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Bringing an All-Natural Asian Sex Freak to the Last Resort of Cumpie Fantasies

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If there’s one thing that brings me true satisfaction, it’s making the deepest sexual fantasies of fellow kinksters a reality. Opening sexual avenues for my readers is one of the main reasons for starting my blog.

Once in a while, I’ll receive messages from frustrated followers who are desperate to experience a particularly intricate sexual fantasy. Yet they don’t know where to begin.

Last week, I opened my Adult Friend Finder inbox and received a message from Lyn: an all-natural Asian sex freak. I didn’t expect it to end with a teen uni student leaking spunk in my apartment.

Originally from Hong Kong, 19-year-old Lyn moved to the UK with her family a couple of years ago.

Brought up in a traditional and conservative household, she began to shake off the shackles of sexual repression as soon as she turned 18 and moved into student accommodation.

“Their cocks now covered in coagulated cum and Lyn’s pussy grool, I offered them both wet wipes. Lyn, slightly offended, rejected the notion and beckoned their now semi-erect cocks towards her.”

Lyn confessed to me that she had been quite the little slut in university. Sometimes having up to three casual encounters with online hookups a day. But like me, she was a self-described sex addict. Three average fucks from average guys simply wasn’t enough.

After becoming an avid reader of Whoreuro, Lyn began expanding her porn horizons. She also became enthralled by the world of sex beyond the city she lived in. A few messages in, she admitted her ultimate fantasy to me.

“I’ve become hooked on a blend of BDSM and creampie gangbang porn. Even during sex with random hookups, I lay back and fantasized that different men were using me. But the sensation just isn’t the same. I’m craving to be fucked anonymously and creampied by different guys. But I have no idea how to do it safely or even begin to arrange it. Perhaps one day you could help me out with this?”

Arranging a gangbang is far from easy. It can be a logistical nightmare, that’s if anyone even shows up. Cold feet are more common than you think.

Luckily for her, I once worked as a logistics organizer for a creampie gangbang company in Europe.

Now, I’ve dealt with a lot of bullshitters in my time. But I knew I was more than capable of arranging this for her.

I was also keen on seeing a 19-year-old, all-natural Asian sex freak repeatedly filled with cum. So I put her to the test.

I asked if she is usually free on weekends. When she confirmed she was, I gave her two weekends to choose from.

I would accommodate her in my Belfast apartment for one night and moderate the whole event.

Lyn had never visited Belfast before and was keen to use it as a last resort of cumpie fantasies. A date was set. After she showed me proof of her flight tickets, I gave her details such as.

  • I would be handpicking all men who fucked her. All of them would need to show a clean STD certificate on arrival before they even got to see Lyn. Equally, she needed to provide a clean test sheet and written consent.
  • I would choose her outfits and have sex with her if the mood strikes.
  • If she wanted to tap out at any time, the safeword was to be ”Cantonese”.

Once it all was agreed, the countdown was on. To say I was excited was an understatement. Thankfully, arranging the gangbang took up a lot of energy and made the time go quicker.

The all-natural Asian sex freak arrives in Belfast

To gather the men for the gangbang, I first called upon trusted guys from Ireland and the UK. These are guys who I know will turn up and be able to perform.

Overall, I got seven confirmed attendees. To make up more numbers, I returned to Adult Friend Finder to see who was in town.

After a lot of back and forth, I got another twelve men who would be interested in taking part. But I predicted a few no-shows.

I’d also pulled in a female friend from the North of England called Sarah. A veteran swinger, she would be keeping things safe by dealing with letting the guys into my place without handing out my address to everyone.

The event was to take place on a Saturday night. Then, the weekend in question finally arrived.

After working around a flight delay, I picked Lyn up from Belfast airport in the early hours. The moment I saw her in arrivals, my pussy fluttered under my skirt.

Take my word for it: She was gorgeous. This all-natural Asian sex freak looked like something from a porn film.

She was just under 5 feet tall. She was the definition of prim and proper in her knee-high boots, tight white pants, and wool coat. She looked so nervous and shy standing there with her little pink suitcase by her side.

As I approached her, graphic images of what I had in store for her flashed through my mind. She oozed nervousness when she saw me, but I quickly put her at ease.

After a warm embrace and small talk about the flight, we were on our way to Belfast city centre.

Getting this Asian cum slut prepared

Getting this Asian cum slut prepared

On the drive back to my place, we talked about Lyn’s university studies, how she was finding her new home in the UK and her plans for the future.

As we spoke, I couldn’t help but admire her tight body and the alluring pair of natural boobs peeking out from under her coat.

We dropped her bags, and I gave her a quick tour of the apartment. She was blown away by my dedicated sex room.

I could see the anticipation on her face as she knew it was here where numerous men would use her tight Asian slit.

