Levett Butt Plug Review: The Push Dagger of Anal Pleasure?

It may be shaped like a lethal push dagger, but this meaty butt plug from Levett sex toys brings pleasure, not pain. Today, I review it internally (literally!)

Levett (Let’s Explore loVe and Enjoy Toys Together) is a joint US and Hong Kong sex toy venture which has been around since 2010.

Their website doesn’t have that many toys, but what they do have, they do well! Just take their rather notorious vibrator called Itouch. with four pleasure-hunting motors inside.

The Itouch was tested on 20 people. 18 of them ended up cumming in under 2 minutes. This makes me really wanna meet the remaining two, just for the challenge!

Knowing my history as an anal Queen with a hard tolerance for brutal ass fucking, Levett was kind enough to send one of their latest butt plugs for me to try.

My darlings, this thing put me to the test… Read on to find out why!

Hands-On With Anal Push Dagger!

The build struck me first when I took this jet-black butt plug out of the box. This isn’t the Porsche of butt plugs, but rather the Humvee!

It’s chunky, heavy, and almost like a weapon when you grip it with the two curved handles at the bottom. So, burglars who value their ass as it is, beware! As this is in my bedside drawer!

The uniquely shaped butt plug almost resembles a push dagger design, which is handy for pushing deep into your ass.

Better still, the tip is formed in a drill bit style to catch the lube and allow for better penetration into your hole. Something you will undoubtedly appreciate if you’re a little tight down there!

The set-up of the toy is really easy. From its discreet packaging, you just have to slip batteries into the bullet-shaped vibrator stick that then slides inside the plug, and you’re good to go!

My schedule was pretty hectic this week, so I wore my butt plug in one of the most appropriate places: at work.

But let me tell you, even for a veteran asshole like mine, this beast wasn’t easy to get in at first. I had to squat in the lady’s toilets, control my breathing, and add ample lube to slide it in.

It feels meaty, and it is! When my hungry hole sucked on it like a pacifier, I felt the push-dagger style handles kiss my butt cheeks to signal it was fully inside.

With a slight press of the button, the plug kicked into action. But rather than the standard vibration I’m often used to, I was pleasantly surprised that it was more of a directional pulse.

“When I slipped off to the toilet, I was thankful that my panties had caught most of the blast. But I didn’t have any others to slip into, so I returned to my desk with my bare pussy under my skirt.”

Walking back to my desk, my sloppy hole muffled the sound of the butt plug, and I could feel the pulsing vibrations pounding through my slit and right up into my stomach.

Discreetly back at my desk, I slipped into my headphones to listen to some of my favourite Porn PMVs. But little did I know that Levett’s plug has a slightly delayed effect.

With this toy, you can relax and put your mind at ease, as the push-dagger design ensures it won’t accidentally slip into your asshole completely. (as some other designs do!)

But this means you can also underestimate it, as I did, and not sense the impending orgasm it’ll bring.

Just as an Angela White dirty talk sequence dropped in the Porn PMV soundtrack I was listening to; I felt the toy hammering my clit at just the right (wrong?) moment.

Oh, fuck, no! I thought. I tried to rush to the toilet, but it was too late. I gritted my teeth and covered my face, feeling the gush pour through my panties.

“Are you ok, babe?” a colleague asked. I discreetly mouthed “period pains” in response.

When I slipped off to the toilet, I was thankful that my panties had caught most of the blast. But I didn’t have any others to slip into, so I returned to my desk with my bare pussy under my skirt.

And no, the plug wasn’t in. It was safely back in its black velvet bag. But when I got him, I wasn’t finished. It was a trusty sidekick to the anal porn marathon I indulged in all night!

What I Liked

Yep, it made my slit a sloppy mess. But, to be fair, that isn’t hard to do. But let’s get into specifics. This is what really ticked the boxes for me about this Levett anal toy.

Once It’s In, It’s In!

I adore butt plugs, but one thing can ruin the experience for me: A poorly-designed anal plug that can accidentally slide in too deep during rigorous sex.

From awkward sitting positions to many movements in gangbangs, I’ve had it happen to me more than once over the years. It’s scary and certainly a mood killer.

This butt plug from Levett doesn’t have that issue, thanks to the push-dagger design. It’s almost like a grappling hook for your ass and ensures only the best parts go inside you.

Equally, it’s easy to remove by lightly gripping the handles and sliding the toy out. Superior to other designs that are fiddly to remove with wet fingers and risk scratches, etc.

It’s Quiet

I love the noise related to sex, but few things make the hum of a vibrator erotic for me.

So I was glad to find this toy was whisper quiet once inside my butt, allowing me to wear it at work or in other public places.

10 Types of Vibrations

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s equally vital to make yourself cum hard through your ass. This chunky butt plug has ten different vibrations to give your ass an adventure like no other!

What I Didn’t Like

Although this butt plug did give my hole what it deserved and made me cum at work, nothing is perfect, and, of course, I say it how it is. So here’s what I didn’t like about the toy.

It’s Too Easy The Vibration Button By Mistake

When adjusting the butt plug or thrusting it in and out of myself for fun, I found it was easy to accidentally press the vibration button that sticks out and change the vibration pattern.

Not great when a particular vibe has you on the cusp of orgasm. A remote control for the vibrator would be great, but unfortunately…

The Toy Doesn’t Come With a Remote Control

One of the beautiful things about butt plugs is that they’re increasingly remote-controlled, meaning I can wreck a man’s ass from afar in public or have an FWB do the same to me.

Sadly, the Levett butt plug doesn’t come with a remote control. But with a price tag of around $30, what can you expect?

Top Tips For Use

Ok, so that’s the hands-on review. If you intend to add this meaty anal toy to your collection, here are some of my top tips for using it.

Go Slow!

This naughty little toy packs a punch and is bigger than it looks. Don’t rush yourself when inserting it. Add a lot of lube and take it nice and slow.

Don’t Underestimate It

I get it; it’s tempting to ramp a butt plug vibrator up to the highest level and go for glory. But take your time; each vibration on the toy is fun in its own way, so gently explore them all slowly.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

This anal plug is suitable for all genders. For guys, it’s ideally designed to hammer your prostate for some truly intense orgasms.

For girls, it’s ideal for the size queens amongst you seeking a powerful anal orgasm that rocks your ass all the way through to your clit.

It has a run time of two hours on one small battery. So, if your butt can take that much pleasure, wear this little beast out!

What’s The Verdict on the Push Dagger of Anal Pleasure?

Overall, Levett has come up with a tough, robust, and diverse anal toy that has the staying power to bring you to shuddering orgasms again and again.

It only costs around $30 and is an affordable but mighty addition to any anal toy collection for all genders to enjoy. To get your horny hands on one, visit the official Levett store!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored sex toy review paid for by one of our sponsorship partners. To inquire about our range of sponsored post opportunities, see what’s on offer here.


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