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The Story Behind My Erotic Maine Anon Image Outside Odessa Sex Shop

During the early days of my Reddit account, before I amassed such a wonderful following of positive, motivational, and downright fucking kinky people, I posted my first Maine anon image of myself with a sleazy caption. Many of you have asked for more information about the backstory behind the image. So, here it is.

The image is of me standing outside of a sex shop in Hungary 6 years ago when I was working in the country. It was when I was first finding my feet on my journey into sleaze and debauchery. I’d passed this sex shop many times and didn’t have the courage to go in. But my curiosity was aching at their advertisement of ”Moni” or cinema for us non-Hungarians!

Needless to say, back then I was nowhere near as sexually bold as I am now. I needed a guy to accompany me inside. Luckily, Hungarian men seem to make a B line for me and, like many other nationalities, enjoy my exquisite slit like a fine wine. One such gentleman, who I met on Tinder, was to step up to the plate and plunge me into the sleaze of the Odessa sex shop.

Let’s call him ”Stephen”. Despite working full time, Stephen devoted all of his free time to trying to hook up with me and nicknamed me his ”Little Irish Whore”. A term I grew to love. I and my welcoming slit tried to accommodate Stephen as much as physically possible. He admitted to me that he had a porn addiction. To which I replied: ”welcome to the club.”

As a result of his lustful attitude to porn, Stephen was constantly trying to raise the bar when it came to fucking me. We fucked in public, in a library, and even on my hotel balcony. But he wanted more, and so did I. When I suggested that I wanted him to escort me into the well known Odessa sex shop and put me to work at the gloryholes, he was game, despite his initial shock.

The Odessa Sex Shop

We set a time and date to visit the Odessa sex shop. In the run-up to the event, I’d purchased a tight little white dress that left little to the imagination. It’s a shame all they had was white, I ideally wanted black to show off the cum stains. We met up and were both trembling with excitement. It was a late Saturday afternoon and the porn cinema was bound to be busy.

Although Stephen wanted to go inside as quick as possible, I wanted a before and after. So, I made him stand back and snap a picture of me outside the Odessa sex shop. Initially, I stood there with my hands on my hips. But threw caution to the wind and slid down my dress to reveal my tit and erect nipple.

Yes, people saw. And I got a kick out of them watching this flashing street whore get taken into a seedy sex shop straight after. Inside, it was as sleazy as I had hoped. The cashier was the mid-50s, heavily made-up woman who looked like she had been around the sex industry track a few times.

She took the admittance fee with a smile and we were on our way down a corridor towards the sounds of erotism and the smell of a sex cinema: Lust, dried cum, and stale beer. I was in my element. We poked our heads into the cinema door and, whilst I would have loved to have been spit-roasted over the dirty seats, it was a no go. Our intention was to let the men know a woman was in.

All heads turned and I stayed long enough to let them know. Then we left to go and find the gloryholes. As the cinema door closed behind us, it quickly reopened and seemingly every occupant was now following us. It looked like I had a big shift ahead of me this evening!

Inspecting the gloryhole cabins, we found a nice one with a big working porn TV and, most importantly, a working lock. You have no idea how insanely horny men can get in these places and you certainly need a lock on the door of a gloryhole booth to maintain your privacy and anonymity.

Of course, it did not take long for the first throbbing member to appear through the hole. Already dripping pre-cum from a wank session in the cinema, it was bobbing up and down just begging to be worshipped. I turned around to look at Stephen who had the horniest look in his eyes and nodded enthusiastically.

I opened my mouth wide and soon my lips were tight against the glory hole cabin wall. I could already feel my eyeliner beginning to run as the guy on the other side fucked my mouth like a pussy. His grunts and moans echoed over the top of the Gloryhole cabin walls. Soon, he banged on the wall to let me know he was going to cum. Soon I was coughing and spluttering as semen filled my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could.

