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My IWD Rose Came in the Form of a Fiona Plus Sex Toy!

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Short on time? Here’s the short and sticky review: The Fiona Plus rose-shaped toy looks cute and innocent, but it’s an orgasm-hunting wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Whether you’re a porn-hardened orgasm addict or a girl looking to spice things up at your own pace, the eighteen licking & thrusting modes cater to any pussy.

The best thing of all? It’s currently on sale for a hefty discount at the official HoneyPlayBox site! Better yet! You can use the code WHOREURO20 to get 20% off.

I’m currently based in Central/Eastern Europe, and International Women’s Day is taken seriously here.

I was given a lot of roses on the 8th of March, but few left an impact as powerful as the Fiona Plus sex toy from Honey Play Box.

If you’ve read my other sticky reviews of HPB toys, you’ll know that they have a track record of bringing Goonettes and Gooners head-first into some of the most eye-rolling orgasms ever!

The company’s latest rose-shaped clit licker and thrusting egg is yet another of their sex toys to be turning heads and making women go cross-eyed, and the HPB team were kind enough to give me one to try out on IWD!

Needless to say, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

My Intimate Time with the Fiona Plus

An upgrade of the original Fiona sex toy that originally came with a vibrating egg rather than the new thrusting feature, I was excited to see what this toy had to offer my experienced slit, to say the least!

Arriving in my apartment, the flowers I’d been given for IWD were gently placed aside as I opened the freshly-delivered Fiona Plus with lust-fuelled excitement.

Unboxing the toy from the sleek packaging synonymous with HoneyPlayBox was a breeze, and I found the Fiona Plus to be well-presented in a sleek padded box.

After a quick clean, the pre-charged toy was ready for action! Sliding into my Goon Cave, I began playing some hardcore anal gangbang smut with a lot of anal rosebud action. Fitting, right?

I took my time working my way through the different vibration patterns on the toy, and as much as I’d love to say that my veteran pussy held its own against this sweet-looking rose, it didn’t.

Thank goodness I put a towel down because this orgasm-hunting device has a knack for hitting you when you least expect it.

The thrusting egg was a little on the small side for my taste, but it did its job of hitting my G spot repeatedly until I erupted.

“I pressed the rose into his balls to unleash a licking assault against his testicles as the G-spot gave way repeatedly and left his thighs caked in my squirt.”

The smooth red exterior it had arrived with was now coagulated spit, squirt, and pussy foam. Six powerful orgasms had rocked me to my core, and I was shaking like a leaf!

After an hour of relentless use, the toy’s pre-charged battery finally gave up on me. Fuck! After putting it to charge, I began to grow restless and soon invited one of my fuck buds over to play.

He took his sweet time and was at my door around an hour later, and after an hour of hard fucking, he noticed the now fully-charged toy on my bedside table and was keen to see me try it out.

This time, I had a much better idea to use the toy on both of us. Bending over in Doggystyle, I slide the egg in my pussy and against my G spot as my fuck buddy re-entered my ass.

As the relentless fucking restarted, he claimed that “he probably wouldn’t be able to cum” as we’d fucked a lot. That sounded like the perfect test of the Fiona Plus!

I pressed the rose into his balls to unleash a licking assault against his testicles as the G-spot gave way repeatedly and left his thighs caked in my squirt.

Within a few minutes, he was drifting in and out of sleep in a post-orgasm daze as his cum leaked from my ass.

Fiona Plus 1 – Fuck buddy 0.

What Did I Like About This Rose-Shaped Sex Toy?

As I lie here bleary-eyed with my perverted rose glistening in my juices, I quickly realize there’s a lot to like about this toy. But allow me to sum it up into three points.

A Blended Orgasm

Don’t let this toy’s sweet exterior fool you, it hunts orgasms with merciless precision. The clit licking rose and G spot-hunting egg work in tandem to deliver a two-front blended orgasm that will turn your pussy into mush!

Hard to Misplace

Blended orgasms are my go-to form of pleasure these days. I adore having my G spot, clit, and ass played with simultaneously, and it always results in the most explosive of orgasms.

However, in the carnage of a prolonged masturbation session or a sex marathon, it’s easy to misplace one or more of your toes, leaving at least one hole neglected.

With Fiona Plus, I didn’t face this problem. Both parts are connected by a tail, meaning they always stay together like a perverted little orgasm-hunting team!

The Design is Lush!

I’m a girl with a *ahem* rather high mileage set of holes, so I’m more than well-acquainted with the appearance of a rose-like anal or pussy prolapse.

Naturally, the design of the rose struck a chord with me, especially when it brought about orgasms so powerful that I produced a natural rose even bigger than it. To paraphrase Paul “Bear” Vasquez, “double rosebud!”

But even for women who aren’t hole-wrecking whores like myself, the toy’s design is equally stylish, sweet, and discreet. So it ticks the boxes across a wide spectrum of pleasure-seeking women.

My Minor Criticisms & Recommendations

I always keep my reviews transparent, so here are some of the things I didn’t like so much about the toy.

Charging Time is Kinda Long

The charging time for the two is around two hours for one hour of constant play. However, this is an intense sex toy with a lot of moving parts and packing a serious punch.

Plus, I assume that if you’re the kind of girl who can withstand a toy this strong for a full hour, you no doubt have a plethora of other sex toys to tide you over until it charges!

On the plus side, the charger for the toy is one of the new magnetic chargers, which is sleek and very convenient.

A Black Variant Would be Nice

A very minor gripe, but I’d love to see a black variant of the toy alongside the pink and rose-red versions. A black rose would be a kickass colour scheme for the toy and would really pop when glistening with the sweet juices the toy inevitably earns when it’s thrown into action!

Top Tips For Using

The Fiona Plus is one of the more high-tech sex toys currently available, and although it’s straightforward to use, here are some time-saving tips to get the most out of your toy!

Hold it like a Wine Glass When Things Get Slippery!

The toy can turn a dry bed into a juicy quagmire within minutes, and things can get slippery! I advise holding the rose-shaped attachment on the toy like a wine glass to have the best grip.

Don’t be Afraid to Get a Man Involved (I Wasn’t!)

This is very much a girls-only toy, but it can equally be used by couples too! Slide that G-spot hunting egg in your pussy or butt as your male partner goes to town on your other hole, and use the rose to lick his balls. You’ll be receiving a hot, sticky treat in no time!

Guys, It’s the Perfect Gift for a Special Occasion!

Roses are nice, but they don’t make most women cum like a firehose. This rose, on the other hand, does. Men, switch things up on birthdays, IWD, or Valentine’s Day with a Fiona Plus that your girl can stick deep in her vase!

So, What are my Final Thoughts?

Discreet, aesthetic, and with enough power to turn me into a babbling mess covered in my own juices. I mean, what’s not to like?

All in all, HoneyPlayBox have done it again with this toy, and I believe it’s a vital addition to any orgasm-loving woman or couple.

The official HoneyPlayBox website is offering the toy for a discounted promotional price whilst stocks last, and that’s before using my 20% WHOREURO20 discount code!

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Disclaimer: This sex toy review is a sponsored sex toy review paid for by one of our sponsors and may feature affiliate links. This means that I can receive a small commission for any purchases made at no extra cost to you. Click here to see our sponsored post options.

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