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Sasha Beart The Superslut: When You Should Stick Your Dick in Crazy!

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Sasha Beart denies her co-star’s pussy and instead makes her stick her tongue up her ass before asking the submissive whore below her where she wants her to shove the black dildo, “Pussy or ass?”

“In my pussy?’’ the sub squeals. “Ok, it’s going in your ass!” Sasha replied in a cock-drunk slur before ramming the sex toy deep into the porn slut’s bowels.

The porn industry sees countless wannabe sluts come and go. The kind of women who think they’re kinky, only to be shown what the true definition of the word means before being sent away with their tail between their legs.

Sometimes, however, there comes along a woman who is the definition of a dick-crazed whore. The kind of slut whose intense lust for the most hardcore forms of sex can intimidate even the most alpha of men deployed to fuck her. 

”The baseball bat in the ass was an excellent warm-up because she soon has two throbbing fuck sticks stuffed in her bowels at once while her meaty Russian cunt drips alone and neglected.”

I’ve always said that the eyes never lie. When you stare into the eyes of a whore, you’ll see a burning glow that cannot be bought or faked. Alongside mine, there are few places to see this better than in the eyes of Sasha Beart. 

When I first witnessed this genuinely wild slut intimidating a gang of hung men who had fucked some of the most elite holes in porn, I was in love. Her energy gave me strong vibes of Porn Queens gone by, like Kelly Stafford.

I then went down the rabbit hole to find out who this hypersexualized whore was. In turn, it unlocked a journey of pure filth, which I must share with my beloved readers.

My darlings, hold onto your cocks and cunts because it’s time to meet Sasha Beart.

Who is Sasha Beart?

On the 24th of September 1988, in the Russian land of frost-bitten Taigas, Lenin statues, and dark and foreboding history, Sasha Beart was born.

In 2021, this Russian harlot would go on to become a force of porn harder than a worker in a Soviet steel mill and made people’s jaws drop from her opening scenes.

Some pornstars begin their careers gently and start with softcore stuff and solo scenes. But Sasha was a nymphomaniac and proud of it. 

She dived into the perverted anal theme park of Giorgio Grandi, stripped naked to reveal a hypersexualized body covered in sleazy body art, and showed the world what her hardened Russian asshole was capable of. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because it’s in the next part of this Sasha Beart porn guide that will reveal some of her most passionate porn moments. Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Sasha Beart Porn Scenes Reserved For Sexually Hardened Gooners 

I’ve already covered Sasha Beart’s infamous debut scene, which saw her featured on eFukt in a video entitled ‘’Daddy’s Little Psychopath,’’ and you can read all about it here.

But if you think she has calmed down since her notorious scene, you’d be wrong. It’s now time to show you what this wild Russian whore has done since then.

Sasha Beart’s Asshole Gets the 5-on-1 Treatment at AnalVids 

The notorious AnalVids studio always knew how to put a whore’s asshole to the test, but they sure had a serious job on their hands when Sasha Beart appeared at their door. 

This scene goes from 0 to 100 really fuckin’ fast and sees Sasha Beart’s asshole warmed up with some intense fucking from a massive red dildo that she’s then made to suck clean.

But the dildo is nothing compared to the massive cocks of the five hung bulls, given the mission of taming this nympho. Sasha gives them the order of ‘’fucking hurt me!’’ and they oblige. 

These boys use her holes with zero regard for the next man to slide into her, and the scene becomes a true definition of ‘’trashing the fuckin’ rental.’’

Even with two massive fuck hammers stuffed in her Russian ass, it’s still not enough. Sasha demands to have her cunt fisted, and she is soon having her genitals pushed to the brink.

With her holes stuffed, Sasha looks to one of the hung black men on set and politely asks for him to rub her clit. He does as asked, but far too gently, and Sasha adds: ”No, fuckin’ hurt it; with your nails!”

A beaming smile spreads across her perverse face as she spreads her cheek and pushes out an anal rose, accidentally pissing herself as she does. But she’s far from finished.

The debauchery continues as each of the bulls succumbs to her lust, dumping load after load on her face, often while she is still having her blown-out ass wrecked further.

Once again, Sasha Beart proved her ability to defeat five Alpha men with her lust. The final scene of her red-eyed, cum-drenched, and staring at viewers with a smirk tells you one thing: she could do this shit ten times over if these men had the balls to go through with it. 

You can watch the entire thing on AnalVids here, if you’ve got the balls to handle it.

Sasha Goes Head to Head With Dredd’s Infamous BBC

Sasha Beart might be sexually intimidating, but it takes a serious whore to handle the mighty BBC of Dredd, and fans were eager to see how she’d cope in this long-awaited scene.

You might recall how Dredd’s BBC forced Coco Lovelock to tap out and quit, only for her to return, conquer it, and call her mom on set to tell her about it. You can read about it here.

But Sasha Beart didn’t tap out. In fact, she begs for it as Dredd warms her Russian hole up with his tongue. When presented with the biggest dicks in porn, Sasha goes into true nympho mode.

As this mighty black snake destroys her throat, her eyes roll to the back of her head with pure pleasure as a river of cheap spit drenches her bolt-on tits. The sounds are heavenly!

‘’I deserve it!’’ she moans as Dredd’s cock slides into her asshole, taking her breath away. When it’s caked in coagulated lube and butt musk, she hungrily sucks it clean like a true BBC whore. 

In cowgirl, Dredd doesn’t fuck around and goes balls-deep. The primal moans are sound barrier-breaking, and you can almost hear Sasha being pushed to the brink of her anal ability. Almost.

