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I Met Catherine For Virtual Reality Sex in a Soviet Apartment

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The following tale is told from the perspective of one of my Gooner followers who recently had the chance to meet me, in a way. It is told exactly as it happened, but it is not something I advise others to do. In other words, don’t try this at home, my darlings. Now, let’s begin.


I’ve been an avid follower of Catherine Duffy’s exploits since last year. Meeting the Queen of Whores in person felt like a wild fantasy that would never come true, especially in a place far from her homeland of Belfast.

I’m a married man in my early thirties, but I have been a blatant porn addict for as long as I can remember. My four years of marriage have seen my wife increasingly sink into the position of a Porn Widow, as my hand pussy and the high-milage pussy of proud whores are both immensely superior to her boring twat.

This summer, my sex-starved wife decided to surprise me with a surprise trip to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. After a few days of shopping and sightseeing, I was bored out of my mind.

When she told me she was going to a traditional thermal spa, I opted to hang out with a beer for a few hours. However, my plan was to browse my favourite hookup apps and see how many whores I could fuck before she got back. After all, Budapest is a hotbed of harlots!

What the actual fuck? I thought to myself when I saw the infamous pussy of Catherine Duffy appear on Adult Friend Finder. She was listed as being within a kilometre of me.

My heart raced, and my cynical mind told me it must be a fake profile. But when I clicked on it, there she was in all of her glory with verifications to match. Better yet, she was listed as available today.

The condensation grew on my beer as I focused on her profile and sent her a message telling her how big of a fan I was and how I’d do anything to meet her. When the three dots of her impending reply appeared, I could feel pre-cum dribbling from my dick.

This isn’t Catherine, But She is Here

The reply came through in broken English, telling me that it wasn’t Catherine writing the message but her female friend. Catherine was, however, right beside her.

I was told that Catherine was indulging in anonymous sex with men all day, and I was welcome to come over at an agreed time slot, but talking to her wouldn’t be possible, and everything would have to go through her female friend.

I chose the closest time slot and was given an address. No money was involved, but the woman I spoke to bluntly told me to bring cigarettes and a bottle of the local palinka moonshine.

Downing my beer, I set off to finally meet the Queen of Whores. The whole thing felt bizarre and risky, but it was the epitome of everything I’d read on Catherine’s website.

I felt high as I made my way there through the crowds of tourists and grinned to myself, knowing none of them knew the filthy destination that lay in store for me. Within twenty minutes, I was standing outside of a Communist-era apartment block and buzzed inside.

“Mommy wants you to ruin her shithole and cum in her bowels. Will you do that?”

Inside was worlds apart from the sun-kissed streets of Budapest in summer. The stairwell cutting through the apartment block like an artery was dark, dingy, and dodgy. There were moments when I felt I was being set up for a robbery, but I thought with my dick and carried on.

Using my phone as a torch, I finally reached apartment 18 and rang the doorbell with my hands rattling and a nervous lump in my throat. I felt my fingers slightly stick to the grimy bell before the snap of high heels approached from behind, and the door opened with a creak.

Meeting Linda, a Veteran Whore

In front of me wasn’t Catherine. It was one of the most haggard-looking whores I think I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Her name was Linda, and she must have been in her early sixties.

Linda looked like a 1980s throwback and was dressed like a brothel slut with various tattoos, both professional and prison-style, covering her aged skin. From Playboy bunnies to naked women, they looked like medals from a career in the sex industry.

Linda aggressively ushered me in with a hushed voice and a hard-bitten face that gave a “what the fuck are you waiting for?” vibe. Inside, the apartment was dated, damp, and musty. Not much modernization had been done since the Communist era.

Linda snatched the cigarettes and palinka out of my hands without so much as a thank you and tore open the packet with her long nails, sparked a smoke and offered me one. I declined, and she shrugged her shoulders and led me down the corridor to the apartment’s bedroom.

As Linda walked in front, she scratched her tattooed ass, causing her black g-string to jerk aside and revealing a puffy, prolapsed asshole to peek out from around her lingerie. Approaching the door, the muffled sound of hardcore porn was growing ever louder.

Inside, the dimly lit bedroom consisted of nothing more than an armchair, a table strewn with various sex toys, lube, and bondage equipment, a large TV playing hardcore European porn, and a mattress in the middle of the room.

The smell inside was hard to describe. It reminded me of the sleazy brothels I’d been in whilst in South East Asia. It was a mixture of expensive perfume, cheap sex, and stale cum.

