples’ daily lives.”
  • Operating 24-hours a day and vibrantly illuminated in neon, many saw a sense of late night security in the establishments.

It’s nice to see Blackpool’s progressive attitude to such establishments. Many people are blissfully unaware that regulated adult saunas in the UK are regularly checked by authorities, all employees at the sauna are vetted before employment as they are there on a self-employed basis and pay a taxable income just like a standard job.

This British seaside resort is home to its own transsexual hotel!

This British seaside resort is home to its own transsexual hotel!

If you thought Blackpool accommodation couldn’t get any more unique after hearing about its swingers hotel, then get ready for what’s next… The iconic seaside resort is also home to a very unique, and highly regarded, transgender hotel!

Located just a few steps from the promenade and the town’s thriving gay area, Scarlet’s Hotel is one of the city’s most popular places to stay for the LGBTQ+ community. In particular, transgender folk are made to feel very welcome here.

I’ve spoken to a few T-girls and sissies who’ve stayed here and heard nothing but rave reviews. From little details like full length mirrors to practical space for a trans girl to lay out all her things in preparations for a night on the town.

This is an ideal place for T-girls and admirers looking for a place to stay in Blackpool! They also welcome swingers and the wider LGBTQ+ community.

Blackpool is a haven for gay, bi and trans sex

Blackpool is a haven for gay, bi and trans sex

An interesting fact about Blackpool is its gay status. The town has a booming gay quarter with lively bars, clubs, and a renowned drag act called Funny Girls. But that’s just one half of the entertainment.

Blackpool is home to two dedicated gay saunas/bathhouses that are equally very popular amongst the gay community both locally and further afield. As well as providing spa style services for gay, bi, and curious men to relax, they also feature well-equipped play areas.

“They’re home to sex swings, Gloryholes, mini porn cinemas, and BDSM dungeons. What more could a sex-lover want?”

As a woman, I’ve never been inside. But from what I can see online they’re home to sex swings, Gloryholes, mini porn cinemas, and BDSM dungeons. What more could a sex-lover want? But wait, there’s more!

The gay Blackpool sex scene also boasts a male-only hotel called Trades. Reviews online claim it could do with some redecoration, but most men don’t go for the decor. It’s a well-known cruising hotel where patrons leave their doors open for casual sex with other guests. Kinky!

The sex shops of Blackpool

The sex shops of Blackpool

Ironically, Blackpool is home to more gay bathhouses, erotic saunas, and swingers clubs than sex shops. There are only two main sex shops in Blackpool but they’re pretty damn good! Saints & Sinners, for example, has over three floors of fetish accessories and sex toys.

But this iconic seaside resort is all about fun and is a magnet for stag dos/bachelor parties and hen does / bachelorette parties. This means that there are tonnes of unofficial sex shops in Blackpool along the seafront to cater to these often naughty groups!

From cock lollipops to tacky sex dolls, the unofficial sex shops of Blackpool are always a good laugh to explore. Just don’t be surprised if you see a heavily drunk bride-to-be stumbling out with an enormous inflatable cock!

Blackpool sex is all about the Sandgrownian people

Blackpool sex is all about the Sandgrownian people
A blonde Blackpool porn model flashes her tits whilst enjoying an iconic donkey ride in front of Blackpool Tower.

Now, a homage to the Blackpool sex scene wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to the people of this wonderful town. You can have the best swingers clubs and kinky events on earth, but without the right people in them, it’s worthless. Luckily, Blackpool doesn’t let you down!

Personally, I’ve had countless good experiences and interactions with the good folk of Blackpool. I’ve found them friendly, genuine, and completely down to earth. Through the trials and tribulations of the towns unfortunate decline, they stay proud and manage to retain all of their good qualities and always aim to provide the best experience for visitors to the town.

And if their abundance of sex clubs, gay saunas, and swinger parties hasn’t convinced you yet, then let me confirm: The people of Blackpool are generally open-minded, kinky, and good in the sack!

Cheers to you, Blackpool!

Cheers to you, Blackpool!

I’ve sampled many of the sex establishments in this article and my friends have helped provide an insight into those I haven’t. The Blackpool sex scene is, in my experience, open-minded and largely free from judgement. All shapes and sizes are welcome provided you’re a good person overall.

So cheers to you, Blackpool. A town and a people who will always hold a special place in this whore’s heart. It goes without saying that I’m lusting to return to you soon. So, prepare the fish and chips and a hot throbbing cock for me!

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  1. Hey I’ve recently discovered your website from one of your r/sluttyconfessions and I have to admit I’ve been an avid reader ever since! Keep doing a great job and I hope you might one day write some articles about the fun stuff in my area (Croatia)

    • Hey, Valentino! Thank you so much, hearing kind words like this just inspires me to keep writing. I visited Croatia a couple of years back (Dalmatian Coast), such wonderful people and incredible food! Visiting again to sample the adult side of the country sounds ideal and I might just do that, so stay tuned. Hvala Vam! 😉


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