First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

Since publishing my first Gloryhole confession, I’ve been inundated with requests for advice on visiting one.

Many people are blissfully unaware that Gloryholes exist outside of urban rumours. The reality? There’s likely a Gloryhole near you, wherever you are. 

So, rather than answer the same questions, I wrote an extensive but easy-to-follow field guide to your first Gloryhole visit.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced newbie or a sexual veteran, I guarantee some solid advice on various aspects of this kink. So if you want advice on:

  • Understanding crucial Gloryhole etiquette 
  • How to prepare your body and mind for the best Gloryhole experience
  • What to bring and what to wear for your first Gloryhole visit
  • And, most importantly, how to find the best Gloryhole locations near you and keep it legal.

Then read on to explore an article packed with useful advice I’ve learned through trial and error through countless Gloryhole visits.

If there are still questions you feel are unanswered, drop a comment or get in touch with me and I’ll happily advise. Now, let’s get started!

10How to Find The Best Gloryhole Locations Near You

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

First off, one of the most important parts of this field guide is how to find Gloryhole locations near you!

From public toilets and sex cinemas to private homes, gay saunas, and swingers clubs, Gloryholes exist in many forms.

Finding one might seem daunting, but once you know where to look, it really isn’t.

Several online resources are dedicated to locating Gloryholes for kinksters.* ahem* you’re reading one!

And I also wrote an extensive guide to find them, which you can check out here: Is There a Glory Hole Near Me? 

Whether you want to worship cock at a gay Gloryhole or have your slutty holes filled at a bi-sex theatre, it’s important to find the right Gloryhole locations for your lusty needs.

However, if you plan on visiting public locations in malls, public bathrooms, or otherwise, you need to be aware of the law. This brings us to our next topic.

9Understand The Law If Visiting a Public Glory Hole 

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

The public glory hole is where this kink all began when it provided a place for anonymous sex, often between gay men when such behaviour was criminalized or frowned upon.

Despite abundant legal sex establishments with such kinky facilities, the public glory hole still persists.

Many people prefer the public glory hole due to the forbidden thrill they get from it. However, you must be aware of local laws if this is your thing.

You really don’t want your first Gloryhole visit to end up with you in (non-BDSM) cuffs. 

In addition, a public glory hole often doesn’t come with the same level of safety as those in staffed sex clubs, saunas, or porn cinemas.

You’re more likely to meet crazies or people who are very much against your public sex ambitions. So I highly recommend the latter type of legal, regulated locations if possible.

8Understand Gloryhole Etiquette

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

Decades of sex through the wall worldwide have led to a well-established and internationally known Gloryhole etiquette.

This can range from letting the person on the other side of the hole that you’re about to cum to demonstrating you want to be fucked, all without talking. Exciting, right?

I love learning new languages, but the silent language of Gloryhole etiquette has been the most fun.

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to etiquette for this type of sex, so rather than detract from this field guide, I have written a separate handy guide to Gloryhole etiquette!

7Put Together a Sex Kit Before Visting Local Glory Holes

One of the biggest rookie errors you can make when visiting local glory holes is not bringing a sex kit.

I have a sex kit for all types of kinks, sex establishments, and fetishes. The Gloryhole is no exception.

Whilst your kit will vary according to your kinks and desires, here is what I often pack in my little black bag:

  • Wet wipes, tissues, lube, and condoms.
  • Sex toys ranging from butt plugs to vibrators to use when being fucked.
  • Fetish clothing to put on when inside the booth.
  • Glasses without prescription lenses (more on that later). 

From cleaning up my cum stained body to dressing for the occasion and having the ability to have multiple orgasms, my sex kit has everything I need to leave a Gloryhole booth satisfied and suitable for public consumption when I leave.

So, always put one together and bring it when visiting local glory holes.

6Prepare Your Body For The Best Gloryhole Experience

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

My biggest pet peeve in a Gloryhole experience is people who don’t put effort into their hygiene.

Just because there’s a wall in the way doesn’t mean you should skip a shower before sex.

Before visiting one, groom yourself as if you were going on a date; otherwise, you’ll find yourself rejected by what could have been an epic casual sex partner.

Also, if you plan to have anal sex at a Gloryhole, prepare as you would any other time. Douche, shave, and douche again.

Don’t leave an unpleasant accident for the next kinksters who visit the booth; it’s not polite!

