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Used at a Gloryhole Near Me on my Daily Lunch Break for a Week Straight

The following is a short true sex story of how my intense sexual urges led to me using a Gloryhole near me on my daily lunch break for a week straight. My dirty little escapades saw me teaching marketing classes covered in a layer of dried cum with the taste of cock still fresh in my mouth.

So most of you are probably aware already, but if you’re not then here’s a little background about me. I’m a 34F from Northern Ireland and, before Covid, I was constantly working around Western and Central Europe.

I’m a self-confessed sex addict and would use the travel opportunity to indulge in the many sleazy sexual institutions across Europe such as porn cinemas, sex clubs, etc.

One summer, I was in Berlin running a marketing course for a partner company. Naturally, none of my colleagues know about my sex lifestyle and many assume I’m just a normal, probably prudish girl which, to be honest, is all part of the thrill.

I’ve been doing this for seven years and prior to every work trip, I thoroughly research the distance of any sex places I want to try out and have a well-planned itinerary. The offices where I was to be working for a week straight were 200 meters from a German sex shop with a porn cinema attached. Perfect! I thought.

Used at a Gloryhole Near Me on my Daily Lunch Break for a Week Straight

With the skyrocketing growth of internet porn, some of you may be surprised that the porn cinema is alive and well. They’re often used as hookup sites for casual sex between straight, bi, and transgender people.

Many of these porn cinema attendees, like myself, get a sexual kick out of the sleazy atmosphere and sheer taboo of it all. Almost all porn cinemas are home to some form of Gloryhole/gloryholes, which I planned to take full advantage of on my work trip.

The job itself was pretty full-on and required me to work in my hotel room into the late evening. So my usual haunts of Berlin swinger clubs with local friends in the lifestyle were off the cards.

So, the only free time I had was on my 1 hour and fifteen-minute lunch break. That was the only chance I had to get some sexual release and indulge in the sleaze of Berlin that I adore. I was so glad of this Gloryhole near me!

After leading marketing classes all morning, I would long for the lunch break and escape into the den of sin down the street. As it was summer, enjoying my lunch outdoors in a park was a good cover story. I would carefully make my way to the sex store and ensure there were no colleagues around before making my way inside and paying my way into the sex cinema.

I got some pretty weird looks from guys inside this Gloryhole near me, I guess a girl in office attire probably wasn’t a common sight. But I like to think I had the slutty secretary vibe going on. I was usually dressed in high heels, a black skirt and a white shirt, sometimes with a grey suit jacket on top. Underneath, I would wear stockings.

At the lockers, I would strip down to stockings, panties, and knickers and bring my handbag with me (with condoms, wet wipes inside) as I made my way to the Gloryhole booths being stalked by a large number of horny guys hanging out in the porn cinema. The door would lock behind me and I would be in my own little world with a TV screen playing hardcore porn and an adjustable seat to get comfortable on.

It didn’t take long for cocks to appear through the two holes on either side of the Gloryhole near me. Some days would be busier than others. But on average there would be four to seven guys present. These were primetime on working days after all.

Keeping a close eye on the time, I would suck every cock to completion that came through the holes. I would place my mouth against the hole and let them pound my throat until completion. I would let some spurt their load down my throat or cover my tits.

I would allow some to fuck me if they asked, but the Gloryholes were a bit awkward for fucking so I preferred to just suck. When I was down to the last twenty minutes, I would clean up any spunk that hadn’t dried with wet wipes so it wouldn’t seep through my work shirt, get dressed and leave back into the sunny streets.

Initially, I particularly loved making a slow exit out of the sex store and passers-by making eye contact with my bloodshot eyes and just-fucked look. I can only imagine the filthy images running through their minds of what I’d just done inside that sleazy den of porn. As the week went on I was a bit more careful though, as coming out and bumping into a colleague was far from a turn-on.

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Back at work, I would touch up my makeup in the toilets and get back to teaching. Covered in a layer of dried cum and standing in front of a room full of unaware young graduates mere minutes after having my holes used at the sleazy Gloryhole near me would make my pussy tingle. Sometimes it would get too much and I’d be forced to take a toilet break and use a toy on my clit to cum quietly in the work toilets before getting back to my lessons.

I fondly remember one of the trainees kindly offering me some of his Hayfever pills after he noticed my extremely red eyes and assumed it was summer allergies, rather than the result of a rough throat fucking. What a nice gesture!

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These days I’ve been relegated to enjoying Gloryhole porn and thinking of days gone by until the pandemic improves and I can get back out there and continue my journey into total whoredom!


  1. I’m a current graduate student in the United States and reading your story was pure ecstasy. I have some attractive female professors and would never imagine them indulging in lewd activities such as yours. Thank you for your share.


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