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Whoreuro Visit Giorgio Grandi at the First Studio of the Legendary LegalPorno Brand!

From the creampie orgies of Germany and the piss-soaked escapades of Austria, European porn has always had a reputation for being capable of far more perverse, hardcore, and eye-opening scenes than its U.S. counterparts.

But in an age of virtual reality and 4K porn being readily available on the internet, not to mention the controversy of AI-generated content, porn producers are increasingly struggling to keep up with creating content that is fresh, shocking, and dick-hardening enough to entertain an increasingly spoiled and desensitized audience. The immensely hardcore Giorgio Grandi studio in Prague, on the other hand, has developed a reputation for being well ahead of the curve. 

For those who truly appreciate porn as a form of art, Giorgio Grandi is at the head of a studio that doesn’t even need to watermark its videos.

From the ruby red couches that match the color of the high mileage assholes being fucked on set to the one-of-a-kind sex toys manufactured on-site that cause sexual carnage in every production, its style alone is enough to make you instantly recognize the brand.

”Shaking her hand, I felt the grease of numerous porn cocks kiss my fingers, sending perverted goosebumps across my body.”

I consume more porn in a month than some people do in a lifetime. Despite this, I acknowledge the work of Giorgio as some of my all-time favorite porn and one that still manages to blow my mind with every scene.

When Giorgio Grandi invited me to Prague to meet him for a tour of the first studio to join the LegalPorno website back in the day, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Did I agree? Of course, I did!

They say never meet your heroes. So would my visit to the frontlines of some of Europe’s most extreme double and triple penetration masterpieces reinforce my love of the studio? Or would it only lead to disappointment?

Let’s glide balls-deep behind the scenes of Giorgio Grandi and find out!

A Perverted Drive Through Prague

‘’I’ll send a driver to pick you up,’’ Giorgio Grandi, the mastermind and renowned pornographer behind LegalPorno, told me, ‘’we’ll start early; because the driver has to pick up two girls for today’s shoot on the way.’’

Fast forward twenty-four hours, and I’m on location and in the front seat of a chauffeur-driven car, making our way through the Gothic streets of Prague. In the back seat are pornstars from Brazil and Montenegro who are en route to what will undoubtedly be one of the most intense sexual experiences of their entire careers.

It was an early start, so the drive was quiet. Suddenly, the hum of the car’s engine was punctuated by a soft squelching sound coming from behind me. Looking back, I saw one of the pornstars lost in her thoughts with her eyes closed and AirPods in, licking her plump cock-sucking lips and rubbing the outline of her moist pussy through her tight black leggings. Someone’s starting early! I thought to myself.

Arriving at the studio, I couldn’t help but glance back as the girls got out and saw the sunlight bouncing off a divine wet patch of sweet pussy juices that she’d left on the car’s leather interior before the driver casually wiped it clean without a second thought. The anticipation of a shoot with Giorgio clearly drives some women wild!

What’s the Story With LegalPorno?

There’s a common misconception that LegalPorno is the studio of Giorgio Grandi’s work. While there’s little info online about this, in reality, LegalPorno is not a studio, but it was a porn website where different independent studios were able to publish their content. Now, LegalPorno, as a website, doesn’t even exist anymore; the traffic is redirected to AnalVids.com.

Ebony gangbang legalporno
Mih Ninfetniha is about to have her tight asshole obliterated in a BBC gangbang!

However, as the LegalPorno website is the blanket that many of these porn studios fall under, they’re often incorrectly referred to as LegalPorno productions when they’re actually independent. 

Giorgio Grandi was the first ground-breaking porn creator to be featured and soon began to dominate the LegalPorno brand with iconic studios we all know and love, such as Giorgio Grandi, Giorgio’s Labs, Xfreaxx, Busted T-girls, and many others

Now his iconic porn productions are also available on the official GiorgioGrandi.com website, on the top of promotional tours such as AnalVids.com, Pissvids.com, and, of course, PornBox.com, where users can get their hands on premium membership and enjoy all of this elite-tier porn in full HD!

But what’s the man himself like in person? I was just about to find that out!

Meeting Giorgio Grandi

The anticipation of entering the studio and meeting the man who had crafted what I and countless others consider to be Europe’s finest, most hardcore, and no-holds-barred porn flicks had my heart racing. But it was all unnecessary.

Originally from Italy, Giorgio is an esteemed man of porn and one who can put you at ease within seconds of meeting him. It’s this unique and charismatic character that has undoubtedly allowed him and the countless pornstars lucky enough to work with him to achieve such sexually triumphant works of erotic art over the years.

Sharing an Italian espresso, we discussed everything from the various challenges and misrepresentations facing the porn industry to the importance of adult models developing the right business skills and mindset to help them succeed in the industry. 

In a nearby studio, the ominous sounds of multiple dicks being deepthroated by a cock-hungry pornstar were growing increasingly louder. ‘’Follow me,’’ Giorgio said, ‘’let me show you what we’re really all about here!’’

The German Porn Icon Jolee Love

‘’You know, Jolee Love, right?’’ Giorgio said as he led me into one of the iconic LegalPorno studios where I’d virtually seen countless women have their tight holes turned into rose-red flowers of anal debauchery. 

Like Gianna Michaels and Angela White, Jolee Love is a porn goddess whose gigantic breasts are instantly recognizable and have formed a divine canvas for countless porn artists keen to paint her with cum. She hails from the city of Berlin, and her on-screen exploits make her the ideal ambassador for the notoriously sexually debauched German capital.

I assumed Giorgio’s question was sarcastic; of course, I knew Jolee Love! This busty porn queen is a notorious anal slut and has slid inside the porn Hall of Fame by accomplishing the infamous triple anal penetration (and while bearing a perverse grin) the studio is known for.

Clad in stockings and black high heels while taking one of the regularly-scheduled breaks from shooting, Jolee greeted me with the same smile she makes when two or more womb hammers are slamming inside of her gaping hole. Shaking her hand, I felt the grease of numerous porn cocks kiss my fingers, sending perverted goosebumps across my body.

Alongside Jolee were seven immensely hung male actors waiting to create porn art. With a camera in hand, Giorgio gave me the unique opportunity to be on the frontline of the impending DAP carnage that was about to ensue.

Jolee Love is one of the most approachable, friendly, and down-to-earth pornstars you could ever hope to meet. But when the camera starts rolling, and she’s presented with an array of throbbing porn meat, she isn’t afraid to unleash her German-style nymphomania!

The perverse details of the ensuing debauchery will be revealed in part II of this ground-breaking article, which you can read here, as long as you agree that you’re not easily offended!



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