Sponsored Posts & Advertising

Interested in getting exposure to the quarter of a million visitors to Whoreuro each month? Well, we’re excited to work with you!

Provided that your content is relevant and brings value to our dear readers, we currently offer a range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities for trustworthy websites and companies.

Below is an overview of what is on offer. We are also open to ideas and suggestions. So if you have a particular campaign in mind, get in touch with your questions or proposals.

Sexually Corrupted by Catherine Duffy in her Erotic Boudoir

A sponsored post on our website is a fantastic way for you or your brand to gain exposure with our readers.

For a small fee, we will write a high-quality article about you, your company, or your product that will be at least 1,000 words long.

Of course, these posts will be created in compliance with FTC law to be both legal and completely transparent with our readers.

All sponsored posts are SEO-friendly and feature high-quality imagery supplied by you or taken from your site with prior permission.

A sponsored link to your chosen website, product, or social media profile will also be included. In addition, it can be shared across our social media channels which have tens of thousands of members.

Price: $200 for a basic sponsored article written by you. $250 for a sponsored article written by us that will be shared across our social media channels. Generous discounts are available for multiple posts.

Availability: The article can be written and published within one week, as long as all of the relevant materials are sent to us from the beginning.

Squirting big labia pussy

Sponsored interviews are a phenomenal way to gain exposure if you’re a pornstar, adult model, or work in another area of the adult industry.

I will assess your background, work, and photos to construct a custom, ten-question interview. You fill it out and send it back in accompanied with ten photos.

The interview will then be edited, optimized, and published to bring maximum attention and exposure to your naughtiest skills!

Of course, you can also create your own interview questions to be asked, too. This is often a source of great content for us, so it comes at a very discounted price.

Price: $90

Availability: The interview can be written and published within one week, as long as all of the relevant materials are sent to us from the beginning.

Examples of Interviews:

From an established pornstar with the biggest labia in porn to MILF swingers who are building a following in the adult modelling industry, we have a wide portfolio of adult industry interviews. Will you join them?

Product Reviews

Top 10 DP Sex Toys to Prepare For Your First Double Penetration

Oh, I do love a product review! What better way to write an article about a sex toy or porn site than by testing it out for yourself beforehand?

From eye-watering sybians to merciless BDSM tools, there aren’t many products that I won’t review in the highest detail. Here are some examples:

The way product reviews work is simple: You send in your chosen product to my registered PO Box. Then, I’ll try it out upon myself to see the orgasmic effect.

Finally, I’ll take some high-quality photos of the product before sharing my honest insight in a perfectly-structured and well-worded article with a link to where people can buy it.

As with all sponsored posts, the product review will be FTC-compliant with a disclaimer explaining that I was given the product for review, but that all opinions shared are entirely mine.

Price: $60 + Product. Generous discounts are available for multiple reviews.

Availability: The review will be completed and published within 2 weeks of me receiving the product.

Adult Establishment Field Reports

Our Exquisite Trip To The Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool

One of my personal favourites! Do you have a swingers club, adult institution, legal bordello, sex party events, or otherwise you’d like exposure for? We’d love to provide it!

Either Catherine or another member of our dedicated team will visit you at your business, carry out a relaxed interview, and take some promotional photos.

For example, one of our recent field reports took us to the fabulous Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool. You can read all about our experience behind the doors of this sex institution here.

Then, we will craft an epic and highly detailed field report of our visit and publish it. This is a very popular promotional tool for swinger businesses, strip clubs, and everything in between!

Price: Upon request. The final price will depend on where you’re located.

Availability: Generally, we can arrange a visit to your establishment within days or a few weeks.

Guest Posts

How to Start a Porn Website & Make Good Money in 10 Steps

Are you a budding erotica writer seeking exposure to a large kinky audience? Perhaps you’re a blogger seeking to share adult advice with other kinksters and looking to expand your writing portfolio.

This option is not for well-established companies, stores, or sites. It is a lower-priced version for lesser established folks to get a foothold in exposure to the adult community.

With a guest post on Whoreuro, you will get writer exposure and much more. I will edit, optimize, and publish an article that you send in. Whilst you gain full credit as the author.

The post will include links back to your original blog or website, and your backstory in an author box at the bottom of the post that will give all writing credit to you.

The post will be published and promoted as any post on my site. However, it must fit the vein of the site, be of high quality, and will be subject to review prior to publishing.

Price: $100 with generous discounts available for multiple posts.

Availability: Guest posts will be published 1-2 weeks after I receive and approve of the finished article.

Publishing guidelines

To ensure a high level of reading quality for my readers, any guest post submitted for approval must meet the following guidelines:

  • Minimum of 1,000 words.
  • Accompanied by high-quality images, ideally in landscape format, that we have permission to use.
  • Well-written and structured with good grammar, proper spelling, and SEO friendly.
  • Up to 2 high quality links. Anything even remotely questionable or spammy will be denied.
  • Topic & finalized post approved by me prior to approval.
  • The featured image will be created by me so that it matches the theme of the site.
Make time for a sissy social

Whoreuro boasts a dedicated community that expands outside of the monthly readers of the site.

Across adult-friendly social media channels like Reddit and Twitter, we have tens of thousands of followers. See them for yourself! (The Whoreuro Twitter and the Whoreurope subReddit)

This is an ideal way for you to gain exposure through sponsored social media posts. If you have a product, website, or work in the adult industry, then we’d be interested in promoting you.

The business package

This is ideally suited for blogs, businesses, and adult models who want to invest in wide exposure over a longer period of time. Through the business package, you gain access to the following monthly benefits you to the following over the course of a month:

  • 5 Tweets
  • 5 Subreddit posts
  • 10 crossposts
  • 20 posts on the Whoreuro porn Discord server

Price: $60 per month or $150 for 3 months

Availability: Available anytime

The personal package

These are the options for business and company Social Media posts on an individual basis.

  • Twitter Tweet/Retweet – $10
  • Subreddit Post & Crossposts – $10

Quality is Queen!

Payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer. An invoice will be issued for every transaction made.

A final note: I only publish quality content that is relevant to my reader base. If you’re intent is to deceive or trick my readers, I will not be interested under any circumstances.