After a coffee and a chat, we headed out. I wanted to give Lyn a quick tour of Belfast. But I also wanted to choose her outfit for the evening.

I like to think I’m a girl of good taste and chose the following from my local sex shop of choice:

  • Outrageous 6-inch stripper heels I thought would love divine shaking in the air as her pussy was pummelled.
  • A leather BDSM cage bra that perfectly framed her Asian teen tits. Crowned with a pink Whoreuro cumslut collar.
  • A pair of high-class stockings and suspenders. Plus, an open-top balaclava-style lace fetish mask to obscure her identity from the men fucking her whilst leaving her mouth free for cock.

Overall, the outfit was a nice mixture of classy, fetish, and trashy whore. There was something for all tastes. I was confident that no ballsack would leave her wanting cunt empty.

Back at the apartment, Lyn excitedly unpacked the day’s shopping. I made us lunch, and we hung out for the rest of the day, watching Netflix and chatting. Later in the afternoon, Sarah arrived, and we popped a bottle of wine open.

Seriously, the urge not to tear this wanting little whore’s clothes off and devour her pussy was killing me. But I knew I had to wait. Her crotch needed all the energy it could get for what was in store.

Sarah and I had got into our evening wear at this point. I went for the classic black heels with a body stocking that left my tits out. Sarah opted for a crotchless, all-black, dominatrix-style wet look outfit.

Thankfully, we all got along well, and the wine rapidly disappeared. Now full of Dutch courage, Lyn had grown in confidence. She began slipping into the outfit I bought her and asking us how she looked.

“You look perfect, you dirty little harlot. You’re going to make a lot of men cum today. But that’s what you were made for, isn’t it?” I purred with my legs crossed and sipped my wine.

Lyn responded with an adorable little giggle tinted with shyness. No sooner had my pussy started to leak at the sight of her than Sarah’s phone pinged. The first two guys were on their way and would be here in twenty.

The Asian creampie gangbang begins

A sloppy creampie leaking from the all-natural Asian sex freak

Lyn looked nervous, but the wine loosened her up a bit. I asked her if she was ready for this before slowly moving toward her and sliding my tongue into her mouth without messing up her lipstick. She nodded shakily with a nervous smile.

“After tonight, you’ll be joining the ranks of whores. You’ll no longer feel sexual repression or conform to prudish behaviour. I’ll be there to hold your hand and guide you through this”, I whispered into her ear before guiding her into my sex room.

As Lyn sat down on the fucking bench in the centre of the room, I tentatively rubbed baby oil all over her divine Asian teen body. Her tits were to die for, and her pussy was just begging to be bred.

Meanwhile, Sarah had put my long coat on and gone downstairs to let the first two visitors in.

I heard them come through the door as she double-checked their STD certificates with their ID before the voices approached the sex room.

Now, the first two guys I hadn’t met. They were two randoms I’d arranged through Adult Friend Finder.

But their faces when they entered the sex room to see both of us sitting there dressed like utter whores and surrounded by lube and sex toys was certainly a picture.

“She’s not in the ‘RA, is she?” one of the men joked about Lyn’s fetish mask that looked similar to the balaclava that Irish paramilitaries in Belfast used to wear.

It was inappropriate but a good icebreaker. Thankfully, the guys weren’t nervous. They quickly slipped out of their clothes and approached Lyn, who was sitting in nervous silence.

The first guy’s boxers caught on his hard cock. But it was soon free, and Lyn now had a 7-inch cock dripping with pre cum and bouncing in her face. What she did next took my breath away.

The Asian fuck slut is put to the test

A sloppy creampie leaking from the all-natural Asian sex freak

Despite her prim and proper appearance and initial shyness, Lyn was a true whore at heart. She knew what she had come to do. Her head retracted for a split second, making me think she was about to back out.

Instead, she moved back to spit on the cock in front of her with extreme accuracy.

No sooner had her natural lube been applied; she buried the cock in her throat with ease. All the while using her other hand to caress the throbbing member of the second guy.

The room was now filled with gasps, moans, and gagging. All of which was interjected by Lyn’s saliva splashing on the hardwood floor.

Sarah was doing her own thing in the corner by just watching and rubbing her clit into oblivion.

After about five minutes of sucking, Lyn took the initiative and lay on her back. No sooner had she rubbed spit on her little Asian pussy, than the more assertive of the guys pushed his way in and thrust into her. Causing this all-natural Asian sex freak to gasp.

These guys knew this wasn’t an all-night affair. They were to pump their loads and go. This resulted in some short but sweet rough fucking.

Her tits were groped, and her pussy was ravaged. Lyn uttered screams of pleasure, pain, and pure sexual ecstasy.

I had waited all day for this. After fluffing up the cock waiting to fuck her, I wanted to see a creampie in the pussy of this cute Asian slut.

I bent down and licked the guy fucking her from his ballsack to his asshole before thrusting my tongue between his cheeks.

