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Ultimate Guide to 10 of the Best Pornstar Fleshlights

I feel I speak for all of us when I say the lockdown has played havoc with our sex lives. But we’re constantly coming up with ways to provide you with ideas, toys, and sex tips to keep your sexual spark alive.

Today is no different, I want to introduce you to the world of pornstar fleshlights.

If you’re a male whoremonger who classes sampling the divine pussies of various sluts as a hobby, I’d imagine you’re currently craving what is arguably one of the world’s greatest pastimes that the pandemic has limited massively.

Perhaps, like many of us, you’ve resorted to the realm of porn to tide you over. But rest assured, it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a way to get the intense feeling of a pornstar pussy without leaving your house!

“In terms of male masturbation toys, Fleshlights are the BMWs of strokers.”

– Ask Men

In this article, we’re going to provide you with the ultimate guide to pornstar fleshlights. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of virtually seeing the likes of Reilly Reid welcome lucky cocks into her pussy and ache to feel it for real.

Well, there is a way to experience the next best thing. After reading this guide, you’ll come away with the following:

  • Hands-on Fleshlight reviews that we’ve documented after trying each one of these pornstar Fleshlights. It was hard work, but someone’s gotta do it!
  • Whoreuro tips on some of the best porn scenes featuring said Fleshlight girls.
  • The best place to buy Fleshlights for the best price, without being scammed with imitation sex toys.

Now, let’s get started with just what exactly Fleshlight is all about and how the Fleshlight Girls system works!

If you’re already familiar with the brand, feel free to skip this and navigate through the table of contents as you please.

What is a Fleshlight and are they worth it?

Ultimate Guide to 18 of the Best Pornstar Fleshlights

A Fleshlight is the original brand of a well-known male masturbation toy. They comprise of an ass, pussy, or mouth for a guy lucky enough to own one to lube up and fuck.

Due to the rapid popularity the brand experienced shortly after launch, they took it even further with the launch of Fleshlight Girls.

This insanely clever creation saw a huge lineup of some of the most iconic pornstars in the industry get involved.

Each had accurate moulds taken on their pussy, ass, or mouth and had them turned into Fleshlights so their millions of horny fans could experience the next best thing to fucking a real pornstar, in the privacy of their own home.

Don’t assume that Fleshlight owners are all lonely masturbators, quite the opposite! Many couples utilize these pocket pussies as a fun toy in the bedroom.

Whether it’s for dual stimulation, threesome roleplay, or just to spice things up a bit. The uses of a Fleshlight are extensive!

Random Fleshlight Facts
  • The name derives from the lifelike flesh technology used and the discreet flashlight-like exterior.
  • Created in the 1990s in a Los Angeles garage by Steve Shubin before taking the world by storm.
  • All Fleshlights for the North American market is produced in Austin, Texas. Whereas the European types are produced in Seville, Spain.

But are Fleshlights worth it? You’re damn right they are! This is one of the most well-established sex toy companies that utilises some of the latest technologies to provide pleasure to their clients.

I mean, come on? Imagine having a real feeling porn star pussy on tap 24/7, what’s not to like?

The Adriana Chechik Fleshlight is Heavenly

Ultimate Guide to 18 of the Best Pornstar Fleshlights

Who better to kick off the list of Fleshlight Girls models, than the heavenly Adriana Chechik? At 5′ 4″ with perky 32B tits, this pornstar was born in 1991 and entered the porn industry at 22.

She quickly made a name for herself and began to earn a number of porn awards thanks to her incredible anal sex abilities and the skill of squirting on demand.

Adriana Chechik is well known for her hardcore gangbang scenes with lots of double penetration fucking. And I don’t just mean in the conventional sense, she was partial to take two or three cocks in the ass at the same time in her infamous anal porn scenes!

Now, you can enjoy the please of Adriana Chechik’s best porn scenes with the 100% accurate feeling of her actual pussy engulfing your cock until orgasm. One particular porn scene which goes well with this intense Fleshlight is Oil Overload #10.

This is one of her first porn scenes, it features this young 22-year-old porn star taking two big dicks in her ass at the same time.

The sloppy, hardcore, eye-rolling anal action combined with the best Fleshlight will empty your sack in no time!

Adriana Chechik Fleshlight Girls review
  • Both the ass and pussy of Adriana is available, giving you the chance to experience this triple anal queen’s glorious holes that have won 16 different porn awards.
  • This Pornstar fleshlight has been given a five-star rating from 215 different reviews.
  • Fitted with the Empress sleeve that aims to caress your cock with ribs and curves that guarantee a spine-tingling orgasm.

The Asa Akira Asian Fleshlight

Unsurprisingly, Asian porn is one of the most sought after porn niches. But there are few Asian pornstars as iconic as the Japanese-American MILF nymphomaniac of Asa Akira.

