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Dirty Squirty Girl Has Her Wet Salacious Kitty Destroyed

The following two-part story is an excerpt from my book: Whoreuro. Click here to read part two that saw me taken to a gangbang at Cologne apartment with a revolving sex stool: black payback for a revolving throw up whore.

This latest story took place in the German city of Cologne a few years ago. I was based there with my work for around two weeks.

Luckily, I had a lot of free time in between meetings to indulge in some kinky fun. Whilst I love Germany for its sleaze, this particular trip had been uneventful.

I’d met a few guys from various dating and hookup sites, but the stars didn’t align and nothing happened. A few days before the end of my work trip, I was exceptionally horny and keen to make up for lost time in the city.

I’d been flirting on Ashley Madison with a black guy from Brazil who had been living in Cologne for the past few years. Let’s call him ”Antonio”.

At 6 foot 2, he was tall, muscular, and very good-looking. I’m certainly a girl who loves black cock, so we arranged to meet up.

When the day finally came, we were both excited and texting each other throughout the day, with the flirting becoming more intense.

However, disaster struck two hours before we were due to meet up. I was called into a last-minute meeting with a former client who was visiting the city.

Of course, I had to cancel the date. I couldn’t exactly tell work that I needed the day off due to coming down with the overwhelming urge for black cock, could I?

Antonio was gutted. He was almost ready to leave and head into the city to meet me. I couldn’t apologize enough and was heartbroken when he questioned whether I was real or just a time-waster.

I promised I would make up for it tenfold, and we agreed to reschedule the meeting for the next afternoon when I had a day off.

Meeting Antonio

We agreed to meet at a coffee shop near the area where Antonio lived. This was my idea, and it had two motives.

First, I didn’t want to make him travel into the city after letting him down yesterday. Second, I knew he lived alone and wanted to be near his place if we decided to fuck each other.

Getting ready in my AirBnB, I chose an outfit, a classy black dress that hugged my figure and showed off some cleavage. I combined it with a pair of black stockings.

The dress just about covered the top of the stockings when standing, but when sitting, it was easy to reveal them “by mistake”. As usual for me on most dates, I neglected to wear any panties.

Upon meeting Antonio, he was just as dishy in person as he was in his profile. Dressed immaculately and smelling divine, I greeted him with a hug, and he towered over me.

I apologized again for having to cancel yesterday, but he brushed it off with a cute smile; I think seeing that I was actually real had taken his mind off it completely.

In the coffee shop, we had some great conversations and banter. After working in the IT sector in Germany for the past few years, his English and German were perfect.

I’ve visited Brazil twice and have a thing for Brazillian guys; they’re often very confident and audacious with women and aren’t scared to express their passion.

It didn’t take long for Antonio to notice my stockings and express how much he liked them. I pretended to be half embarrassed and tried to pull my dress down to cover the tops of my stockings.

Knowing he was probably picturing my stocking-clad legs wrapped around his waist, my pussy was throbbing.

The energy was flowing, and so was my pussy. My thighs were getting wetter by the minute, and I didn’t want to ruin the chair in this nice coffee shop because the staff were just lovely.

I used my classic technique to try and move this date forward: discussing apartments. I told Antonio how in love I was with my rental apartment due to its view and general nice vibe.

The conversation moved to his apartment and what he loves about it. I feigned interest in the apartment and said ”I’d love to see it one day”. Of course, by one day, I meant right now.

Luckily, he took the bait and had the balls to go through with it. ”I’d love to show you too. The balcony has a great view of Cologne, and I have a bottle of Bordeaux I’ve been meaning to open; we can head there now if you like?”.

I pretended to think about it and agreed whilst flashing him a little smile.

Bringing a Dirty Squirty Girl to His Place

Like a gentleman, he paid the bill, and we were on our way. I always get awkward in lifts. So in the lift up to his apartment, an awkward silence broke.

As soon as we made eye contact, I laughed, and Antonio pulled me in for a passionate kiss and pinned me against the elevator wall.

When we got into his apartment, the top half of my stockings were damp, with my juices dribbling down my thighs.

I would soon be thankful for how wet my pussy gets, as Antonio was far from lacking in the trouser department. I was looking forward to the wine, but my thirst for cock was definitely taking the lead.

Antonio wasn’t exaggerating about the view; his apartment was incredible. He showed me around and proudly showed off his collection of traditional tribal art from Brazil. He neglected, however, to show me the bedroom yet.

On the balcony, we sat opposite each other and popped open the wine, and the conversation quickly turned sexual.

He was visibly aroused when I told him I was a sub for black guys and loved worshipping them in bed and being put in my place.

