Exploring The Used Condom Fetish With Euroslut
Exploring The Used Condom Fetish With Euroslut

There are a lot of kinks, sleazy aesthetics, and fetishes we enjoy exploring here at Whoreuro. But one of the most unique is the used condom fetish. On our travels, we’ve met a small handful of people who indulge in this fetish. However, none of them compared to Euroslut.

Used condom fetishists often trawl known sex spots and trash cans in bedrooms and bathrooms. Their search is for a condom filled with cum. What they do with it afterwards can range from getting a sexual kick from the smell of raw sex spread all over the condom to drinking the spunk inside or pouring it all over their body.

Exploring The Used Condom Fetish With Euroslut

Euroslut is one of the fetishists who engages in this kink. She’s a student from Europe with an extreme objectification fetish and sexual addiction. As a self-confessed slut and degenerate whore, Whoreuro was naturally interested! Euroslut shares her no-holds-barred sexual journey via her blog and videos.

Euroslut makes no secret that some of the most taboo sex aspects are what really gets her clit pumping! In one of her most popular articles, she shared details of one of the most twisted sexual fantasies that leads to her cumming hard: the used condom fetish!

This European slut confessed that the thought of finding used condoms from men and using their cum to masturbate with has been an area of sexual fascination for the past number of years. According to her, The idea of taking these men’s cum, arguably the very essence of their pleasure, without them knowing has always made her cum hard.

“I searching waste bins to find the prize of a used cum-filled condom. It causes my hands to shake as adrenaline rushes through my entire body.”

Euroslut describes her used condom fetish as being similar to the fetish she has for stealing used panties from girls who are completely unaware. It makes her feel exhilarated, thrilled and intensely sexually stimulated.

For Euroslut and many other used condom fetishists alike, the reason behind the used kink is largely about the person who originally owned the condom not knowing. For example, if the condom is from someone who wouldn’t give the fetishist their cum willingly, the stronger the desire to steal their used condoms and play with the cum inside becomes.

Throughout Euroslut’s life, she claims to have perfected her skills of stealing used condoms from various guys. Whether it’s strangers, boyfriends, or friend’s husbands, her used condoms targets are vast. However, the most taboo condoms are the ones that get her off the most.

Exploring The Used Condom Fetish With Euroslut

She indulges in the most forbidden condoms: ones obtained from her dad and brother. Once she has obtained them, she steals their cum and fucks it deep into her pussy. She knows it’s ”wrong”, but the forbidden nature of this aspect of the used condom fetish is what turns her on the most.

Of course, the used condom fetish is kept a secret from the people she knows. But Euroslut’s desire to share her dark secrets with the public via her blog and videos only causes her to be more aroused.

A big thanks to Euroslut, the self-described ”degenerate whore”. To check out her journey into becoming a Turbowhore, be sure to check out her phenomenal blog and multiporn site. Some videos are paid, but trust us, it’s for sure worth it!

As always, all proceeds from her video sales go towards her further clit enlargement. So you can actively contribute to the creation of a turbowhore, which is pretty hot!



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