Gunge Stories From my Favourite Cum Walk Experience

If you’re a regular reader of my stories then you’ll know I’m a fan of public sex and exhibitionism. Prior to this experience, one thing I hadn’t had the chance to indulge in was a cum walk.

Whilst working in Berlin just before the Covid outbreak, I had the chance to do it through a horny fuck buddy who let me experience one of my favourite personal gunge stories.

As much as I love public sex and exhibitionism, it has the ability to scare the life out of me if it’s outside an accepted place like a swingers party or sex club. So actually going through with my cum walk fantasy took a good while. It all began with a fuck buddy I met on a fetish hookup site.

“The act of a female walking in public after having received a facial or having been the target of a bukkake without any sanitization. Clothes optional.”

– Urban Dictionary

Naturally, my FB had many of the same kinks and fetishes as me and was well on board with the cum walk idea. The only problem was getting me to go through with it. On his birthday weekend, I decided to finally do it after a bit of Dutch courage.

As an active member in the fetish scene, his friends were all like-minded and of a similar nature. So the party was pretty wild from the get-go.

Most girls were topless early on and there was a lot of fun going on in various rooms. The cum walk topic had arisen in banter during the night and, long story short, my FB and a few of his friends decided to give me an impromptu bukkake session in the bedroom.

I was wearing a tight black vest and it was soon inherently stained with white streaks of semen along with a fair amount of cum in my hair.

Although we had planned to do the cum walk that night, one thing led to another and I ended up drunkenly falling asleep as the party ended. Kicking off the first of my many personal gunge stories would have to wait until the next day.

Gunge Stories From a Hangover

Waking up the next day with my FB spooning me, I was still wearing the cum stained vest. We had a hangover fuck and, midway through, the topic of a cum walk popped up.

In my hungover state, I was far less concerned about the anxiety of it all and we decided to go through with it. First, I needed a fresh cum load plastered on me to complete my look.

I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock. His hungover groans really turned me on as he groped at my tits and gently throat fucked me. As I gagged on his cock my eyes watered causing my makeup from the night before and spit to run down my face and over my tits.

He eventually flipped me over and left my head hanging off the bed. Whilst fucking my throat like it was a pussy, he planted his tongue down on my engorged clit.

He then stepped back from me and stroked his cock in my face. As I looked up at him he unloaded a squirt of hot white cum all over my face, hair, and tits. He always produced a big load when he was hungover, and today was no exception.

White jelly streaks of spunk dangled from my hair, nose, and chin like icicles. My vest was now caked in dried and fresh semen. I was ready.

In what is definitely one of the least romantic post-cumshot chats I’ve encountered, my FB asked: ”So, fancy a McDonald’s?”. Indeed I did and it was the perfect place to start this display of sleazy exhibitionism.

With cum dripping from my face, I kept my hand under to catch any that fell and quickly reapplied it to my body. We carefully got into the car and I was reminded not to wipe any of the cum from my tits or face.

We headed to the nearest McDonald’s drive-thru and found ourselves in a large line. It was a Sunday and we weren’t the only hungover people craving junk food after a heavy Saturday night.

A mid-30s guy working at the McDonald’s was trying to speed things up by taking orders from car windows. As he approached our car, my heart was beating out of my cum stained chest.

I rolled the window down and smiled. The face movement caused a streak of cum to roll slightly down my face. It would have been hard for him not to notice, but he kept a good poker face as I gave him my order.

At the payment window, a middle-aged German woman working there looked at me with a look of shock as I leaned over to pay with my card. I watched her eyes scan my spunk, makeup, and spit covered face and tits, before coming to a halt at my cum splattered black vest.

She didn’t say a word as we said thank you and I saw her peek out and stare at the car as we slowly drove forward to get our food. This was a quick handover so the worker didn’t notice and we pulled into the car park to eat. But looking at Karl, I could see he wasn’t entirely satisfied.

“Oh, no! They forgot the napkins!” He said with a dirty grin. “You’d better go in and get some, I don’t wanna wait in the line of cars again.”

I was hesitant at first but when he began stroking my pussy through my jeans, it was the only encouragement I needed. I soon unbuckled my belt and walked across the car park into the restaurant.

In the early morning temperature, my nipples were rock hard. Of course, few people would notice from a distance but I felt as if all eyes were on me in the car park. But inside McDonald’s, there were few places to hide.

Inside the line was shorter than outside but I still had to wait for around five minutes. During that time, a few people sitting down on either side of the line had noticed me.

Guys were looking at me like a deer in the headlights and some girls were looking at me with faux disgust whilst others stared with pure curiosity. I felt countless eyes darting between my cum-glazed face and my nipples protruding from the cum stained vest.

At the counter, I was greeted by a mid-30s girl whose initial customer service smile folded into a look of surprise. Standing a few inches right in front of me, she was greeted with a sight of every cum stain on my body.

I politely asked for napkins and, in a very non-discrete way, she asked her colleague to assist her in finding them. Of course, she wanted her colleague to see the cum stained mess in front of her as nobody would probably believe her without a witness.

Napkins in hand, I turned to leave the restaurant with the two workers giggling behind me. The walk outside felt like ten miles long as numerous eyes inside bored into me. Back in the car, I saw Karl smiling back at me. He already had napkins and they were in the bag after all.

The whole exhibitionism of the cum walk had turned me on massively. I couldn’t focus on my food and instead sucked Karl’s cock as he enjoyed his drink. Before long, he shot a smaller load across my cheek and down my chin.

“How about you show off the new one too?” He asked cheekily.

In an intensely horny state, I was more than happy to oblige and add another chapter of gunge stories to my sexual memories. We ended up deciding to drive into a more central area of Berlin and take a walk around the block. On a Saturday morning, the area was soon teeming with tourists.

Karl ordered me to walk upright with my hands behind my back to make my cum splattered tits protrude and attract more people’s gaze. We walked slow, I was blushing constantly and felt my heartbeat in my ears from the adrenaline of it all. All the while, my pussy was leaking down my thighs at the sheer sexual thrill of it.

Old women walking their dogs, Japanese tourists, and morning joggers all craned their necks to do a double-take at the cum slowly drying on my body and my perky tits thrust out with my nipples standing at attention. Some made comments like ”look at her!” and questioned if it was a porn film being made.

People assuming I was a porn actress just made me feel even dirtier and turned on. I told Karl this, and as a final cherry on the cake he made me stand at the Bundestag, a prominent tourist spot in Berlin, whilst he took multiple pictures of me as tourists gawked.

Incredible, a cum stained mess was briefly getting more attention than a world tourist attraction.

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Worried someone was going to photograph me, I decided to call it a day. Returning back to the apartment, I stroked Karl’s cock all the way home before we had some of the best sex since we had met.

Of course, he made me leave the cum stained vest on. The first experience in my umber of gunge stories was complete, but it certainly wouldn’t be my last.

Disclaimer: Names, dates, and locations may have been slightly changed in this story. The photos used in this article may not be of the incident in question but are there to add relevant entertainment for the reader.



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