Catherine was lying on the mattress, restrained with the bondage ropes that go underneath a mattress and use a person’s body weight to hold them down. I recognized her blonde hair, toned body, and meaty mess of a mangled pussy immediately, and she was sleazier than I had ever imagined.

However, Catherine wasn’t looking at me; she didn’t even know I’d entered the room. Her eyes were encased in a virtual reality sex headset, and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones covered her ears. She was watching the same porn playing on the TV next to her and was bucking her hips in the air and groaning wildly.

Linda took a seat on the chair next to Catherine and beckoned me to hurry the fuck up. I didn’t expect my meeting with Catherine to be like this, but I was in a porn-crazed state and wasted no time in getting undressed and approaching the Queen.

Catherine jumped when I touched her but then smirked and flicked her tongue. I locked lips with her and kissed her deeply as she moaned and groaned through the sloppy introduction. Then, sticking her tongue out as far as it would go, I looked down at her throat, which had swallowed up more dicks than I could ever imagine.

Thinking on my feet, I spat in her open mouth, and she promptly swallowed it and gritted her teeth in lustful rage. Her hips were bucking wildly, and then, I finally heard her speak.

“Nnnnggghhh, fuck… Fuck me, please!” Catherine grunted in her thick Belfast accent, “I’m begging you, fuck that cheap cunt, baby! Do what you want to it!”

Sliding down her greasy, oiled-up body, I sucked on her gorgeously erect nipples until I reached the high-milage pussy that lay between her legs. After reading about it for so long, staring into the abyss of this corrupted cunt felt like meeting an infamous celebrity.

Holding her bucking hips down with my forearm on her smooth stomach, I buried my face in Catherine’s meaty twat. It’s hard to explain what it felt like, but if you’ve ever eaten a Donner kebab whilst drunk, it felt like that. It felt like I could almost get lost in her seemingly never-ending labia.

Sensations aside, the overwhelming feeling of tasting this divine cunt almost made me feel high. People say pussy is pussy, but there aren’t many as infamous as this. It’s truly a pussy with a few stories to tell and has played a crucial part in spreading the joys of pornosexuality worldwide.

However, Catherine’s pussy did have a surprise in store that I really wasn’t prepared for. I was too far in the zone to realize that my mouth was suddenly filling up with a new and foreign liquid. Then, I tasted it. It was the unmistakable taste of cum.

You’re Not The First One Here, Baby…

I pulled back in shock. In the height of a Gooning session, I’ve tasted my own precum like anybody else. But I naively thought I was the first person to attend this perverted virtual reality sex session. Sensing my repulsion, Catherine sadistically cackled loudly.

Looking down at her pussy, I could see a mixture of my spit and another guy’s cum leaking from her lips and all over the mattress below. Then, I heard Linda speak for the first time.

“You’re not the first one here, baby,” she said with a grin pock-marked with gold teeth and some missing ones, “more men are coming soon, so fuck her or leave. Your choice!”

It’s fair to say I got over my initial repulsion pretty fast and was soon aiming my throbbing dick at Catherine’s leaking slit. Usually, I’ll spit on my dick before driving it home, but there was no need here. Catherine was gaping and filled with stale spunk.

She gasped as I drove my cock into her womb, and I could feel the creampies already inside her begin to leak out upon entry. There was far more than just one load inside of this infamous whore. I couldn’t help but moan involuntarily as her notorious cunt wrapped around my cock like an alien life form.

It was, quite honestly, unlike any other cunt I’ve ever been inside. It made my wife’s twat feel like plastic in comparison, and I had to take a breather to settle in before fucking her. Well, that was until Catherine started babbling porn drunk filth from her virtual reality universe.

“Fuck me like you hate me,” she grunted through her spit-soaked lips, “make me regret ever doing this. Breed that cheap fuckhole and use it like a Fleshlight!”

Breeding the Queen of Whores

I’ve fucked a lot of cheap and easy pussy in my life, but never have I put so much force and power into a cunt as I did to Catherine’s that day. Gripping her soft blonde hair for leverage, I used her like a cheap Fleshlight I’d been told to destroy.

Her skinny legs flailed wildly in their bondage restraints, and she wailed like the sleaziest whore in the world.

Next to us, Linda had pulled her cum-stained G-string aside and was playing with her tattooed pussy to the sight of us fucking. My eyes flicked between Catherine’s oiled-up tits and Linda’s GILF twat. My senses were completely overwhelmed.