Antonio’s kink was fucking innocent-looking women who lead plain lives; it seems he hit the jackpot with me.

I neglected to tell him that my sex life was far from plain as some men can be put off by the fact I’ve taken hundreds of dicks of various men across Europe.

After talking for an hour, the wine had really gone to my head. As I leaned over to put my glass down on the table next to me, I casually opened my legs slightly to ‘accidentally’ flash Antonio a glimpse of my wet slit.

I saw him shuffle in his seat from the corner of my eye and then saw him struggling to hide a horny grin when I looked at him.

”I’m in love with this apartment, such a nice vibe! So where do you sleep, then?” I asked, knowing full well where his room was. ”Oh, I forgot to show you my room,” said Antonio, finishing his wine and beckoning me to follow him.

When I stood up, my legs were wobbly, and my pussy tingled. I was pissed, indeed.

A Dirty Squirty Girl has Her Wet Salacious Kitty Destroyed

In his room, I entered first and had a look around. Looking down at his huge bed, I felt Antonio’s hands sensually grip my waist as he began kissing my neck and biting my ear.

His hand soon found its way into my dripping pussy. ”My God!” he shouted whilst laughing. His hand was absolutely soaked.

Initially worried he would be turned off by how sloppy and wet my pussy was, my fears disappeared when he licked my juices off his hand and pushed me back onto the bed.

As soon as I hit the bed, he was unbuckling his jeans. What I initially thought was his cock bulge combined with his phone or wallet was actually his entire cock.

At nearly 10 inches, this black cock was enormous. My eyes were watering at the sight of it. Maintaining constant eye contact with Antonio, I dropped to my knees and spat on his cock before giving him a pornstar blowjob.

It was impossible to go balls deep, but I choked on his cock o such an extent that I almost passed out.

Just a few minutes in and I was in my natural state. On my knees, pussy leaking, and makeup dripping down my tear and spit-covered face.

Antonio slapped his cock across my face, which felt like being hit with a piece of wood. ”How much do you want this?” he asked me, pulling my face to look back up at him by the hair.

”Please fuck me like a whore. Degrade me and make me your bitch.” I sounded pathetic; my voice was breaking due to my overwhelming craving for cock. I felt like an addict. I needed to be filled with that cock.

I was soon picked up and thrown on the bed. Still in my black dress, now covered in spit, precum and drool, Antonio bent me over and lifted it to reveal my leaking slit.

I felt a jet of hot spit hit my ass and dribble into my pussy. ”We don’t need lube,” I joked because my thighs were soaked from my juices.

”I’m not lubing you up,” Antonio said with a sinister tone in his voice and pulled my head back to finish his sentence, ”I’m degrading you, you filthy fucking whore”.

He then spat in my face making me gasp and making even more of a mess of my face. There was no romance here.

He didn’t ease his cock in to make sure I was comfortable. He rammed that cock hard into my pussy like an animal. I wanted to be fucked like a whore, and I was getting it.

His member bursting into me literally took my breath away. He began fucking me in doggy so hard and fast that it felt like my stomach was being invaded.

I still had tears rolling down my face from sucking his cock, and they certainly weren’t stopping with this mixture of pain and pleasure.

His fucking with interjected with degrading dirty talk that was truly next level. I was called everything from a prostitute for black cock to a vassal for men’s pleasure.

I began to feel the build-up of a squirt in my pussy and screamed, ”I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming like a whore!” as jets of hot squirt splashed out of my pussy.

Antonia pulled out his cock as I lay there writhing. His pullout caused more squirts to pour out onto his floor. Suddenly, I felt something stuffed into my mouth; it was his boxers.

”I’m gagging you; I can’t have my neighbours knowing I have such a dirty squirty girl on the end of my dick; I have a reputation.”

Feeling like his nasty secret of shame just made me even more turned on. After more doggy fucking and cumming again, I was ordered on my knees to suck up all of my squirt. I did exactly as I was told.

On the floor, looking into the puddle of pussy juice, I caught a glimpse of my ruined makeup. I really was a dirty squirty girl, and soon the mouth of this dirty squirty girl was full of the sweet taste of my own juices.

Then, I lay backwards on the bed with my head hanging upside down off the edge. Antonio needed no instructions on what to do next.

He slid his cock down my waiting throat and fucked my face until I was again covered in drool. But this led to the most embarrassing incident of the fuck date.

One which ironically led to one of my life’s most intense and sleazy gangbangs. All led by Antonio.

For part two of this story, which saw this dirty squirty girl led to a Cologne apartment and fucked by multiple men on a revolving sex stool, click here: Black Payback For a Revolving Throw-Up Whore.



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