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The Definitive Adult Theater Sex Survival Guide

If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that my sordid adult theater sex session in a Soho porn cinema was my initiation into the life of a whore.

You’ve probably all seen them. The porn cinema I mean. Sleazy, dirty, and often advertising adult movies in bright neon. However, few people ever dare venture inside.

The adult theater is an age-old sexual institution that, despite its long reign, is still surrounded by mystery.

“Prepare yourself mentally so you don’t join the ranks of the people who leave a few seconds in and never return.”

Many of the people who have never been inside one are unaware of just what exactly goes on. Those who have will attest to the sexual buffet of sleaze they often have to offer.

The idea of stepping beyond the doors of these often foreboding places can be daunting. Personally, I’ve visited over 40+ different adult theaters across Europe and the United States.

So it’s only natural that I am well versed in how things work such as:

  • The best ways to prepare for adult theater sex.
  • How to find adult movie theaters near you.
  • Bringing a girlfriend or wife to an adult theater.

So, if you’re keen to try out a porn cinema but don’t know where to begin, it’s your lucky day. This is the definitive survival guide to adult theater sex for beginners with a few new tips for experienced attendees of porn theaters too!

What is an adult arcade, porn cinema, or adult theater about?

What is an adult arcade, porn cinema, or adult theater about?

Firstly, let’s delve into just what happens in an adult arcade, porn cinema, adult theater, or whatever you want to call it.

They’re located all over the world and are often attached to adult bookstores, sex shops or adult stores. Anybody over 18+ can enter if they pay the entry fee and abide by the rules.

Their main role is to show adult movies in a cinema environment, but they’ve since evolved into a sexual hookup spot for couples, singles, and groups of all sexual persuasions and kinks.

As well as hardcore pornography blasting on the screen, you can expect various facilities that can range from private cabins and Gloryhole booths to public sex swings and group sex areas.

In reality, few people are watching porn on screen as the live sex performed by attendees is often superior.

However, there is a certain etiquette to follow, important things to be aware of, and crucial ways to prepare for your first foray into adult theater sex.

This guide breaks down all of them step-by-step.

Finding an adult store nearby with a porn cinema

A fitting way to really kick off this adult theater sex survival guide is to tell you just how to find such establishments.

In the U.S. and most of Europe, the chances are that there is a porn cinema near you. But like many things in life, not all porn cinemas are created equal.

Some are downright awful and some are like an adult emporium of sex. So for your first time, doing a little research is crucial. Look up reviews to see the experiences others had there.

If you see things like lack of customers, negative reviews about the play areas on offer or negative or alarming feedback about the adult theater attendees, then find keep looking.

Mentally prepare yourself before visiting a porn theater

I’m well-experienced when it comes to adult theater sex, but I still find myself overwhelmed sometimes.

Trust me, no matter how much adult theater porn you’ve watched, the real thing will likely shock you.

These places are full of raw sexual energy. Everybody here is for the same thing: Hardcore, anonymous sex in a sleazy environment.

If you’re inexperienced, I recommend working your way up to adult theater sex with some less intense stuff first. There’s a number of reasons for this.

If you’re a fairly good looking person, you can expect to develop a literal following as you explore the dark nooks and crannies.

Prepare yourself. What would be socially unacceptable in the outside world is often part of accepted porn cinema etiquette.

Don’t be surprised to feel hands grope your private parts to proposition you. Don’t look shocked if you see a sissy slut being fucked in front of a group.

And don’t judge if you see something like a Hotwife drinking the cum of strangers whilst her cuckold hubby watches obediently.

You will certainly see some intense sexual sights and undergo some wild sexual confrontations inside these kinds of places.

Prepare yourself mentally so you don’t join the ranks of the people who leave a few seconds in and never return.

Dress right for porn theaters

Porn theaters are pretty dark. They’re very dark, in fact. So you might think that your outfit doesn’t matter. Trust me, it does!

For this section, I’m going to detail some erotic outfit ideas for visiting porn theaters whether you’re a guy, girl, or transgender.

Personally, I wear a tracksuit when going to a porn cinema. Underneath is a fetish outfit of choice.

This can range from classy slutty stockings, suspenders, and a corset to a leather BDSM chest brace or latex clothing.

Female outfits for porn theaters

The world is your oyster when it comes to outfits for porn theaters. You can dress as slutty or as sophisticated as you want. The latter can be a bit restrictive but is one of my personal favourites for acting out my slutty fantasies.

I would often wear old work suits to porn theaters and present the image of a sophisticated businesswoman who was letting her hair down in a sleazy porn cinema surrounded by cock. It drove the guys wild!

But the classic slut look went down just as well. Stockings, miniskirts, and fishnet bodysuits are always a winner.

Always opt for black, girls. Because you’ll want to see all the cum you’ve collected in the porn theater when you get home, right?

