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Ironclad Guide to 10 Sissy Chastity Cages For Humiliation

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My favourite aspect of indulging in Femdom is the sissification of men. I adore turning consenting guys into humiliated cockwhores. However, the most valuable attributes of a sissy are her warm welcoming holes, a limp sissy cock has no purpose aside from being entombed in sissy chastity devices.

From fetish advice through the best sissification blogs to ultimate surrender guides to sissy whore porn inspiration, I’m proud that my sissy guides have become popular amongst sissy sluts, sissy admirers, Masters, and Dommes alike. But one persisting question I’m often asked is my opinion on the best sissy chastity training devices.

”Locked in love, she holds the key”

When I’m in Domme mode, I will not tolerate a sissy who doesn’t have their cock caged. As a result, I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to sissy chastity training. In this guide, I’m going to break down the best sissy chastity devices to use on a limp cock. If you want to discover:

  • Extreme chastity sissy devices that will make your toes curl
  • How to create a prison sissy atmosphere with a metal chastity cage
  • Lay down sissy rules with a chastity lock
  • Achieve the ultimate sissy slut look with an iconic pink chastity cage brand

Then carry on reading for my iron-clad guide to some of the best sissy chastity devices out there. I’ve personally tried out all of these cages or at least seen them in action in the fetish field and can recommend them all. However, this article contains affiliate links to bring you the best offers and I also earn a small commission, too. 

Now, let’s get ready to remind sissy sluts just who is in charge and get stuck in!

Extreme sissy chastity training with a small chastity cage

Extreme sissy chastity training with a small chastity cage

A sissification journey often leads to one goal: for a sissy slut to transform into a sex toy for alpha males and dominant women. Their cock? It needs to eventually be transformed into a pathetic shadow of its former self known as a sissy clitty. 

Chastity cages assist with this massively, and you’ll know you’re progressing when you upgrade to a small chastity cage. One of the best devices for a sissy clitty is the Birdlocked chastity cage in bright pink. 

Made from medical-grade silicone and hypoallergenic, I’ve been able to leave this cage on my sissies for prolonged periods without issue. The ventilated firm but fair silicone moves with the cock eliminating extreme discomfort, but ensures a sissy clitty remains where it belongs: In chastity!

Pros of the small chastity cage Cons of the small chastity cage
✔️ Comes in bright sissy pink, making it a perfect addition to a sissy clitty.❌ Reserved for those in more advanced stages of sissification training.
✔️ Extremely discreet making it possible to wear in public.
✔️ Comfortable chastity device to wear for long periods.

The journey of obtaining a sissy clitty can be a long one, so start today and pick up a small chastity cage for your limp cock from a trusted supplier like The Stockroom.

Play hardcore sissy games with these chastity gloves

Play hardcore sissy games with these chastity gloves

To break things up a bit, I want to include a chastity device for those of you who love to see a limp sissy cock dangling aimlessly free from the confines of a chastity cage. But if you can’t trust your sissy slut to keep her hands to herself, then these chastity gloves may come in handy!

These erotic BDSM gloves, secured with a chastity lock at the cuff, are lined with small spikes along the palm. This makes it impossible for your feminine slut to touch her limp cock in search of lust. They’re the perfect addition for those seeking some hardcore sissy games.

Pros of the Vampire Gloves Cons of the Vampire Gloves
✔️ Unique chastity device and a quirky alternative to cages.❌ A little manly looking, sometimes hard to fit with a feminine sissy outfit.
✔️ Spikes are a huge incentive to keep hands-off.
✔️ Ideal for those who like to admire naked sissy cock.

For those of you seeking hardcore sissy chastity that is unique, you can buy a handmade pair of BDSM Vampire Gloves over at The Stockroom.

Create a prison sissy with a metal chastity cage 

I often opt for the medical-grade silicone-type chastity cage for prolonged periods of caging. However, a metal chastity cage is a perfect way to create a prison sissy look and results in a seriously hot look, especially at BDSM, swingers parties, or sissy events. 

I’m a big fan of sci-fi, so the metal chastity cage known as ‘The Brig’ quickly found a place in my heart. Seriously, chastity has never looked so incredible! With an incredibly sleek design and constructed from rust-free stainless steel, The Brig is easy to clean and will certainly turn heads at fetish events.

Pros of The Brig Cons of The Brig
✔️ Unique look and seriously erotic design❌ Doesn’t come with a lock, which does allow for some customization.
✔️ hygienic and easy to clean
✔️ Cooling feeling in warmer temperated.

Roll call! Create your stainless steel sissy prison today and pick up ‘The Brig’ alongside many other unique erotic items, here.

