Is This Rubber Duck Sex Toy From Funzze Ideal For Bathtime Fun?

I have a sex toy collection bordering on obsessive. Actually, what the fuck am I talking about? I am obsessed!

But even for a sex toy connoisseur like me, it’s hard to keep up with the fast-paced industry, and the latest inventions various sex toy manufacturers are coming up with that range from rubber duck sex toys to scarily realistic sex dolls.

These days, some of the most orgasm-inducing tools on the market don’t even look like sex toys, and while I do adore a classic dildo or a glass butt plug, I do have a penchant for aesthetic and creative sex toys that look like something completely different.

Recently, I was invited by the well-known sex toy company Funzze to try out their innovative rubber duck sex toy called the Honey Ducky II.

Things got, well, kind of messy…

My Bathtime Experience With the Rubber Duck Sex Toy

Sliding into my bathtub with porn playing on a large TV screen on the wall, I cleaned the toy and sent it to the depths of the bathwater like a U-boat with a mission to destroy my pussy.

Naturally, I opted for a pussy licking escapade to match the theme of this toy and chose a Sandra Romain Femdom escapade that saw her sub’s tongue pushed to the brink of destruction as he’s forced to eat her divine pussy until he begs her to stop.

Taking things slowly, I opted for the licking action to kick things off. Oh, fuck me, this little ducky can suck! An orange pair of lips forms a suction cup around your clit and engorges it so the robotic tongue can lick every part of it.

I have to say, my pussy was sensitive when testing the toy out after a prolonged masturbation session the day before. Luckily, the Honey Ducky II has fourteen different modes of sucking and licking combined, so I was able to work my way up through the power settings without overwhelming my slit.

Within the space of a few minutes, my bathwater had turned slightly golden (and a lot sweeter) as this rubber duck sex toy caused my slit to erupt in squirt deep underwater.

The suction was so powerful that I struggled to remove the toy from my clit in time, resulting in a second powerful orgasm to tear through my quivering twat. Hey, I’m not complaining!

After my debauched bathtime session and many orgasms later, I decided to call up one of my female Goonette friends (the infamous Nicole) so that she could test the toy out too.

“Nicole’s squirt spraying on my pussy sent me into overdrive, and I ended up gushing all over the now sex-weary toy that was now sticky in our combined juices.”

Together, we came up with a naughty idea. After spreading our legs and placing our pussies within millimetres of each other, we tactfully placed the Honey Ducky II between our legs and shared its dual functions between our clits.

I and Nicole made a bet; whoever came first from the rubber duck sex toy had to lick up the mess of the other.

Well, I won, but it didn’t matter. Nicole’s squirt spraying on my pussy sent me into overdrive, and I ended up gushing all over the now sex-weary toy that was now sticky in our combined juices.

The Honey Ducky II had served us well, and I placed it back onto its magnetic USB charging base for a well-earned rest as I and Nicole poured a post-orgasm wine and watched the remains of our juices slide down its rubberized yellow exterior.

What Did I Like About the Honey Ducky II?

Firstly, the toy is incredibly discreet. You’d only know that this is a sex toy when inspecting it closely and in-depth. Otherwise, it looks like a generic bathroom accessory meaning it’s great for travel and won’t trigger any unwanted questions from guests who see it in your house.

Handling the toy is a breeze, and it’s perfectly shaped for a woman’s hand, meaning it’s a breeze to flip it around on your clit with one hand and alternate between sucking and licking.

It’s also ideal for one-handed use, and the duck’s neck is ideal for wrapping your fingers around for a solid grip as you play with your pussy and ass with a different sex toy.

The position of each feature of the toy also means it doesn’t get in the way of your hole, either, and it’s best when facing towards your tummy rather than hanging down over your pussy.

The convenient design of the toy also means it can be left close to hand in the bathroom, rather than you having to go and fetch it from the bedroom every time. As it’s completely waterproof, you can also wash it in the bathroom too.

What I Didn’t Like About This Clit-Sucking Toy

It has to be said that, when not using it underwater, the sucking feature on this toy can be pretty loud. I mean, it’s fine if you’re home alone, but it’s not ideal for discreet play. Then again, it’ll make you cum so hard that your screams will likely drown out the noise.

Top Tips For Using This Funzze Sex Toy

I’d suggest starting off using the suction feature on the toy, to begin with. This way, your clit will become larger, and it’ll perfectly pave the way for the tongue action to pound your engorged pleasure button!

Also, it’s a rubber duck sex toy. So, as I did, I highly recommend this toy for the bath or shower. Not just because it’s very fitting but also because it has a tendency to make things pretty wet, so playing with this toy in the bathroom is the ideal place to have fun!

It might be a tight squeeze, but you can also use this toy with a female partner if you’re flexible enough. I particularly enjoyed having my clit licked as my female fuck buddy scissored me and let the rubber duck sex toy suck hungrily on hers.

Don’t be confined to just the toy, either. It’s compact enough to be used with other penetrative toys to achieve a particularly powerful orgasm!

Should You Consider this Rubber Duck Sex Toy?

Overall, Funzze has knocked it out of the park with this toy. It not only boasts a sleek, fun, and aesthetic design on the surface, but it also achieves its mission on the orgasm front.

It might look like a cute and innocent bath toy, but the Honey Ducky II has the power to turn your pussy into a gurgling mess of pleasure.

At the time of writing, it’s a bargain at only $42.99 when bought through the official Funzze website, and it is a toy I’m sure all female orgasm addicts will enjoy!


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