By the end of the scene, Sasha is shaking like a leaf from the force of the fucking her asshole has just undergone. Her makeup is ruined, her stockings are torn, and her asshole is blown out.

The rattling blowjob she gives at the end is divine as she sucks the taste of her bowels from Dredd’s divine BBC for her well-earned reward of interracial cum. It’s unmissable, and you can watch it here.

The Baseball Bat Anal Scene

In this scene, Sasha Beart was rocking a different look. Rather than her iconic raven hair, she had trimmed her locks short and dyed them trashy blonde.

Strolling up and down the set of AnalVids while dragging a baseball bat on the floor, you almost gulped at the thought of what would come. As always, the debauchery didn’t disappoint!

Sasha soon stuffs that baseball bat deep in her wanting ass and fucks her own brains out with the taboo sex toy before she is joined by a gang of hung men eager to replace it.

As her ass begins to get wrecked by man meat, Sasha Beart is made to suck the taste of her bowels off the baseball bat before her arms are wrapped around it in bondage for some impromptu BDSM.

The baseball bat in the ass was an excellent warm-up because she soon has two throbbing fuck sticks stuffed in her bowels at once while her meaty Russian cunt drips alone and neglected.

”As Sasha Beart shakes like a leaf and pushes her asshole out to show off the loads, she releases an involuntary squirt down her thighs to join the pool of cum and piss she’s lying in.”

As she’s dragged across the room, you wonder whether Sasha Beart will finally have her cunt destroyed. But when she’s handed a wine glass, you know what’s coming.

Each of these perverted men drench her in piss and fills the glass to the brim before she drinks it down whole while staring deep into the camera with demented eyes. 

As the anal carnage continues, Sasha Beart is picked up and given more double anal, yet her lust still finds time to suck the nipple of one of the men sucking her in a genuinely perverted fashion!

Just when you think it can’t get any more perverse, each of the men lines up to breed her asshole, and five collection loads of jizz are dumped deep into her bowels.

As Sasha Beart shakes like a leaf and pushes her asshole out to show off the loads, she releases an involuntary squirt down her thighs to join the pool of cum and piss she’s lying in.

Rather than waste the spunk, a cocktail glass is promptly thrown under her battered asshole to collect the jizz before Sasha Beart hungrily drinks it down. 

If you watch just one Sasha Beart porn scene today, make it this one. You can see the whole thing on the official AnalVids site, alongside many of her other debauched adventures.

What Makes Sasha Beart Such a Potent Porn Force?

Now, if it hasn’t already been made abundantly clear to you, it’s time for me to outline some of the cornerstones of Sasha’s nymphomania that have allowed her to become an infamous and borderline feared force of porn. 

  1. Her Unique Sexual Ferocity – The difference between porn models who act slutty for pay and those who draw upon their lust from deep within their soul is worlds apart, and Sasha Beart is firmly in the latter category. This is a vicious whore who was made for porn, and she isn’t afraid to go off script in her porn scenes and let her nymphomania guide her, often shocking everybody from her co-stars to the viewers in the process.
  2. It’s All In The Eyes, Motherfucker! – The eyes never lie. While there are plenty of good girls who like to think they’re slutty, Sasha Beart can stare into their soul and smell out a poser with ease. Sasha’s Russian nympho eyes sting like the kiss of a Siberian winter, and they have the power to intimidate even the most sexually hardened of kinksters.
  3. Her Permanent Devotion to Pornosexuality – I have a deep adoration for slutty tattoos that signal a lifelong devotion to sin and sleaze. I even wrote an entire article on it. From the words ‘’fuck me’’ across her knuckles to the infamous ‘’when I fuck I don’t give a fuck!’’ on her thighs and the ‘’insert here’’ arrow above her well-fucked asshole, Sasha Beart has drenched her pale Russian skin in permanent ink that marks her as a whore for life. 

Little Known Sasha Beart Porn Facts

When Sasha Beart’s rampant nymphomania burst onto our screens, countless people were eager to find out more about this mysterious Russian whore. 

While it’s not always easy to discover exciting porn facts about Sasha Beart, I went deeper than a Soviet secret police officer to uncover what her worshippers want to know. 

  • Sasha Beart is proudly pansexual, meaning she craves sex with any gender. She doesn’t give a fuck, she just wants her wanting holes filled!
  • While we all love to hear her whore moans on a porn flick, she also puts her vocal cords into action in other ways because Sasha Beart is also a passionate rapper!
  • Sasha Beart has also used her cunt and ass to promote world peace and often captions her content with ‘’Make love, not war!’’ 
  • Although she is proudly pansexual, she has declared that ‘’In my heart, there’s a special place reserved for trans girls’’ and adores worshiping TS dick until drunk with lust.
  • Following the war in Ukraine, it seems that Sasha Beart has relocated from Moscow to Los Angeles, where she has been welcomed by the porn community there.

What Does the Future Hold For Sasha Beart?

After you see what Sasha Beart has inked her body with, you quickly understand that this girl is in the world of debauchery for the long haul and will continue to be a potent porn force!

Nowadays, Sasha Beart’s career is going from strength to strength. She has a filthy OnlyFans, shoots extreme porn for kinky studios, and raps when she isn’t getting her brains fucked out. 

Sasha, your devotion to debauchery is astounding, and I admire your energy that reflects the extreme pornstars of days gone by. 

You’re an inspiration to the world of pornosexuality, and I wish you all of the best in your debauched journey. Slava Sasha Beart! And make sure you check her out on Twitter.

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