Male outfits for adult movie theaters

Now then, guys! I’ve handled a lot of cock at porn cinemas and have developed some things I love and some major pet peeves.

I’ve seen men wearing all sorts of outfits in adult movie theaters from dressing smart to stark naked aside from a cock ring.

Personally, I resent guys who dress smart with a belt etc. as it simply gets in the way and it’s harder for him to get his cock out.

I feel tracksuit pants are ideal for guys to comfortably lounge around and move their cock with ease.

Of course, you can wear whatever you like or what little you like. The nude look is a hot one, too. There’s no judgement in the porn cinema, so why not take advantage and go naked?

Outfits for sissies and trans in porn cinemas

I’ve seen some divine outfits being worn by sissy sluts in porn cinemas. But I’ve also seen some that can end in disaster.

I suggest sissies and transgender visitors dress as slutty as possible to attract potential partners but be sensible with it.

When it comes to extreme heels, who doesn’t love to look as slutty as possible? But in the darkness of a porn cinema, it can be a disaster.

Not only can you lose your footing and injure yourself, but you can also cause injuries to others.

I personally put an end to my sissy sub wearing heels at the porn cinema when, during an anal fucking session with another cinema-goer, she flung her legs behind her head and almost took the eye out of a guy standing behind in the darkness.

Prepare a sex kit for adult movie theaters

We all know what poor preparation equals… Turning up to a porn cinema with no sex kit prepared can be a disaster.

Imagine being approached by an anal whore requesting you to fuck her up the ass and not having any lube on hand? Always prepare!

Everyone’s goals and sexual fantasies are different when it comes to porn theater sex, so I can’t tell you exactly what to bring.

But to give you a general idea, I’ll give you an insight into my sex kit for adult movie theatres.

  • Wet wipes – I love cum, but sometimes a girl can’t swallow it all. So it’s nice to be able to get any that I miss off my hair and body.
  • Anal toys – Lube, butt plug, douche etc. I love being fucked in the ass, so to avoid any difficulties (and to add some spice to my visit), I’ll often pop a plug in and have extra lube ready.
  • Condoms – One of the most important things on the list. I pack quality condoms I know and trust for when I’m having penetrative sex.
  • A portable towel – Depending on how kinky you are, being fucked on the floor of a porn cinema can be… an experience. But for those who value their hygiene, like me, I pack a foldable towel to put down during sex.
  • Favourite toys – Ballgag, nipple clamps, and toys for my clit. Naturally, you can’t assume other cinemagoers are going to have your favourite toys on hand, so pack what you need for each adult theater sex scenario you plan to live out.

And there you have it, an insight into my adult theater sex kit! Not universal, but a good example of the kind of things it’s normal to bring with you to get the most out of your sexual adventure.

Bringing a girlfriend or wife to an adult theater

In the world of adult theater sex, it’s not uncommon to see couples engaged in group sex with random men.

This can be part of the Hotwife fetish or just swinging couples who love to indulge in sleazy environments.

But if you and your other half are considering visiting for the first time, there are a few things to know.

First off, it should be completely consensual and the desire should be mutual. If one of you isn’t that keen, it will likely end in tears.

Both of you should be comfortable with an open relationship. Would you be ok seeing your other half being propositioned for sex?

As a couple, would the site of masturbating men or ongoing group sex make you uncomfortable? If the answer is no, then adult theater sex isn’t for you.

Travis Bickle: I can’t sleep at night. Cab Dispatcher: There’s porno theaters for that.”

– Taxi Driver, 1976.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say these kinds of places would be suitable for first-time swingers or cuckold couples.

It’s better to start in a swingers club or with open-minded friends to work your way up to the hardcore scene of porn cinemas.

On the other hand, if you are experienced and adore group sex, then adult theater sex will likely be right up your street.

Imagine a world of porn filled with a seemingly endless supply of horny men for a slut to indulge her hungry pussy with, that’s generally the type of scene you’ll find at these places.

Before going, I recommend agreeing on a sex word, setting sexual goals and limits for when inside, and being clear with other cinema-goers about what is ok and what isn’t ok. This will lead to a positive experience all around.

Adult video arcade Gloryholes can be great for nervous newbies

Gloryholes are often a quintessential part of adult theater sex. Consisting of a waist-height hole, they allow for anonymous sex with a wall as a barrier.

They’re often enclosed in a Gloryhole booth with a chair, lockable door, and a TV playing hardcore porn.

This booth aspect provides a great place for a newcomer to take a breather if the atmosphere gets heavy.

It’s a great way for nervous newbies to indulge in oral or penetrative sex without any small talk beforehand.

Of course, there are a few things to know about your first Gloryhole sex. So I’ve included another handy and easy-to-follow guide to essential Gloryhole etiquette at the end of this article that will allow you to get the most out of your first experience.

