The Naughty “BMW” of Male Prostate Masturbators?

As I picked up two pints of Guinness at the bar, I turned around to see Catherine pointing a car fob-like tool at me.

The anal vibrations that came from what I’d later call the “BMW” of Male Prostate Masturbators nearly made me spill our drinks. This is the filthy review.

When Catherine recruited me to test out one of the male sex toys sent to her by Hong Kong-based sex toy company Levett, I had no idea what I was signing up for.

My Experience With The BMW of Male Prostate Masturbators

“What a fucking beast!” Catherine shouted excitedly, sitting on her knees in the living room, “you sure your ass can take this? Maybe I should open you up with my strapon first?”

She wasn’t exaggerating. This was no ordinary male prostate masturbator. It was thick, heavy, and looked mean and alpha male in its jet-black rubberized coating.

It’s fair to say I’m pretty tight anally. But this toy is well-designed for all holes. The penetrative aspect is anal bead-like in design, meaning you can insert it gradually until it’s all the way in.

Once it’s deep inside you, the second part of the prostate masturbator acts almost like a suction cup between your balls and your ass. But that’s not all.

“As the Levett toy wound down and my balls continued to empty, Catherine placed her high heels against my thighs to smear my jeans into the cum dribbling down my thighs.”

Catherine whipped out the car fob-style Bluetooth remote with sexually demented enthusiasm and kicked the anal toy into action. This little beast works in two ways:

  • The lower part is embedded with friction stripes that vibrate your balls and probe at your perineum.
  • The inner part vibrates, spins 360 degrees and gently thrusts into your prostate just like your partner’s finger, but better!

Together, the toy works in tandem to deliver a mind-blowing prostate orgasm, and yes, it can make a man cum hands-free.

As soon as it was inside me, Catherine took me to a bar near her place to test out how I could withstand the toy in public or if it would break me. Needless to say, it did.

From almost dropping our drinks to eventually resting my face in my hands and dribbling spunk down my legs whilst sitting at the table, Catherine explored every function on the remote control until my body couldn’t take it anymore.

As the Levett toy wound down and my balls continued to empty, Catherine placed her high heels against my thighs to smear my jeans into the cum dribbling down my thighs.

The toy had truly loosened me up and gave me a prostate orgasm I felt all the way through my stomach. It was the perfect prep for what Catherine had planned for my ass back at her place.

But that’s another story for another day…

Top Tips For Using

Ok, this is no ordinary prostate masturbator. So, to get the full effect of the toy, here are my top tips for using it.

  • Don’t use a butt plug before it; best inside a tight hole – If you look at this toy and think you need to loosen up beforehand, don’t. The design makes it easy to insert into any sized hole. If you stretch yourself out beforehand, it won’t have the same effect on your prostate.
  • It’s very intense. Work your way up slowly – The first time I used the toy, we got over-excited and ramped it up to the highest level. This was way too intense after a few minutes and left an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. Like any sex toy, especially one with this much power, take it easy and start slow. Don’t underestimate its power.

What I Liked About The Toy

Ok, now I’m wiping the cum off my leg from the explosive orgasm the toy brought about; it’s time to highlight what I liked most about this Male Prostate Masturbator from Levett.

  • Easy To Change The Vibration And Motion Patterns – The car fob style remote that made us nickname it “The BMW of Male Prostate Masturbators” is super simple to use and discreet. There are two easy buttons to control the inner and outer sections of the toy.
  • Meaty Design With a Lot of Power Inside – There’s no denying that this toy is built to last and feels quality in hand. The power of this anal masturbator is not to be underestimated either.
  • Design Catches Stray Lube, So There’s No Spillage – When I’m sitting at my office chair watching porn or writing about smut, and I want to ride a male masturbator, the cleanup at the end is often a nightmare. But with this toy, it’s not an issue. The exterior part is almost bowl-shaped and perfect for neatly catching any stray lube leaking. Nice!

What I Didn’t Like

Of course, I like to keep things transparent, so it’s only right I point out some things that I didn’t particularly enjoy about the toy.

  • The heating system doesn’t work well with lube – The toy has a heat function that really does wonders on your prostate. However, I found this dried the lube out quickly, and I had to keep reapplying it in the bathroom. This is fine when playing at home, but not in public.
  • Remote controlled but quite loud, not 100% discreet in public – The toy is branded as “whisper quiet”, but it’s still quite loud. It’s fine if you’re in the street, a crowded bar, or a busy restaurant. But don’t take whisper quiet literally and wear it somewhere like a library.

In Summary, Is It For You?

Overall? A solid and reliable anal toy for men that can bring some mind-blowing prostate orgasms. Just take it slow and beware of using it with notorious whores in public, as I did.

If you’re uncomfortable with your sexuality and struggle with the idea of a prostate orgasm, life is too short for a start. But secondly, this toy is a seriously masculine way to do it.

It kind of reminds me of the exterior of a steal fighter jet, and with the way those anal orgasms crept up on me, it behaves like one too.

Its price tag is relatively low for this toy’s build quality and anal power. Through the official Levett store, you can pick one up for around $75 or less when it’s on offer.

Disclaimer: This auto blowjob toy review is a sponsored sex toy review paid for by one of our sponsors and may feature affiliate links. This means that I can receive a small commission for any purchases made at no extra cost to you. Click here to see our sponsored post options.


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