Woken Up in a Pool of My Hot Juices By The Ifonnx Euna

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I’m not sure what I noticed first. The relentless vibrations inside my slit or the fact that I had woken up lying in a pool of my own pussy juices. Either way, I wasn’t complaining!

I’d been contacted by the up-and-coming sex toy company Ifonnx to review one of their latest releases: The Ifonnx Euna.

I’d heard this tiny, compact, toy could pack a punch, but would it be able to defeat my harlot pussy? Let’s find out!

Whoreuropeans, Meet Euna!

Inside the classy and aesthetic box sits a soft, discreet sex toy that is a mere 9cm long. As well as an Ifonnx gift card, you’ll find the Euna sex toy encased in an erotic red velvet bag.

The design of the toy is classy, to say the least. Rose gold buttons accentuate its ultra-soft silicone exterior that, according to Ifonnx, is 100% body-safe. And that’s not all!

  • Ten unique vibration patterns dramatically increase in power and intensity.
  • Well-planned design that works the female G-spot and clit at the same time.

It was free of the unpleasant smell that often comes with new sex toys. So after a standard sink wash, it was ready to use on my needy pussy.

After unboxing the toy, I needed to download the app which is available on the Apple Store and Google Play store. It’s lightweight and runs smoothly overall.

But wait until I tell you about the app’s features!

The App

It has to be said that the Euna toy itself is only half of the package. Its dedicated sex app has gained a formidable reputation amongst orgasm seekers worldwide. Let me explain why!

  • Bluetooth – Connect the toy to your phone in seconds via Bluetooth and the easy-to-download Ifonnx app.
  • Songs – If you really love music, why not cum to it? From chilling to your favourite songs at home to cumming to the bass drop at your favourite club, the toy’s vibrations can be synced to songs via the app.
  • Remote control – If you love public play, then you can discreetly pop the Ifonnx Euna into your lady garden as your lover controls your pleasure up close or from a distance.
  • Create your own orgasms – Through unique technology, the Euna app allows you to draw on the screen to personalize the vibration patterns and create your own unique pleasure!

A Sordid Wake-Up Call And Ruined Bedsheets!

I’ll admit, I’m not a morning person. The snooze button on my alarm gets slapped more than my clit does sometimes. But the Euna alarm clock function has changed everything.

After generously lubing up the toy and getting into bed, I set an alarm on the app and drifted off to sleep. I’m a deep sleeper. Seven hours later, I got a rude but pleasant awakening indeed.

The first thing I felt was my meaty pussy lips quivering up against each other and the familiar bubbling feeling in my stomach of an approaching orgasm.

Dazed and half asleep, I fumbled around confused. As I moved my hands, I found I was lying in a large wet patch. It seemed that the Ifonnx Euna had been working for a while!

I’d somehow gushed in my sleep and was only woken up by the impending second orgasm. Now that’s what I call an alarm clock, I thought to myself!

With my sticky hands now rattling, I turned on the large TV at the end of my bed and played one of my favourite Legal Porno scenes.

As asses and pussies were changed beyond all recognition by giant cocks on screen, the Euna was oblivious. Its dolphin-shaped head working into me and determined to make me cum.

And it did just that! The initial gush didn’t have much pressure and I felt the hot liquid of my sit dribble down into my puckered asshole. But the Euna wasn’t giving up.

The vibrations were extremely powerful. Using the app, I could make them as soft or aggressive as I needed. As I neared my second orgasm, I got myself ready.

With my hands laying in my orgasmic mess, they were a sticky mess. As I neared my second orgasm, I upped the ante and changed the vibration pattern through the app.

“I’ll admit, I’m not a morning person. The snooze button on my alarm gets slapped more than my clit does sometimes. But the Euna alarm clock function has changed everything.”

I felt like a Harrier Jet was thundering through my pussy. Sucking my own juices off my fingers, I let the Euna take me down the orgasmic path it wanted to go.

This time, my pussy wasn’t dribbling. I roared as a squirt burst out of my slit and wrecked my bedsheets.

No doubt my neighbours heard me cumming like a sex-mad whore (again). But the pleasure was so intense, that I didn’t care.

Two thunderous orgasms later, the Ifonnx Euna had been turned from a brand new sex toy into a mass of squirt, pussy slop, and lube.

One thing was for sure, I could easily skip my morning coffee after using this toy as an alarm clock. Arguably the best way to start a day!

What I Liked Most About The Ifonnx Euna

There’s a lot to like about the toy, but here are some of the features that stood out the most to me when using it.

  • Design: A beautiful shape that reminded me of a mini dolphin. If there was a dolphin that could swim inside your pussy to deliver incredible amounts of sexual pleasure.
  • The app: If you’re a techy person or a gamer, you’ll love the app that comes with the toy. There’s all manner of fun and pleasure you can have with this and it’s very creative.
  • Sync to songs and voices: I loved this feature. I could sync the toy to the beat of my favourite sex songs and make myself cum. I could also sync it to pornstars to make my slit erupt to their dirty talk on screen.
  • Powerful but discreet: You can wear this in public with your partner controlling your pleasure. It’s so small and quiet that nobody will ever know! Well, as long as you can control your orgasms!
  • Waterproof: A very handy feature as this toy will result in some supper sloppy orgasms. You can also use it everywhere from the shower to a swimming pool!

Should You Buy It?

Currently on special offer for a limited time only $75 on the official Ifonnxx website, the Euna is a sex toy that gives you a lot of sticky bang for your buck.

And, as with almost any sex toy, it goes without saying that you get what you pay for.

From cumming to your favourite songs to the voice of your partner making your pussy melt, there is an abundance of fun that you can have with this innovative sex toy.

Discreet, aesthetic, well-built, and with a wide range of features, the Euna can bring a whole host of sticky fun to your sex life inside and outside of the bedroom. So I recommend it!

However, if you’re looking for a softer, less intense orgasm, then Ifonnx has a wide range of toys.

I found Euna’s vibrations to be very intense. Some felt like a motorbike engine inside my slit. Personally, I loved it. But it’s not going to be for every pussy. Especially the less experienced.

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But as orgasmic as the Euna was, I started craving something a little more girthy deep in my hungry pussy. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I wanted to be stretched out.

Luckily, Ifonxx had me covered. They agreed to satisfy my wanting lust with another toy to review: The Envi Vibrator!


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