As I softly licked his shrinking shaft, the cock disappeared only to be rapidly replaced by another. This one was much bigger at around 8 inches and thick. I wanted to savour this one and started running my fingers up and down the length. But Stephen, who was now masturbating hard behind me, gripped the cock and guided it into my mouth.

Initially, I struggled to swallow him. The head of his dick was almost as large as my fist and eventually could only take about 3 inches of him, but I had a better idea. I stood up, bent over, and pressed my ass against the Gloryhole wall feeling the cock slide between my thighs. I let his large cock head rub against the entrance of my wet slit whilst bending over to suck Stephen’s cock.

Stephen wanted to see me get fucked and handed over a condom. I fitted it snugly over this large cock and the stranger behind the wall needed no encouragement. Thankfully, he took his slow and I gasped as his large cock slide inch by inch into me. It sent me into a frenzy and I was soon gagging loudly on Stephen’s cock as horny men outside tried thier best to get inside our booth. How that lock held I’ll never know.

I slowly started to thrust my pussy back and forth until this stranger’s dick filled my pussy completely. As soon as he was fully in me, he upped the ante and fucked me hard with his belt making loud banging sounds against the wall. I came hard on his cock and squirted down the wall of the Gloryhole booth. As my knees gave way, this guy blew his load and I felt the intense heat of ejaculate fill the condom.

As he tried to pull out, I knocked on the wall for him to stay for a second and carefully removed the cum filled condom from his cock and handed it to Stephen who promptly dumped the contents on my face. When the next cock appeared, I gave it a wet sloppy blowjob. The movement made droplets of the spunk on my face drip onto the latest cock, which I hungrily slurped up. He quickly came and added to the sweaty, cum stained mess of my face.

As the latest guy left, I started to suck Stephen again. We heard another man enter the booth next to us but no cock appeared. Before long, curiosity got the better of me and I peered through the hole only to see a fairly attractive Hungarian guy in his mid-30s peering back at us and masturbating. I’m a vouyer myself and could relate to his methods, but I wanted to at least give him some action to remember.

I got on my knees and pressed my tit through the Gloryhole, accidentally rubbing it in the cum and squirt dripping down the wall below. With my nipple into the opening, I quickly felt a warm tongue licking and sucking my breast and the fluids all over it. After sucking hungrily on my tit I heard his muffled moan vibrate through my chest as he squirted his load in the booth before leaving.

After sucking three more cocks and swallowing or being covered in their spunk, the crowd outside had begun to subside. One of the last guys left asked if he could join us in the booth and we gingerly unlocked the door to let him in. He came in without saying another word, nodded at us both, and dropped to his knees to eat my well-fucked pussy. As he tongued my cunt deep, I filled my mouth with Stephen’s cock.

Leaning back on the chair, I put my legs over this stranger’s shoulders to give him better access to my pussy. I soon felt a rumbling inside me and came all over his face with a small gush of squirt, which this guy slurped up quickly. By this point, I was absolutely shattered and told Stephen that I was ready to call it a night.

The two conversed in Hungarian and both stood over me with their throbbing cocks in hand. Stephen’s cock was well lubed with my spit whilst the other guy reached down and wiped his hand over my dripping slit for some lube. After about thirty seconds, both of them came one by one over me, shooting spurts of hot cum over my chest and face.

By the end of the night, I had taken 23 Gloryhole loads since taking my Maine anon image. I was an absolute mess. My hair was sticky with cum, my makeup was ruined, and my body was covered in a layer of sweat, semen, and squirt. We got our things and left the Odessa sex shop. We passed the cashier who simply looked at us unphased with a small, almost proud, smirk on her face.

Stepping out onto the street at around 10pm, it was moderately busy. The cherry on the cake was walking out of there and past numerous ordinary people and couples who took one look at my sexually ravaged appearance and could only imagine what had just gone on inside.

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Back at the apartment, I and Stephen shared a lazy sidefuck before I took a shower. Breathing in the mixture of my perfume, sex, and cum covered body, he dropped one of the biggest loads I’ve ever had in my used and abused slit. And that is the story behind my maine anon image on Reddit.



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