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6 Depraved Events I’ve Made Happen on Live Sex Cam Sites

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During the social distancing era, live sex cam sites were a place of salvation to continue my sordid and slutty behavior online without meeting face-to-face.

In exchange for a few tokens, I was able to interact with some of the most perverse men, women, and transsexuals from all corners of the globe and control their debauchery at the click of a button.

”Using her remote-controlled sex machine with a horse dildo attached, I sent it thundering into her ass and watched her stockings absorb the squirt being rudely forced out of her pussy.”

It didn’t take long for me to slide down the rabbit hole and begin stooping to increasingly perverted depths to satisfy my aching and sex-starved pussy during the lockdown.

Today, I will confess some of the most perverse and depraved things that I made happen on various live sex cam sites and reveal some of the most sexually open-minded performers that you should consider playing with in the Gooning paradise of adult webcam sites!

How Do Live Sex Cam Sites Work?

Firstly, for those of you who aren’t familiar with live sex cam sites, let me explain just how Private Cam sex in HD works.

Adult cams are a revolutionary form of adult entertainment that allows users to fully interact with a plethora of sluts and studs worldwide, as well as control the filth on screen via Bluetooth sex toys and sexual requests.

In exchange for the native currency of the site, usually in the form of affordable tokens that you can buy, live sex cam sites let you virtually live out some of your wildest sexual fantasies with any performer keen to act them out!

Put simply, it’s like being in the sticky director’s chair of a porn shoot and having the power to control every part of the perverted filth taking place on screen, as I’m about to demonstrate how!

I Caused a MILF to prolapse with a Fucking Machine

I caught this MILF cam model the moment she came online and dived into a private session with her on the leading cam site you’ve likely heard of, LiveJasmin.

Over the course of four hours, our 1-to-1 cam session saw me instruct her to use increasingly large toys affixed to a high-powered sex machine and ramp the power up each time.

We sank into sexual depravity together. I watched with glee as her botox-infused lips leaked with drool, and her eyes rolled around in her head in the midst of sexual pleasure.

I grinned as her formerly clean and tidy bedroom was turned into a quagmire of squirt, deepthroat spit, lube, and sticky sex toys.

Using her remote-controlled sex machine with a huge dildo attached, I sent it thundering into her ass and watched her stockings absorb the squirt being rudely forced out of her pussy.

”Spread your cheeks, and show me the damage I’ve done!” I said over the mic while turning off the sex machine.

She was still leaking female ejaculate as her cheeks were pulled apart. My reward? An enormous rose-red prolapse that is usually seen in some of the most hardcore porn imaginable.

The sweetest part of all? I’d been the one responsible for it. Oh, and talking of feeling like you’re directing a live porn set, let me confess my next cam sex tale!

Made an Alpha guy suck his own cum from his girlfriend’s ass

I’d been in control of this 19-year-old cam couple on Royal Cams for an hour and had been instructing them to fuck in whatever position would make my slit throb.

This blonde and busty cam slut could take an anal pounding, but it was clear she was on the verge of tapping out as her Alpha boyfriend thrust his cock into her ass with brutal force.

The look of relief on their faces when I asked him to cum inside her made me smile because little did they know I was far from finished.

As his balls twitched and her bowels overflowed with an hour’s worth of sex, I lost control and made myself squirt, coating my thighs in sweet ejaculate. But I wasn’t done.

Throughout this sexual performance, her boyfriend had been saying stuff like: ”who’s my little anal slut” and ”you like being fucked by a real man, don’t you?”

With my legs rattling and hungrier for even more perversion, I decided to take the ”real man” down a notch by saying, ”I’ll give you 100 tokens if you suck your own cum out of her ass”.

A look of reluctance spread across his face while a mischievous grin spread across hers. One hundred tokens was a lot, so it didn’t take long for his girlfriend to convince him to drop to his knees.

My pussy ached, but watching this Alpha suck a blend of his own jizz, spit, and lube from his girlfriend’s asshole made me rub myself to another gushing descent into pleasure.

And, yes, I made him swallow it all.

Made an 18-year-old squirt all over the interior of her dad’s car

”Hey, Catherine! I’d love to play today, but my parents are home, so it’s super awkward!” the message from an 18-year-old cam girl from the Midwest read on (See her here)

Valid excuse, but I was in a Gooning session and keen for depravity, so it wasn’t enough. I asked her if she’d be open to driving out somewhere remote with her laptop and performing there.

”Umm, I guess I could take my dad’s car? I’ll find a quiet spot and tell you when I’m online.” her message read.

Fast forward forty minutes, and she’s lying in the backseat with her legs spread and two (yes, two!) Lovense vibrators in her pussy and ass.

”Try not to go too hard this time, Catherine. Ideally, I don’t want to squirt all over my dad’s car, haha!” she said with a voice shaky from the sexual onslaught I was putting her body through.

But you all know what I’m like when I get carried away. I sent powerful surges of vibrations through her pussy via Bluetooth so that she could hardly keep her legs spread.

Inevitably, her 18-year-old pussy erupted with jets of sweet female squirt. The windows, the car seats, the dashboard, all of it was caked in her debauched fluids.

Looks like her daddy’s car journeys will be a little stickier in the future!

Made a sissy cum hands-free with a fucking machine and then eat it

I adore the growing numbers of transsexual performers and sissy sluts on sites like CamSoda and, during the lockdown, took great pleasure in pushing the latter to new sexual extremes.