This petite Asian MILF wowed porn addicts and producers alike with her intense anal scenes. After multiple awards, she now proudly boasts of her “Award-winning asshole”.

Now, millions of Asa Akira fans can enjoy this petite Asian porn icon’s ass and pussy since she took part in the Fleshlight Girls program.

The toy has proved immensely popular amongst her fans and has sold over 12 million models of the Asa Akira Fleshlight since its release due to her being the favorite pornstar of countless masturbators around the world.

“Ancient whore secret: to give enjoyable head, enjoy giving head.”

― Asa Akira, Dirty Thirty: A Coming of Age Story

A particular Asa Akira scene I recommend watching whilst enjoying one of the most popular pornstar Fleshlights is Asa’s Insatiable. It features this Asian goddess being gangbanged by two men.

Suddenly, a cock accidentally slips into her ass. The porn producer says they will just cut it out as the scene wasn’t supposed to have anal, but Asa Akira ignores this and carries on with the anal fuck. That’s dedication!

Our Review of the Asa Akira Fleshlight:
  • Love anal sex? The Fleshlight girls have created toys featuring both the pussy and ass of Asa Akira, so you can explore the famous holes of this award-winning Asian pornstar.
  • This almost real vagina has earned a five-star rating from Fleshlight masturbators and has made over 12 million sales.
  • Fitted with the Dragon Sleeve: A ribbed canal vortex with studded pleasure bands to replicate the warm, welcoming feeling of Asa Akira’s pussy and ass making it one of the most intense fleshlights.

The Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight

For those of you who dream of sliding into a hot Latina pussy whenever you like, then the Fleshlight based on Veronica Rodriguez is probably the one for you. Born in 1991, this cute Venezuelan pornstar is one of the most widely known Latina porn sluts. She also has a sister in the business. Kinky!

After starting her porn career at the age of 20, this cute Latina has certainly proved herself. She’s won and been nominated for numerous porn awards, particularly for her girl on girl action. At 5” 4′, this petite Latina loves being manhandled and plunged up and down on cock like a human Fleshlight. But there’s one scene that tops all.

The best Veronica Rodriguez porn scene to enjoy with this toy is Latina Squirt Goddess. As the name implies, this porno shows Rodriguez putting her pussy skills on display. You have to see this Latina slut’s squirting abilities to believe them. Enjoying this porn classic whilst balls deep in her replica pussy is sheer heaven!

Our Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Girls review:
  • A great Latina addition to the Fleshlight Girl range that makes a change from the majority of white pornstars. Feels real and an accurate copy of Veronica Rodriguez’s beautiful pussy.
  • The Caliente sleeve is superb and feels like a series of bubbles erupting around your cock when in motion. Loved it.
  • One of the biggest models of FleshLight, making it a little more difficult to discreetly hide than others.

Ana Foxxx is the Best of the Black Fleshlight Girls

Unfortunately, for those who adore ebony pornstars, the black Fleshlight section is rather lacking. Hopefully, this will change in the future and more ebony porn stars like Diamond Jackson will be featured. But for now, we can enjoy the divine black pussy of Ana Foxxx!

Born in 1988, Ana Foxx was formerly a catwalk model before starting a star-studded porn career that saw her awarded with the AVN Award for Best New Starlet.

With perky black tits and a welcoming ebony pussy, she was soon a favourite amongst fans of black pussy. Adding her to the range of Fleshlight Girls was a no brainer.

The best Ana Foxxx porn scene to enjoy with her signature Fleshlight is arguably her Pornfidelity scene that sees her beautiful ebony slit creampied by a massive white cock.

What better way to break in your new Ana Foxxx Fleshlight sleeve than by cumming inside it in sync with an epic ebony creampie scene?

Our Ana Foxx Fleshlight review:
  • In comparison to other models, the Ana Foxxx pussy is not the tightest Fleshlight girl. It has a softer and loose construction. Perfect for those who are well endowed or appreciate the sensation of a soft wide pussy.
  • For those who prefer the intense pleasure of a super tight entrance, I would suggest opting for the Ana Foxxx anal version which is much tighter due to the four distinct chambers of its inner sleeve.
  • The zig-zag and ball construction of the intense Fleshlight sleeve offers a beautiful experience when fucking.

Janice Griffith is one of the Tightest Fleshlight Girls

The next porn slut with a pussy good enough to be turned into a pornstar fleshlight is Janice Griffith. Born in 1995, this mixed-race New Yorker has starred in over 120 porn films since starting her career in the porn industry.

Her all-natural body and cute appearance have earned her adoration amongst porn fans. Janice Griffith has admitted that she gets a sexual thrill from being fucked on camera and, as a result, she is well known for genuinely cumming in her porn scenes and squirting like a good little whore.