5Prepare Your Mind For Glory Hole Sex 

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

As well as preparing your body, preparing your mind for glory hole sex is equally important. Gloryhole porn is wonderful, but the reality can be much more intense.

Make sure this is something you really want. There might be a wall in the way but prepare for some very horny and anonymous people around you.

Being groped by strange hands through the wall is common and uninvited cocks appearing in front of you is to be expected. So make sure you’re prepared for this.

Most importantly, never feel you have to do anything. If you don’t want to play with a particular person, reject them. If you want to get up and leave, then do so.

If someone is doing something you don’t enjoy, don’t tolerate it. Everything about your first Gloryhole visit should be consensual. No exceptions.

4Dress Right For Gloryhole Fun

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

When I was first starting my journey into whoredom, I quickly discovered that particular outfits could be a major barrier to enjoying ultimate Gloryhole fun.

Visiting after work in my office wear was not a good idea. So I quickly learned how to dress right for Gloryhole fun through trial and error.

A Gloryhole booth can be spacious or cramped; if it’s the latter, you must dress appropriately. I often wear track pants which are easy to remove.

Unless I’m choosing to wear my favourite latex mini skirt, I’ll step naked or down to my lingerie. 

Once the booth door locks behind you, you’re in your own sordid territory. So feel free to wear what you like or nothing at all.

After all, why waste the feeling of raw sexual energy by being inhibited by your outfit?

3Like Facials? Consider Wearing Glasses For Your Gloryhole Visit

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

Remember when I mentioned having a pair of non-prescription glasses in my sex kit for every Gloryhole visit? Let me explain.

Now, I love cum. I love it in all of my holes and can’t get enough. But in my eyes? It’s an absolute no-no.

It hurts like hell and leaves me red-eyed for days. So, instead of the rather unsexy safety glasses, I opt for a pair of glasses with clear lenses.

Alongside the bonus of looking like a slutty secretary or a nerd whore, they provide me with the perfect protection for jets of cum hitting my Irish eyes.

Unless you like the feeling of cum in the eye during your Gloryhole facial, I highly recommend buying a cheap pair to take with you if you don’t already wear glasses.

Another bonus of wearing glasses to a Gloryhole visit is the prevention of diseases. Getting bodily fluids straight in your eye is asking for trouble and can lead to infections.

And speaking of which, never bring any unwanted souvenirs home from the glory hole, either.

2Don’t Bring Home Any Souvenirs From Your Gloryhole Stories 

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

The best bring back from your Gloryhole stories should be the sexual memories and overall experience.

Don’t bring any unwanted souvenirs. By this, I mean sexually transmitted diseases. Any anonymous sex comes with risks, and his kink is no exception. 

I know all too well how cum drunk a Gloryhole can make someone. But it would be best if you always tried to maintain common sense.

Always inspect your potential sex partner before engaging in oral or penetrative sex. If you see something that doesn’t look right or feels wrong, don’t be scared to pass it up and move on.

Always prioritize your health over pleasure.

1Finally, Enjoy Your First Gloryhole Visit To The Max!

First Gloryhole Visit - Free 10-Step Field Guide

As we reach the end of this essential field guide to your first Gloryhole experience, we finish with the most important piece of advice: Enjoy yourself to the max!

Treat your chosen glory hole location as a sexual world where you’re the boss. Everything is anonymous, and there is no sexual judgment here.

Whether you want to think about your kinkiest fantasies as you slam your cock into the anonymous woman, man, or transsexual on the other side of the wall or pretend you’re one of your favourite Gloryhole porn sluts as you get impaled on both ends by the dicks of strangers, the Gloryhole is your oyster!

A Conclusion Of The Field Guide To First Gloryhole Visit

Everyone knows of my adoration for Gloryholes. Not to kill your vibe, it’s worth dropping some wisdom from a Gloryhole veteran.

First off, do your research. Not all Gloryholes are the same. Some are not as safe as others. Leave your valuables at home if visiting a public Gloryhole for the first time.

Whilst a wall keeps it anonymous, STDs don’t stop at walls. It’s easy to get wrapped up in lust inside a Gloryhole but always wear a condom if you engage in penetrative sex.

For oral, use common sense and opt out if you see something that looks wrong. There’ll always be another cock to choose from!

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Above all, stay safe, stay legal, and go for it!



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