Mix oral sissy sex with light chastity denial

Mix oral sissy sex with light chastity denial

Has your sissy been a good little slut over the past few weeks? Perhaps she has accommodated all assigned cock with an enthusiastic smile or cleaned the house immaculately. It’s only natural to reward her, but with suitable boundaries, of course. The perfect way to mix oral sissy sex with light chastity denial is with the 5 Gates of Hell device from Kinklabs. 

As well as being a lovely way to adorn a sissy cock as the cherry on the cake of a kinky outfit, this device leaves the tip of a sissy cock exposed. If you’re aiming for public humiliation, why not wear it to a fetish event and invite people to kiss the tip of a sissy cock to reward her for her good deeds? Of course, don’t forget to punctuate it with some verbal cock humiliation, too!

Pros of 5 Gates of Hell Cons of 5 Gates of Hell
✔️ It comes in various sizes for different cocks.❌ Only comes in black, a pink version for sissy sluts would be nice.
✔️ Made from rubber and leather so comfortable to wear. ❌ Materials make it not suitable for those with a latex allergy.
✔️ Perfect for larger cocks, and discreet in public.

Enter the 5 Gates of Hell for a seriously low price thanks to the affordable options provided by the leading BDSM supplier of The Stockroom.

How to keep a big dick sissy in chastity

Oh, who doesn’t love the challenge of breaking down a wannabe sissy with a big cock and watching it shrink throughout the sissification journey? I know I do! But keeping a big sissy cock in chastity requires a particular device. Many will attest that ‘The Curve’ chastity cage is indeed up to the task!

Made from sleek black polycarbonate in a kinky black satin bag, The Curve is designed for those sluts who are more well-endowed than others and aims to change that. To aid with the creation of a sissy clitty, The Curve is more resistant than other devices.

If the wearer dares to get an erection whilst wearing one, the pleasure of watching them squirm and struggle as their penis fights against the walls of the black cage is incredibly erotic. It’s also discreet under clothing, allowing you to cage your slut in public chastity with ease.

Pros of The Curve Cons of The Curve
✔️ The black finish is beautiful and pairable with various sissy outfits.❌ Better for those with a slight pain barrier and is unforgiving to erections.
✔️ Well made and very secure.
✔️ Perfect for larger cocks, and discreet in public.

If you’re looking to squeeze the alpha male out of a sissy, you can pick up ‘The Curve’ chastity cage for a bargain price here.

A humiliating device straight outta sissy chastity porn

A humiliating device straight outta sissy chastity porn

Next up is another alternative sissy chastity device that I first saw in a sissy chastity porn scene. Known as the ‘Penis Prison’, this is a seriously humiliating device that keeps a limp sissy cock entombed in a black, latex-looking rubber pouch with a firm padlock at the groin.

Personally, I love combining this shiny black cock prison with a shiny black French Maid outfit when using it on my sissies. It reminds me of a horse’s nosebag, and I just find it so degrading. I love it!

Pros of The Penis Prison Cons of The Penis Prison
✔️ The black finish is beautiful and pairable with various sissy outfits.❌ Easy to remove, not easy to put back on, so a master to know if it’s been tampered with.
✔️ Seriously humiliating and a welcome outfit addition at fetish events.
✔️ Perfect for larger cocks but is not discreet.

To humiliate a sissy with this erotic cock bag that will go great with a French Maid outfit, you can browse the regular version or the more extreme version with internal spikes, here.

Establish sissy rules with this sleek chastity lock

Establish sissy rules with this sleek chastity lock

One of my mandatory, but consensual, sissy rules is that my sub must not remove his cage for the time periods I set, even when going to the toilet. Looking for the ultimate chastity lock to establish such sissy rules? The answer lies in the ‘Cock Lock’ device. 

Super soft and flexible, this is my go-to chastity lock when I’m feeling a bit generous. It works by lubing up a sissy cock generously and sliding it inside this rubber chastity lock. It is sure to accommodate any cock comfortably and you can sit back and enjoy as your sub’s member fights hopelessly against its new rubber prison. 

The Cock Lock is perfect for prolonged periods of chastity and is flexible enough to ensure as much comfort as possible. An added bonus is the opening that allows the wearer to take a pee, stripping them of a mercy release of the device when they need the toilet. 

Pros of the Cock Lock Cons of the Cock Lock
✔️ Sleek black rubber finish looks and feels great.❌ The first Cock Lock I bought for my sub one split at the base after two uses, but Oxballs sent me another one.
✔️ Very easy to put on and good for beginners.
✔️ It’s comfortable to wear for long periods

To enjoy lubed up chastity fun, you can pick up the sleek black Cock Lock alongside a range of other dominant devices here.