She also confessed that, outside of porn, she has to cum about ten times a day or she gets grumpy. She’s a true nympho!

After being awarded the Spank Bang award for being ”the prettiest girl in porn”, it was only natural that Janice Griffith Fleshlight was made.

But just how good is it, is it the tightest Fleshlight girl, and is it anything close to what the real Janice Griffith pussy must feel like? We went and found out!

Our review of the Janice Griffith Fleshlight:
  • It gives you the chance to fuck the divine little pussy of the slut branded ”the prettiest girl in porn” and potentially increase your sexual stamina thanks to its challenging Fleshlight orifices.
  • There’s a huge range of Janice Griffith porn movies to pump her celebrity Fleshlight over your throbbing length too for the ultimate pleasure.
  • My only criticism is the lack of corn starch that’s usually on all of my favorite Pornstar Fleshlight texture schemes. The Janice Griffith Fleshlight has a slightly sticky feeling as a result. Of course, you can add your own corn starch but it’s strange it didn’t come with it.

Christy Mack’s pussy is a delightful fleshlight fuck

There are a few easily recognizable pornstars on this list, but few as much as Christy Mack. This tattooed slut with huge 34DD tits became an icon of the U.S. porn industry and went on to win five awards. Whilst she is sadly retired, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy Christy Mack’s pussy and ass.

The Christy Mack Fleshlight was released in 2013 and went on to sell over 12 million models. People all over the world were keen to try what it feels like to fuck this alt tattooed goddess and saw the mere $80 investment as more than worth it. Especially when you consider the pleasure gained from using it with one of Christie Mack’s best scenes.

One of the most popular pornstar Fleshlights is best enjoyed with the orgasmic Lesbian scene Christy Mack starred in with Asa Akira. Featuring a mass of dirty orgasms, both pornstars joined Fleshlight Girls. So true porn stars can buy both and sample each pussy of the two porn goddesses on screen.

Our review of the Christy Mack Fleshlight:
  • The meaty pussy lips welcome the dick into the Attack Sleeve of this Fleshlight which features different textures and long-stemmed bumps that are as varied as Christy Mack’s tattoos.
  • Three pleasure chambers provide a range of intense sensations on the dick that just feels phenomenal.
  • The lady sleeve is not as intense as other Fleshlights, which is great for those with sensitive dicks who don’t like a super tight inner sleeve. Not so great for those who don’t.
  • Cleaning the inner canal is also a lot easier than other models, just remember to focus on the ends more than the middle as I found that’s where more lube tended to stick around.

Eva Lovia Fleshlight

Do you like Latina sluts and Japanese whores? Well, Eva Lovia is the best of both worlds! With a Spanish-Japanese background, she has a body to die for. Her petite frame topped off with a pair of tiny tits is a sight for sore eyes. But don’t let this cute girl fool you, under the sheets, she is a whore of the highest order.

Eva Lovia’s on-screen performance has won her many porn awards. Her most popular scenes have seen her ravaged in all three holes and covered in spunk, all of which she has taken with a smile. Thankfully, her addictive pussy was chosen to be one of the pornstar Fleshlights.

The best porn scene to enjoy with the Eva Lovia Fleshlight wrapped around your cock is one entitled Titty Bar. It shows this horny porn slut in a sleazy bar sucking cock, eating pussy, and being fucked all over the nasty floor. It’s an unmissable piece of smut!

Our review of the Eva Lovia fleshlight:
  • The Eva Lovia Fleshlight has accomplished just the right amount of suction as soon as you enter the pleasure dome. There’s not too much and not too little.
  • It’s not the tightest Fleshlight, but it is extremely tight in all of the right areas and is guaranteed to squeeze every drop of cum from your balls.
  • The downside is that the sugar texture and light sucking sensation of the final chamber can trigger early ejaculation in some guys.

The Multiple Chambers of the Lisa Ann MILF Fleshlight

Feeling the warm embrace of the pussy of a pornstar born in 1991 is great and all, but does it really beat the experienced caress of a mature pussy?

I’ll let you decide, but millions of people have chosen to buy their favourite pornstar MILF Fleshlight of the iconic Lisa Ann.

Lisa has been dominating the MILF and Cougar niche for over a decade and has won many porn awards in the process. The most recent being the most popular fleshlight girl of the MILF variety.

Whether sandwiched between giant black cocks or starring as a slutty stepmom taking advantage of her son’s friends in an anal sex frenzy, Lisa Ann’s pussy and ass is known far and wide. So when it comes to creating an iconic MILF Fleshlight, she was the prime candidate.

But which is the best Lisa Ann porn scene to enjoy with this pornstar Fleshlight? It can only be the Devil Gangbang of Lisa by Jules Jordan.

