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Used as a Human Sex Toy By Miss Duffy’s Goonette Foot Soldiers (Part 2)

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Welcome back. It’s time to continue on this sordid tale and head further down the rabbit hole. If you haven’t read the first part, you can do so here.

‘’Uhm, hi. Hahai!’’ said the raven-haired girl with strong Goth aesthetics going on ‘’H-how are you?’’ I instantly recognized her awkward and anxious tones from earlier. She was in her late twenties with a cute face, an array of body art, and piercings all over.

She giggled and waved at me as she stood at the end of the bed. Of course, I couldn’t speak and instead uttered humiliating sounds through my open-mouth gag as a river of spit leaked down my chest. 

‘’Soooo… You like porn too, it seems?’’ She said, flicking her eyes at the sordid interracial gangbang taking place on the screen. 

Then, with an awkward smile, she yanked down her top to let a stunning set of milky all-naturals flop out. They looked divine, contrasted with her slim frame, and I wanted nothing more than to see them bouncing in my face as you rode my cock. However, luck wasn’t on my side.

I watched anxiously as she took her place at the end of the bed and inspected the condoms wrapped around my ankles, flicked my quivering cock, and giggled awkwardly before the naive and awkward expression on her face shifted towards something much more sinister. 

”Locking eyes with me for a moment, she stared down at my humiliated face before promptly launching a wad of spit directly into my open mouth hole, leaving the taste of my own cock, stale cigarettes, and vodka clinging to my tongue.”

‘’Why the hell am I nervous?’’ she said out loud to herself, ‘’there’s fuck all you can do.’’ Rather than wrapping a condom around my dick, she reached for the bottle of lube next to me and began slathering it on a jet-black dildo she’d pulled from her handbag. 

I moaned helplessly as she guided the cock towards my exposed and vulnerable asshole. ‘’Fuckin’ men,’’ she said while flicking her gaze back at the porn on the TV, ‘’I bet you objectify every woman you see and want to see her fucked like that, don’t you? Well, it’s time to see how it feels.’’

She gently slid every inch of the cock in my ass as I rapidly tried to take deep breaths to open myself up for it. But once she had it balls-deep, she began to up the tempo and thrust it in and out with full force, causing me to release guttural moans as it hammered my prostate.

Thank fuck I’d had experience with strap-ons before, or this would have pushed me to tap out within seconds. This girl was ruthless and took great pride in gaping my hole and making me moan like a whore. 

‘’This is what a Goonette-led society feels like, you cunt!’’ She said with sheer venom in her voice. ‘’If I had my way, this is what every man would experience daily before I send them out onto the street to sell their hole and earn me money!’’

I locked eyes with her like a trapped prey does with a lion. She was obliterating my prostate, and I could feel myself about to cum hands-free. She didn’t slow down or stop and flashed a perverted smirk back at me. But suddenly, we were rudely interrupted.

‘’Fuckin’ Behave Yourself, Nicole!”

‘’Hey! It’s my turn now!’’ said the bratty and chav-like voice from behind me, opening the door with force and causing it to slam loudly against the wall, ‘’Go back to the girls!’’

I felt my impending prostate orgasm fade away as the dildo pounding ground to a halt, and the Goth girl obediently followed the orders that the next Goonette had issued. ‘’Fuckin’ behave yourself, Nicole! I mean it!” said Catherine from the other room.

Fuck. I knew that name. I’d read about Nicole, Cath’s 19-year-old Goon acolyte, from previous confessions, and the mere mention of her name filled me with dread. As she stood over me, I got to see her face for the first time, and it was one that looked like butter wouldn’t melt. 

But as she eyed me a look of sheer disgust before grinning with a brace-faced smile, I could already see the perversion roaring within her. Dressed in a tartan miniskirt and a half-buttoned shirt that left the best part of her 19-year-old tits hanging out, she was dressed to kill.

I watched helplessly as she stepped out of her ice-white panties and smirked before holding them over my face. Bunching them up into a ball, she began wringing them out over my held-open mouth. These panties were clad in her cunt juice, and she squeezed it disgracefully down my neck.

As humiliating as it was, the taste of her 19-year-old twat was divine, and it made my cock ooze pre-cum. It was duly noted by this giggling little whore who threw a mouthful of spit at my dick and began rubbing her clit with it while watching porn on TV.

It took her about thirty seconds to cum on my cock, drenching it in a gush of squirt as she moaned so loudly that Catherine and the other girls in the next room cheered. Then, without warning, she engulfed my dick in her 19-year-old twat and rode me in reverse cowgirl.

‘’I hope you have discipline, babe,’’ she said while looking back at me with a seedy grin, ‘’I’m 19, and this cunt is fertile as fuck. You really don’t wanna spunk in this! Do you reckon you can hold out?’’

What the fuck was this girl trying to do to me? I moaned loudly, trying to warn her that her words had pushed me to the brink when, suddenly, the door burst open again. It was Catherine, and she looked pissed off.

‘’Are you fuckin’ stupid, Nicole?’’ Catherine snarled, yanking my cock out of Nicole’s cunt like it was an inanimate object, ‘’if you’re not going to take birth control, then you don’t take it bare in your cunt, got it?’’ With that, she shifted my cock further back and pushed it inside Nicole’s ass.

