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Forced to Squirt With The Bombex Butterfly Vibe!

Following our cum-soaked review of the thrusting rabbit vibrator kindly given to us by Bombex, many of you have been eagerly awaiting part II. After all, they gave us a few toys to try!

Although we needed some time to rehydrate and recover after trying the first toy, we were still excited to see what orgasmic treat the next toy could bring, The Butterfly Desire Vibe Pro!

An hour later, we were both lying in a pool of pussy juices and quivering uncontrollably, we’d been forced to squirt at this toy’s power. This is how it happened, from start to finish.

Be warned: This sex toy is only for girls and couples who can handle wet, messy and mind-bending orgasms. Luckily, we were up to the challenge.

Unboxing The Small But Mighty Butterfly

Unboxing the Butterfly Vibe toy by Bombex

If you’ll excuse the pun, it’s safe to say that we had butterflies the moment we lifted the lid of this cutting-edge sex toy.

It’s sleek, compact, and ergonomically designed for the divine shapes of a woman’s pussy. We took a moment to admire this gorgeous and well-packaged toy.

This bad girl comes with ten different vibration styles and ten variations of clitoral sucking. It’s also completely waterproof. If it wasn’t, it would be a major design flaw!

As well as the toy, you also get a magnetic charger, clear instructions with some kinky ideas in it and a remote control that your partner can use to control the toy from up to ten metres.

Forced to Squirt

It was Monika’s turn to be my slutty Guinea Pig once again. During a test run of the toy, I saw a look of pure shock come across her face before she pulled the toy out of her slit abruptly.

“If you want to take photos, get the camera ready. That’s too intense. It put me on the edge a few seconds in!” Monika said with a voice still raspy from the orgasmic tests of the last toy.

To avoid a short but sweet review, we adjusted the settings and started at the lowest vibration with Monika laying on her back.

Between her divine thighs, I teased her sloppy pussy by switching between my tongue and the toy. Bringing her to the cusp of orgasm and avoiding sending her over the edge was hard!

Now, Monika had only squirted a few times in her life and claimed to find it difficult. When she stood up and complained the toy was making her want to pee, I grew excited.

“You don’t want to pee, you silly slut, your pussy is telling you that it wants to squirt,” I said whilst amping up the vibration. “Put it in and let it happen”.

I watched intensely as the soft pink exterior disappeared into Monika’s slit. The vibration sound was muffled by her meaty pussy. In seconds, a primal roar reverberated around the room.

Monika’s slutty thighs were decorated with a gush of hot squirt. The air filled with the slightly sweet scent of female ejaculate. After snapping photos, I lunged in to lap up her divine mess.

Meaty pussy forced to squirt in full HD

Monika slumped against the wall with her eyes rolling. But in true Goonette fashion, she mindlessly slipped the toy inside again. This time, I wanted to control her orgasm.

Picking up the remote control, I sent vibrations of ecstasy through Monika’s pussy. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

It was the hotel reception. Our orgasmic screams had caused another complaint. As Monika apologized to the hotel staff, we triggered the toy again from the other side of the room. Sorry!

An hour or so later, the room was filled with the scent of squirt, sex, and raw lust. Towels and bedding were soaked and our bodies were quivering in the wake of the Butterfly’s power.

Both of us had been forced to squirt by a sex toy no bigger than my hand. But oh my, the mess was certainly worth it!

Can Guys Use The Bombex Butterfly Vibe?

Aw, you wanna squirt with us girls? Of course, you can! There are a few kinky ways guys can use the toy.

Rather than sliding into a pussy, you can use it to stimulate your G-spot inside your butt. This pink beast has the ability to make you cum hands-free, so be warned!

Instead of using the sucking function on a clit, you can use it on your nipple, cock gland or balls. Bonus points if the other end of the toy is inside your partner at the same time!

What Are The Orgasms Like?

I say orgasms and not orgasm because this is a toy that you won’t be able to put down. I stopped counting how many times I came after the 9th orgasm. It’s seriously addictive.

Bombex’s toy is made with a super soft material that ensures a gentle entry and a high level of comfort throughout. The clitoris sucker is firm but fair, even for the most sensitive of clits.

The orgasm itself is a two-pronged revolution of sexual ecstasy. Your clit is hungrily sucked on as your G-spot is tenderly aroused. It usually takes me a few minutes, but I came in seconds.

“An hour or so later, the room was filled with the scent of squirt, sex, and raw lust. Towels and bedding were soaked and our bodies were quivering in the wake of the Butterfly’s power.”

I’m usually in control when I cum, but not here. Never have I felt such concentrated attention to my G-spot. Combined with my clit being sucked? I felt like the toy possessed my pussy.

My slit erupted in squirts, my legs flew in different directions, and I made sounds I never knew I could make. In summary? A proper orgasm!

Top Tips For Using This Sex Toy

It might look simple to use, but no in-depth field report of such a worthy sex toy is complete with some tried and tested pieces of advice!

  • If you don’t squirt or get sloppy, the intensity of this toy will change that. So put a towel down! Thankfully, it’s amazingly easy to clean afterwards.
  • It can be addictive, but take a break! I overused this toy for the entire charge and my pussy was pulsating for hours. So interchange your play and spread out your orgasms.
  • The remote control for your partner to use looks tempting, but give it some practice runs at home before outdoor fun. Don’t underestimate this toy’s ability to make you squirt!
  • Don’t just use it in bed! Its 100% waterproof technology means you can use it in the bath, shower, or a private swimming pool!

Is The Butterfly Worth Buying?

If you want to experience a double-pronged orgasmic experience that can open the flood gates into a world of squirting female ejaculate, the Bombex Butterfly Vibe can achieve it for you.

Both I and Monika are hardened whores and there aren’t a lot of toys, tactics, and sex positions that our pussies haven’t tried and tested. This toy took both of us by surprise.

No matter how many times we came, we were forced to squirt due to the explosive combination of G-spot arousal and clitoral sucking. In a word? Immense!

For a toy with this much orgasmic ability, it’s only a mere $59.99 when bought through the official Bombex site.

This can get pricier if you ruin your bedding with buckets of squirt, so put a towel down! In summary, girls, if you buy just one sex toy this year, make it this one!

We Want to Play With Your Toys!

I and my friends love to cum in as many creative ways as possible. No sex toy has truly been put to the test until it’s faced the pussies of proud whores, harlots, and jezebels.

Have a sex toy you want us to field test? Check out our range of review opportunities here and reinforce your brand with an in-depth review like no other!


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