It features this busty MILF DPd and is defiled in the depths of hell in a Satanic gangbang of epic proportions. The perfect accompaniment to the Lisa Ann Fleshlight.

Our review of the Lisa Ann MILF Fleshlight:
  • The Barracuda sleeve of the Lisa Ann MILF Fleshlight is incredible. First, you face mildly tight resistance of what feels like a real MILF pussy before being treated to a massaging grip sensation that won’t fail to empty every drop from your balls.
  • Have a huge dick? Congratulations! The Lisa Ann Fleshlight accommodates over nine inches of cock, Making her one of the best Fleshlight girls for the well-endowed amongst you.
  • The only downside is cleaning. The texture inside the Fleshlight sleeve can make it difficult, but turning it inside out can get around this issue.

The Elsa Jean Fleshlight

Ultimate Guide to 18 of the Best Pornstar Fleshlights

Next up is one of the cutest pornstars with a face that’s instantly recognizable: It’s Elsa Jean. Born in 1996, this petite little slut with gorgeous natural tits entered the porn industry at 18 and has quickly become a fan favourite.

With a delightfully meaty pussy and a hungry ass that has caressed its fair share of cocks, Elsa is a tour-de-force on screen. It’s only natural that this multiple award-winning pornstar has granted her countless fans access to her replica pussy.

I tried out the Elsa Jean pocket pussy accompanied by some of her nastiest porn scenes. I have to say, looking into the virtual eyes of Elsa whilst feeling the warm caress of her official Fleshlight sleeve is a mind-blowing experience.

In my experience, Elsa is arguably one of the best fleshlight girls. She is one of my favorite pornstars, so I’m a little biased. But the sensations in the multiple chambers of her destroya sleeve never failed to make me cum hard.

The pros and cons of the Elsa Jean Fleshlight
  • Amazing blend of Fleshlight sleeve technology that replicates the wet embrace of a young, petite pornstar’s pussy.
  • Her final chamber features are well suited to short and long cocks, providing an incredible experience for both.
  • It’s one of the tightest Fleshlight sleeves I tried and doesn’t take long to empty your balls. So not suited for those who like a prolonged masturbation session, but great for building stamina!

Why Riley Reid is the best Fleshlight Girls models

Oh, Riley… She is easily one of the hottest young Fleshlight pornstars to hit the scene in recent years with a lovely personality to match.

Born in 1991, Riley Reid dived into the porn industry at the age of 19 and became an award-winning star. Her scenes ranged from sensual teen lesbian sex to her being forced to squirt on the floor of a sleazy porn store.

With such an admirable reputation, it was inevitable that Riley Reid joined the ranks of the Fleshlight Girls. Now, you can feel the pleasure of Riley Reid’s pussy and ass thanks to this innovative sex toy modelled on one of the highest-earning pornstars in the adult industry who always gives 110% on camera.

One of the best teen porn scenes I recommend enjoying with the Riley Reid fleshlight is when she is turned into a sex slave.

Her Dom drags this innocent looking slut into a sleazy porn store to worship the customers. Riley is forced to squirt, suck cock, and fucked like an animal in a den of vice. The perfect accompaniment to this amazing sex toy that is truly one of the best Fleshlight Girls.

Our Review of the Riley Reid Fleshlight sex toys
  • The Euphoria Fleshlight sleeve utilizes a tightly coiled design with unique pleasure pockets to replicate her tight pussy and gives a mind-bending cum session.
  • Riley Reid’s Fleshlight really feels realistic with some water-based lube. I particularly enjoyed using it for some fantastic Riley Reid scenes.
  • My only criticism is that the plastic for this model of pocket pussy can get be a bit cold at first, but the entire sleeve soon warms up with some cock friction!

Where to buy a pornstar Fleshlight Girl for the best price?

Now, you’ve come to the end of our list of the best Fleshlight girls that money can buy. By this point, your cock is pumping and you’ve chosen the replica pussy of your favourite porn slut.

Luckily for you, we know just where to buy each and every one of them, It’s the official Fleshlight website, and for good reason!

Like any world-class sex toy, there are a lot of cheap imitations out there. You can’t put a price on pleasure in your sex life and you certainly get what you pay for in this respect.

So, the best place to buy your favourite pornstar Fleshlight for the lowest price is through the official Fleshlight website.

All of the best Fleshlight girls featured in this article are available through the link. All toys bought through the site come with secure and discreet payment options, fast shipping, and a lifetime guarantee.

So start building your enviable collection of pornstar Fleshlights today to gain access to a wealth of pleasure and intense stimulation on tap!

Disclaimer: This article may contain approved affiliate links. When a purchase is made, I may receive a small commission which goes back into running the site.


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