Catherine stayed to make sure Nicole didn’t disobey her, and the presence of the Queen of whores herself pushed me to the brink once again. Nicole’s 19-year-old ass felt better than any cunt I’d ever had, and I painted it with ropes of seed in a toe-curling orgasm.

The little blue pills Catherine had pumped me with ensured that my cock remained rigid and ready for more, regardless of how many times I came. Considering what was coming next, it was a wise choice. 

The Breeding Pit

Nicole pulled off my dick with a sloppy popping sound, leaving droplets of spunk and lube on my lower stomach as I heard the door open behind me once again. “Don’t worry,’’ Nicole giggled, ‘’you don’t have to worry about getting her pregnant!’’ 

With that, Nicole and Catherine left the room and were promptly replaced with what is arguably one of the sleaziest sights I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Her sexual energy was so intense that I struggled to maintain eye contact with her. 

She must have been in her mid-seventies. In a sordid outfit of cheap lingerie that was torn and stained, she was sporting a mixture of modern and old-school tattoos that ranged from ink above her pussy that read ‘’the cum pit’’ to blotchy tattoos from Borstal/prison.

Skinny but with a sagging pair of milkers topped off with erect nipples, she was still fuckable in her old age. As she stood in front of me, I could visibly see the shape of her hanging cunt between her thigh gap, complete with piercings through her clit and labia.

She ascended my body without a second thought, rudely sucking my cock and gagging loudly on it. ‘’That stuck-up little cunt (Nicole) never lets me eat her twat, so this is the best I can get. Fuck, she tastes good, doesn’t she?’’

I looked down and watched the light bounce off my spit-soaked cock before it promptly vanished up her high-mileage cunt. The raspy moan she released as her clit connected with my throbbing ballsack will stay with me forever.

”I began bucking my hips violently into that gaping twat with some serious history behind it and coated her silky walls in my sperm.”

Although she was approaching 80, this sordid old bitch rode like she was 18, and she did it methodically as though she’d done it a thousand times before. I lost count of how many times she came on my Goon stick, each time unleashing a gush of pussy juice when she did.

‘’You look just like my 18-year-old grandson,’’ she slurred with a smirk. ‘’I’m a cheap fuckin’ slave of porn! Look at your perfect dick being tainted by my sordid cunt! I’m going to drain that meat!’’

Locking eyes with me for a moment, she stared down at my humiliated face before promptly launching a wad of spit directly into my open mouth hole, leaving the taste of my own cock, stale cigarettes, and vodka clinging to my tongue.

I could feel another orgasm approaching, and she could sense it. She reached back and felt my twitching balls beginning to give way, not to mention my eyes starting to roll. ‘’Let it all go, sweetheart,’’ she said between thrusts on my dick, ‘’my pipes haven’t worked for decades, so you have nothing to worry about.’’

I began bucking my hips violently into that gaping twat with some serious history behind it and coated her silky walls in my sperm. Pulling off me, she sucked my grool-covered dick and fingered her cum-filled slit to the porn in front of her until she came relentlessly at the end of the bed.

The Grand Finale 

Laying there in a pool of my own juices and those of the Goonettes who’d used me, I was on the verge of passing out. Instead, I listened for around an hour as the women got more drunk and regaled their tales of how they’d used me. Then, the door burst open for the last time.

‘’You did very well tonight, Gooner,’’ Catherine said as she stood in front of me with her arms folded, ‘’but let’s see if you can take us all on at once, eh?’’

Spread-eagled on the bed, Nicole straddled my face and clamped her 19-year-old cunt on my face, whereas the Goth girl and the grandma straddled my hands and demanded I finger their twats. But the main prize? Catherine lowering her mangled cunt on my quivering cock. 

I gave it my all. I probed the cunts on my hands and hooked my fingers to hit their G-spots. I used my tongue to explore every inch of Nicole’s slit and made her cum twice within minutes. But while all of the girls had some truly divine twats, they were inferior to Catherine’s.

I felt her meaty labia touch the tip of my dick long before it went inside, and the feeling of it engulfing my meat made me moan like a whore. From the puffy lips to the silky smooth interior, it was a pussy that had been tenderized by thousands of cocks, and it really showed. 

‘’Fuck! Gooner cock always hits different, doesn’t it, girls?’’ Catherine slurred with heavy breathing as she slammed her hips on my cock and watched me work on her friend’s pleasure at the same time. ‘’Give me some cheap porn slave like this over an Adonis any day of the week!’’

She’d often take breaks and engulf my cock in the back of her throat, sucking her own slit juice off it in the process. It seemed to empower her even further, as she always returned with renewed energy. 

This went on for the best part of an hour, and as it neared the end, my forearms glistened with cunt juice. Nicole, meanwhile, had shifted further south and was making me suck my own cum from her freshly fucked asshole. It was now the early hours of the morning and time to wrap it up.

‘’The Queen wants to be bred,’’ Nicole uttered in my ear, ‘’you’d better have some left in your sack.’’

With that, I felt Catherine lean back and grip my balls with extreme fury. I couldn’t hold on any longer and bred her well-used slit with all of the cum I had left before almost passing out from the pleasure. It was one of the most intense nights of my life.

I watched with hazy vision as Catherine pulled her black panties over her cum-filled cunt before starting to unlock my cuffs. ‘’Thanks for everything, Gooner. Now come and wash us down in the shower.’’

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