LoveHomePorn Review: Is Happiness Homemade?

The student slut looked stunned as her Sugar Daddy came on her. There was no flashy set or expensive effects; this was pure amateur home porn from LoveHomePorn.

You see, as much as I adore the big-budget, mind-melting smut of mainstream Porn, the world of amateur homemade smut equally makes my slit throb.

It’s just that raw sexual energy that comes with it. I feel like a perverted voyeur with a fly-on-the-wall view into the most intimate parts of life for people worldwide.

Recently, I was asked to review one of the major homemade Porn tubes online, LoveHomePorn. Today, after a few days of “research” with four fingers stuffed in my pussy, I want to share my findings with you.

What Is LoveHomePorn?

To put it simply, LoveHomePorn is a tube site dedicated to real, user-submitted amateur porn made at home. But take my word for it; it’s much more than that!

Like you and me, the team behind LoveHomePorn are Porn fanatics who have been absorbing as much smut as they can for years. So, they certainly know their shit when it comes to Porn!

“Then, you calmly wipe their jizz or pussy juices from your face and say something like, “Oh, that? I learned that from a Dominatrix in Siberia or an escort in Medellin!”

But not just any Porn; their niche is on the best homemade Porn! They’ve seen the absolute filth and debauchery that goes on in bedrooms worldwide, and they want you to see it, too!

This has resulted in a streamlined Porn tube that is jam-packed with over 82,500 amateur Porn videos and over 11,300 erotic photo albums of sluts and studs from across the globe.

My Favourite Features About LoveHomePorn

Now, let’s look into the things about LoveHomePorn that really made my labia start throbbing. This isn’t a bog-standard Porn tube site. In fact, it’s an example of how Porn tubes should be!

An Unrivalled Glimpse Into International Sex

I love travelling the world. I adore sampling new cultures. I also thrive on stuffing said culture down my throat and deep into my most intimate parts in the shape of local dicks and tongues.

Yep, the reason behind my love of travel is my penchant for sampling sex scenes around the world. But in 2020, I had to do so from home. Luckily, sites like LoveHomePorn had my back.

Within five minutes of browsing this Porn tube site, I’d been given an unrivalled insight into the world of international sex by virtually getting inside the bedrooms of various sluts, studs, and couples worldwide, such as:

  • A 20-year-old Russian university slut dropping to her knees for a Sugar Daddy old enough to be her grandfather. She put her throat to work, took his mature cum in her fresh pussy, and received a shower of Rubles as a reward.
  • An Asian wife (who looked scarily like Asa Akira) going to town on her Western husband’s cock with some incredibly erotic eye contact throughout until she’s sprayed with jets of cum.
  • A cheating blonde MILF riding a guy half her age until he pumps his fertile seed deep into her meaty pussy before dressing and getting out of there before her husband comes home.

From Asia to America and Europe to Australia, this is like a birds-eye view into the kinky debauchery the world gets up to inside their bedrooms.

It’s Educational!

For me, all Porn is educational, but homemade amateur material is a cut above. I mean, let’s be honest, mainstream Porn productions are designed as fantasy pieces, not to reflect real sex.

But this homemade amateur stuff is the real deal. Watch how Thai women make their men cum, see the secrets that Russian MILFs have to make men worship at their feet, and watch how Latina whores ride cocks like they’re riding a Kawasaki.

If you want to see how real sex looks, and learn a thing or two from horny international couples along the way, then this is the place to do it.

Plus, it sounds cool when your partner asks in a post-orgasm daze, “Wh… where did you learn how to do that?”

Then, you calmly wipe their jizz or pussy juices from your face and say something like, “Oh, that? I learned that from a Dominatrix in Siberia or an escort in Medellin!”

No Pain In The Ass Ads! (But Don’t Worry, There Is Painal!)

If there’s one thing I despise about Porn tubes, it’s flashy, in-your-face ads that ruin the entire experience in an attempt to make money from users.

No, I don’t want to know how to “make my dick bigger overnight” because I have a twat between my legs. Offer me a discount on a pussy pump, and now we’re talking!

I get it, you need to make money to fund the site, but there are better ways to do it than that, guys! Thankfully, LoveHomePorn doesn’t have that problem.

It’s free of annoying ads, although there’s a free and premium version of viewing the site, and you can watch videos uninterrupted by ads.

Although to be clear, there aren’t pain-in-the-ass ads, but there is a fair amount of painal!

A Solid Filter System To Find The Homemade Action You’re Looking For

LoveHomePorn claims to be home to more than 82,500 amateur Porn videos. That’s, well, quite a fuckin’ lot.

If you’re looking for a Ukrainian MILF who likes to fist her own ass in the comfort of her bedroom whilst countless people watch online, you don’t wanna be sifting through hundreds of videos of Asian women getting their pussy eaten out to find it. Do you?

Thankfully, you don’t have to. LoveHomePorn has a pretty nifty filter system that lets you narrow down your search from squirting brunette MILF in stockings to homemade interracial creampie.

So, Is Happiness Homemade?

Well, yes and no. LoveHomePorn runs flawlessly as a Porn tube site and is a breath of fresh air compared to the spammy and difficult-to-navigate sites that are becoming more common.

But there’s a catch. LoveHomePorn has a free and premium options available. You can only watch five highly quality homemade Porn videos with the free version.

If you can’t make yourself cum in that time, you’ll have to consider upgrading to the premium version. This wasn’t an issue for me, as it’s a small price to pay for great amateur Porn.

But bear it in mind before you get deep into a masturbation session on here, only to get stopped in your tracks by a membership wall.


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