One that stuck in my mind was sliding into a public cam show with a sissy slut who looked divine in her slutty bimbo outfit, caged in chastity, and down to do anything I commanded in exchange for a few tokens.

”Get me the biggest toy you’ve got and slap it onto that fucking machine. I’ll give you fifty tokens if you can withstand it for an hour, deal?” I said to this cock-hungry whore.

Now in control of the toy thundering into her sissy ass, I took great delight in rubbing my slit senselessly while obliterating her bowels with a girthy dildo going in and out at full speed.

After twenty minutes, this sissy could hardly string a sentence together and was wailing like a cheap whore.

I wanted to inspect the damage so far and ordered her to show me her prolapsed ass. Fuck… She was on the verge of prolapse, and her cock was pooling precum like crazy!

Ordering her back onto her rubber cock, I slammed it inside of her harder than ever. Big mistake! ”Ngghhhaaaa! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Mommyyyyy??”

Her pathetic sissy balls tightened, and her engaged cock unleashed ropes of cum all over her floor. What a pathetic disappointment she is, I thought to myself.

”He came deep into her guts and pulled his cock out. Now, this semi-flaccid beast was a debauched sight and caked in visible sex mess that leaked from its veiny exterior.”

She’d lasted under half of what I demanded, but I’m a bitch who likes to get her money’s worth in life, and that includes cam sites.

”Turn around, suck that rubber dick clean, and slurp your perverted mess from the ground for me, you pathetic little whore!”.

This whore did as she was told with a ”yes, mommy!” and listening to her gag on the cock caked on her ass juices before consuming her own seed from the floor as a dessert was divine!

No Days Off: The Threesome Ass-to-Mouth

I’m a manager in my full-time job, so ensuring 100% of productivity from people is in my blood. Naturally, this extends to my love of filth too.

I fondly remember being in command of an MFF threesome that saw me ordering a trio of cam performers from Colombia through a range of debauched trials combined with a lot of remote-controlled sex toys.

But while two of them were fucking as if their lives depended on it, the last girl was half-assed and playing on her phone half of the time, only stopping to fondle his balls or suck on her friend’s tits in a half-assed fashion.

Oh, you’re going to earn those tokens I’ve paid, bitch! I thought to myself. I placed my focus on the other two and watched with delight as they indulged in forty minutes of anal at my command.

With his fat Latino cock slamming into her bouncy Colombian ass, I played with the Lovense vibrator in her pussy and caused her to gush repeatedly, leaving a cocktail of squirt, spit, and lube all over the place.

Finally, he came deep into her guts and pulled his cock out. Now, this semi-flaccid beast was a debauched sight and caked in visible sex mess that leaked from its veiny exterior.

”Time for you to suck that clean!” I said to the lazy girl sitting on her ass, ”There are another one hundred tokens in it for you if you do”.

This bitch was gagging at soon as her tongue met the tip of his ass-juice-coated cock, and I rubbed my clit raw as her tears made her makeup run down her pretty face.

But, to her credit, she left that cock spotless and swallowed all of that ass-to-mouth goodness before sticking her pierced tongue out to show me she’d consumed it all. Good girl!

She might have been lazy, but she did make me cum! You can see this perverse trio and many others like them on Chaturbate.

Made a Girl Cum Inches From Her Mom

”You’re quiet today, babe!” I said to the Brazilian 19-year-old I played with on IMLive a regular basis, ”I’m used to you wailing like a whore; what’s wrong?”

She told me that she stifling her moans and keeping her performance lowkey because her mother had come to stay for the weekend, and she was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

Little did she know that this would trigger one of my most perverted cam sex escapades to date.

In exchange for 250 tokens, I asked her if she’d play with herself near her mum without her knowing. She agreed, but oh my word! This girl had balls!

Dressing in velour pajamas and discreetly taking her portable webcam with her, she revealed her oblivious middle-aged mum in the kitchen behind her as she performed in the adjacent room and pretended to be watching TV.

Using the remote-controlled Lovense in her 19-year-old cunt, I ramped up the power and put this slut to the test.

She tried in vain to control her convulsing body as I sent orgasm after orgasm through her slit with her unaware mum mere feet away. Then, the best part happened!

Accusing her of being lazy, her mum demanded she helps her prepare dinner, and the pair stood next to each other cutting vegetables. Did I show mercy? Fuck no!

I pushed the toy up to the highest level and made her almost fall to her knees as her concerned mum asked what was wrong. Her excuse was period pains. Nice!

A few minutes later, I sent another pulse of pleasure through her and watched with a seedy grin as her pink velour pants turned dark with squirt, causing her to excuse herself and flee to the bathroom.

After that, she turned the webcam off. The squirting was clearly too much, and she couldn’t take the heat!

Adult Webcams Saved My Ass During Lockdown!

The days of lockdown were a tough and lonely bunch of months, but, as you can see, live sex cams allowed me the chance to carry out my descent down the sexual rabbit hole and virtually Goon out with other sexually liberated adults.

Today, they’re still a firm part of my porn portfolio and have earned a very special place in this whore’s heart.

If you haven’t experienced the magic of live sex cam sites, I highly suggest you do!

Want to See More of my Offline Confessions? Check These Out!

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links to products used in the stories. If a purchase is made through them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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