Get medieval on an extreme chastity sissy 

Get medieval on an extreme chastity sissy 

Next up is a device for an extreme chastity sissy with a taste for all things medieval. The cock ring pillory made from sleek black wood not only encases a sissy cock in chastity but also restricts their hands. 

If at a fetish event or otherwise, this is a great excuse to suspend a drinks tray from around the neck of your sub whilst keeping their hands locked to their genitals in sheer humiliation. Here’s hoping they don’t spill a drop… for their sake at least!

This wooden cock ring pillory can be used to lock the hands and cock in front of or behind the body and is cock and ball torture, sissification training, BDSM, humiliation, and sensation play. The Pulp Fiction line of “I’m gonna get medieval on your ass”, is optional.

Pros of the Cock Ring Pillory Cons of the Cock Ring Pillory
✔️ Seriously aesthetic look and affordable considering what you get with the cock ring pillory.❌ Slightly heavy and not so portable, risky in high heels due to the possibility of trips and falls with restrained hands.
✔️ ideal for those who love Medieval role-playing.
✔️ Secure and with lots of humiliating play options.

To achieve medieval-style sissification training, you can pick up the black wood cock pillory for what I think is a bargain price at the BDSM superstore of The Stockroom.

Be a pretty sissy with the CB-6000 pink chastity cage

Be a pretty sissy with the CB-6000 pink chastity cage

From French maids to street whores, I love dressing up my sissies in a range of outfits like my own sordid Barbie Doll. But it goes without saying, there are few things better than a pretty sissy decked out in pink, and the chastity cage should be no exception. When it comes to a pink chastity cage, none compare to the CB-6000.

When it comes to choosing a pink chastity cage, I’ve seen many people opt for cheap knock-offs made in China. As always, you get what you pay for, and for something that’s going to encase sensitive genitalia, cutting costs is a bad idea, to say the least.

In contrast, the CB-6000 range of chastity cages is made from medical-grade polycarbonate, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. It’s comfortable to wear and allows total control over a sissies cock. It’s also won leading adult industry awards from AVN and XBIZ.

Pros of the CB-6000 Cons of the CB-6000
✔️ An exceptionally durable and well-made device that’s been tried and tested.❌ The shape is fine, but not the most aesthetic device available.
✔️ It comes in a variety of colours including sissy pink.
✔️ It’s one of the most secure chastity cages available.

Alongside an enormous range of other fetish accessories, the entire CB-6000 range of sissy chastity devices is available here.

The future of sissy chastity cock cages is now, old man!

The future of sissy chastity cock cages is now, old man!

Look, we all love the eroticism of possessing the keys to a sissy chastity cage. But to paraphrase a long-running cartoon: The future of sissy chastity cock cages is now, old man! I’m not joking, either. Introducing the keyless Cell Mate chastity device!

As a technology nerd, this is my favourite of all sissy chastity cock cages. It’s an electronic chastity device that works in sync with an Apple and Android-compatible app for two people: The cage wearer and the Master/Mistress. The latter has complete control over the sexual pleasure of the wearer – whose role on the app is to keep a log of their progress.

The app lets the cage master monitor progress status, location of the wearer, and battery levels. Investing in the Cell Mate rewards a Dom/Domme with complete control over the genetics of their sissy slut. It’s dystopian, empowering, and techy, I love it!

Pros of the CellMate Cons of the CellMate
✔️ Perfect for kinky sci-fi fans who want to enact a space prison fantasy.❌ Basic knowledge of apps and smartphone technology is required.
✔️ The app functions very well and is easy to use.
✔️ The CellMate comes in varying sizes.

The future of sissy chastity, and my personal favourite, are all available to buy with periodic discounts and offers here.

A conclusion to sissy chastity cages

And so, we come to a conclusion to our iron-clad article on sissy chastity cages. Whether you’re a femboi with a big sissy cock or a sub slut in the final stages of her sissification training, there is a chastity cage or device for you on this list. 

One important takeaway is to do your research and find the right device for you. Make sure it’s comfortable and not going to cause any lasting effects over long-term use. And finally, I wish you all the best of luck in your sissy training, whether you’re a fem aspiring for a sissy clitty or a Dom/Domme training cockwhores!

“Time to get crowned, Princess.”

To round off, here’s one of my favourite instructional videos from Mistress Angelica covering the subject of chastity. Her three-part series discusses everything from safety advice to choosing the right device.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This guide to sissy chastity cages contains affiliate links. When you use these links to purchase their services, I can earn a commission. All commissions go towards maintaining my site and providing you with further content. Something I am very grateful for if you do purchase, my thanks in advance if you do. x

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