“I grabbed a cocktail glass and asked her to squat and squirt the rest out. Out came a small waterful of cum, lube, and spit”

I heard him roar as his ass clenched my tongue, and he flooded this little wannabe whore with semen.

Lyn made the loudest noise she’d made since she arrived. Looking up, I saw sheer delight spread across her face.

Before she had the chance to think, the cock slid out. A leaking pool of cum began to gather below.

But it was quickly plugged in by the second guy. He pumped rigorously for about a minute and a half before he took blew his load whilst locked in a deep kiss with Lyn.

With their cocks now covered in coagulated cum and Lyn’s pussy grool, I offered them wet wipes. Lyn, slightly offended, rejected the notion and beckoned their now semi-erect cocks towards her.

Like a true Asian whore, she sucked both of them clean. Even gagging to the base to suck coagulated grool off.

As she gagged, a small river of two creampies seeped out of her. The men made their way out, and the next visitors were due to arrive in ten minutes.

“And so it begins!” Laughed Sarah, who had already made herself cum twice to the scene of Lyn being ravaged.

Aside from four no-shows, the guest list was a resounding success. Sarah managed it like clockwork and ensured there were no more than two in at a time.

A sloppy creampie leaking from the all-natural Asian sex freak

By around the eighth cock, Lyn had become cock drunk. She had ditched societal norms and was solely dedicated to worshipping as much dick as she could.

She was multitasking well, sucking cocks and taking them deep in her cunt simultaneously.

I noticed her gag reflex had a serious effect on her pussy grip. Most guys lost control of their balls in sync with her gag reflex.

Streaks of jizz dribbled from every orifice, and this Asian cum slut was just insatiable.

When a familiar fuck buddy showed up, I took him into the corner and rode his cock as Lyn watched.

He spurted his load into me and, after a short break, got stuck into fucking Lyn in missionary. As he did, I had an idea.

Lying back on the bench, I climbed on top and squatted my freshly-fucked cunt over Lyn’s teen mouth.

She lapped at it hungrily, and her tongue flicked between my slit and my asshole. Sarah got stuck in and started sucking her perky tits.

There was just so much cum and aggressive fucking. It was an absolute pleasure to witness. Lyn seemed to have a face of pure ecstasy across her face, dribbling cum from her tiny open mouth. Her pussy had switched colour from the light bruising of multiple pounding cocks.

The night ends with Gokkun

The night ends with Gokkun

By 03:00 am, Lyn had been filled with fifteen cocks and taken around 18 creampies as some guys had come twice back during the night.

As the last guys left, Sarah dozed off on the couch. Lyn and I had a post-creampie gangbang heart-to-heart.

“I felt like I was in another universe. I’ve never experienced sexual energy like that in my life. The feeling of hot cum filling my pussy is addictive. I could do it all over again.” She admitted in a tired but still horny voice.

About to implement my planned crescendo for the night, I told her it would be a sin for all of that cum to go to waste.

I made Lyn lie back and licked her burning cunt to suck out as much cum as my tongue could.

Then, I grabbed a cocktail glass and asked her to squat and squirt the rest out. Out came a small waterful of cum, lube, and spit.

I admired it as it slid down the side of the glass like a thick cream of different consistencies. A slut soup, indeed.

Lyn had come to me as a last resort of cumpie fantasies; I wanted a fitting end for her to remember it by.

Raising the glass to her adorable mouth, she opened her lips for the sordid cocktail to slide into her throat. I could smell the taste of cock on her breath.

“Not so fast, greedy slut!” I joked. With a bit of the cocktail left, I dropped it into my mouth before kissing her deeply.

Our cum kiss led to us falling next to each other and toying with our depraved whore bodies until we both came.

I led Lyn into my bedroom, and we passed out until the next afternoon. When I woke up, the apartment smelled like a whorehouse. The mess wasn’t ideal with a hangover, either.

The three of us ordered a greasy takeaway to feel better before I drove Lyn back to the airport for her flight home.

She became emotional in the car at the airport and thanked me for safely enabling her most sordid fantasies.

I was so proud of her and felt immense pride at seeing her shake off the shackles of sexual puritanism.

We said our goodbyes but agreed that this was far from the last time we would meet. This all-natural Asian sex freak was guaranteed a place in my sex room whenever she wanted to explore the world of whoredom further.

And it wouldn’t be the last time I’d see her cum-hungry name pop up on Adult Friend Finder, but that’s a part II of this story you’ll have to wait for.

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Disclaimer: This is a true sex story that I experienced. However, names, dates, and locations may have been slightly altered to protect the identities of the people involved. The photos used in this article are not of the incident in question but rather to add relevant entertainment for the reader. This article may contain approved affiliate links. When a purchase is made, I may receive a small commission which goes back into running the site.

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