Don’t be afraid to indulge in adult theater sex

As I detailed in my book, the first time I walked into an adult cinema in Soho I walked straight back out due to a mixture of fear and anxiety.

To be fair, I was on my own. But this is an experience many people I’ve spoken to have undergone.

Despite being fascinated by the sleaze and raw sex of these establishments, many people feel anxious when visiting for real and are apprehensive of taking people up on their offer when it comes to sexual propositions.

You only live once. If your sexual fantasy is to be bent over a cum stained cinema seat and fucked senseless by random men and the chance to live this experience presents itself, then grab the bull by the horns!

Honestly, I’ve regretted all sexual opportunities I’ve turned down in porn cinemas than the offers I’ve taken up.

Some of my fondest sexual memories have taken place in the dark corners of adult theaters. So don’t be afraid to indulge!

Stay alert when at an adult theater

I’ve met some wonderful sexual beings in my journey’s through the porn cinemas of the world. But I’ve also met some unsavoury characters.

I keep my guides as honest as possible, and you’ll likely meet some creeps if you make adult theaters a regular sexual haunt.

Any decent adult theater will have a staffed desk for you to complain to. If anybody is acting up or breaking the rules, they’ll likely be removed in seconds.

But regardless, it pays to stay alert when at an adult theater.

For example, a bit of Dutch courage is fine but don’t attend so drunk you’re not in control of yourself.

Never accept illicit substances offered to you inside and if your instinct tells you something is seriously wrong, get out of there!

Another thing to bear in mind is pickpockets. In the heat of the moment, some unsavoury people will take advantage of your distraction.

So play it safe and don’t bring any valuables to an adult theater that you’re afraid to lose.

Don’t bring back any souvenirs from your adult theater stories

Having a few adult theater stories under your belt after a few visits can be a great addition to open-minded sex lives.

But stories is where it should end. When I talk about souvenirs, I mean sexually transmitted diseases.

In the sexual energy and darkness of adult theaters, it’s easy to get carried away. Unprotected sex can be common and although I’m a cum whore, I’m a responsible one.

Protect yourselves and others: don’t have unprotected sex at porn cinemas, people!

Adult theater sex should be a unique sexual experience that you remember fondly. An STD is not worth a few minutes of pleasure, always use condoms where possible.

If someone in the adult movie theater insists otherwise? Walk away.

A summary of the adult theater sex guide

From finding an adult theater near you and mentally preparing for a visit to a porn cinema to staying safe when in an adult arcade and bringing a girlfriend or wife to an adult theater, this survival guide has covered all of the most important things a first-timer needs to know.

Related adult arcade, Gloryhole, and porn cinema guides

Adult theater sex can be a dream come true for those who adore raw sexual energy, sleaze, and hardcore fetish fun. But it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Whilst I highly recommend all sexual beings to try it out, keep your head on your shoulders, keep it consensual and stay safe!


  1. Thank you for your article. It really helps in thinking about going to an adult theater for the first time with my wife. She’s 59, slightly overweight, but beautiful face and nice body, so a bit worried as to what she can expect. The nearest one for us is the Tiki Adult Theater in Los Angeles. Any thoughts on this theater if you’ve been there? This is really just a dare for her as a very conservative wife. Only had sex with me, doesn’t watch porn, but, talks about wild sexual acts during sex. My dare is for her to go in with a rain coat with nothing underneath, high heels, sit down, open the coat and expose herself while watching the movie playing for 5 minutes. Nothing more from her end, I think. Any tips for being safe would be great. BTW, do they allow picture taking in these theaters? Would love to have one of her in there. Thank you.

    • Hey, Albert! You’re more than welcome and the idea of taking your wife to an adult theater has my slit throbbing! Unfortunately, I haven’t visited the Tiki theater, but your raincoat idea is a good one. However, I’d suggest you accompany her closeby and be clear about your boundaries such as no touching, etc. Also, you could do a recce alone beforehand to gauge the type of clientele inside and the layout so it’s less daunting for the both of you. Generally, pictures are allowed, although it depends on the theater. Just ensure that the faces of other cinema-goers aren’t included and warn people nearby if they might be in the shot. Have fun and I’d love to hear your report of how it went!

      • Hello Catherine. Thank you for your kind reply. Yes, lots of things to consider. You’re right, she will not be going in there alone and I will do a little recon as well. She can be very daring at times, but nothing like this, and definitely want it to be a fun experience, so she’s up for more adventures in the future.

        Now I just need to present the dare, and since she lost and swore to do what was presented, I want to make it erotic, but keep her fears in mind. I’ve collected a couple of stories about a wife going to an adult theater for the first time. Hopefully this will set the mood for her. Any more ideas are welcome. Thank you again and hope you don’t mind me getting some insight from you in the future. Take care.


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