With one hand on her pussy, Linda reached for a small remote control to her left and flicked the switch to trigger a sex toy lodged deep inside Catherine’s asshole. I could feel the hum of the toy bursting through her vaginal wall and pulsing through my cock, energizing me to fuck her harder.

Catherine’s moans grew louder and wilder as she neared orgasm. The toy had no mercy for her cunt, and I quickly began to feel her pussy fill with hot fluid as she involuntarily began to gush. Now, most guys would pull out for this and give a woman’s pussy a break and admire the spray of the divine liquid laying deep inside a cunt. But not me.

I simply powered through her toy-induced orgasm and continued to ravage her pussy as she squealed helplessly and soaked the mattress with her squirt. As I slammed into her, I could feel her juices spraying up onto my lower stomach.

In the wake of her squirt, Catherine lay there, almost lifeless and quivering from the immense orgasm. Linda still hadn’t turned off the vibrator. Droplets of squirt leaked from my pubic hair-covered ballsack as I switched to long, slow strokes inside her dribbling fuck hole.

Suddenly, Linda lightly kicked me with one of her high heels and tapped her watch before nodding at the time. It was time for me to cum, apparently. However, as much as I like a harlot’s pussy, I do need some tightness for me to cum. Tight wasn’t a word I’d use to describe Catherine’s used-up cunt.

In the spur of the moment, I pulled my dick out and reached down to slide the Lovense vibrator out of Catherine’s asshole before replacing it with my dick as Catherine moaned at the surprise entry deep into her asshole.

Her prolapsed ring felt like a doughnut around the tip of my cock, and the intense heat inside her asshole felt immense. It was a superior experience to her pussy, and that’s saying something. Sticking my tongue down her throat, I began to enter the vinegar strokes to cum inside her.

“Are you gonna give mommy all of your cum, baby?” Catherine slurred whilst interrupting our kiss, “mommy wants you to ruin her shithole and cum in her bowels. Will you do that?”

I upped my speed and felt my dick begin to rumble. My balls dragged along a mess of men’s cum, sweat, and Catherine’s squirt as the sound of Linda’s fingers working into her wrecked cunt echoed through the room. I sprayed her debauched bowels with every drop of cum I had and moaned wildly.

Preparing for the Next Batch

I felt like I was going to pass out from the intensity of the orgasm, but a slap on my ass from Linda and a click of her fingers brought me back to reality. It was time to leave.

As I got dressed, I watched as Catherine lay there with a perverse grin on her face and semen leaking out of both holes. Meanwhile, Linda sprayed her naked body with expensive perfume and slid the Lovense vibrator back in her ass to get her ready for the next batch of guys who would be coming throughout the day.

I knew she couldn’t hear me, but I couldn’t end a meeting with the Queen of Whores without paying a tribute.

“Thank you, Catherine. It was a pleasure to meet to serve the Queen of Whores”, I said in a low, humble voice.

Then, just before I left, I bent down to kiss and lick her heel-heel-clad feet, making her jump at the unexpected touch. Her tensing up caused another small stream of cum to leak from her well-used twat. I knew she couldn’t hear anything I said, but I saw her smirking from feeling her feet being kissed.

“Good boy”, I heard her mutter as I walked towards the door. I blew her a kiss and left, passing a local Hungarian guy in his early fifties; I watched him call at the same apartment.

Have fun, I thought to myself.

Walking back to the hotel, my mind ran wild as I recollected what had just happened. Who was Linda, and how did she know Catherine? How did the two of them end up in such a perverted game? I would never find out the answer, but the mystery just made the experience more intense.

Stupid Fuckin’ Porn Widow

Back in the hotel room, I began playing some of my favourite porn on the large TV when my wife suddenly sent me a text that she was almost back. Fuck!

When she entered the room, it was hard to hide my throbbing cock behind my boxers as my wife told me about her boring day at the spa. When she asked what I’d done and why I was so sweaty, I just said I went for a run along the Danube.

Then, my timid wife gently reached for my cock and asked if she could suck it. Usually, I’d brush her off and go and watch porn, but rarely had I been given such a perverted opportunity as this.

“It’s not clean, babe. I haven’t had a shower since I got back”, I told her slyly.

She didn’t mind and began a mediocre blowjob whilst unwittingly sucking off the divine cunt slop that the Queen of Whores had coated my dick with, as well as the stale semen of her lovers.

Looking down at her sucking my filthy cock, I imagined what she’d say if she knew what sheer filth I’d been up to that afternoon. She was better connected to sleaze at that moment than she had been for her entire life, and she was completely none the wiser.

Stupid fuckin’ Porn Widow.

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