Is VR the Last Boundary For Sex Cams? Stripchat is Finding Out!

As divine as conventional porn is, many regular smut consumers find that it doesn’t scratch that itch anymore. Increasingly, more porn consumers seek a far more interactive experience than pre-recorded porn, such as live sex cam sites.

However, whilst the wild and transformative world of adult webcams does give you an intense level of interactivity never seen before in the world of mainstream porn. But whilst it allows you to control the sex toys in a performer’s holes and make some seriously filthy requests for her to carry out, there’s still a virtual boundary between you and the model on screen. 

“Usually, I wouldn’t react. But in VR, I opened my mouth to clean off the gigantic rubber cock she was vigorously masturbating with.”

The world of live sex cams is fast-evolving, and those behind some of the industry’s main cam sites are well aware of this growing need for interactivity. One platform in particular, Stripchat, is attempting to cross this boundary with a VR section that is rapidly growing in popularity.

I decided to test out Stripchat’s VR cam sex section to see if it could make my pussy flutter and truly achieve the closest thing to physical sex one could wish for in a virtual setting. My Oculus VR headset is charged, my favourite sex toys are primed, and my pussy is hungry!

Now, let’s see what this leading cam site can offer a smut-hungry whore like me!

What is the VR Sex Cam Experience Like?

When you first arrive at the VR cams landing page on Stripchat, you’re greeted by a wall of windows into the sleazy bedrooms of sexually liberated sluts from Around the world. From anal-addicted whores in Ukraine and deepthroat queens from Colombia to nympho MILFs in the depths of Russia and fetish queens from Germany, this is truly an international array of debauchery!

Experience-wise, the VR section works the same as the rest of Stripchat. You can chat with performers, tip them to perform various kinky acts, and even control the interactive sex toys nestled in their sweet, soaking-wet holes. But things change dramatically when you connect your headset. 

In virtual reality, the cam sex experience really comes to life and brings a whole new level of interactivity to the session. It really feels like you can reach out and touch the smooth, oiled-up skin of these cam sex goddesses before sliding your fingers inside their lust-fuelled pussies. 

For example, let me share some of the highlights I experienced whilst in private VR cam sessions with a range of women on Stripchat:

  • An 18-year-old Venezuelan fucking her throat with her boyfriend’s giant Latino cock before spitting her deepthroat spit all over the camera. In VR, I flinched as the spit virtually splattered all over my headset.
  • A Ukrainian grandmother mercilessly fucking her mature ass with a large black dildo before jamming it against her webcam. Usually, I wouldn’t react. But in VR, I opened my mouth to clean off the gigantic rubber cock she was vigorously masturbating with. 
  • An extremely dominant Romanian MILF made herself squirt all over the floor of her apartment before directing her camera down to the sexual mess lining the floor and aggressively instructing me to clean it up. In VR, I felt like she had me on a collar and lead and subconsciously prepared myself to be her cleaner. Of course, there was no squirt to lap up. But luckily, I had an equally oozing pussy of my own that provided ample masturbation fuel that I could coat my fingers with before sucking them clean.

I found that experiencing live cam sex shows in virtual reality achieved the perfect dopamine balance that meant I wasn’t overwhelmed by the content on my headset and kept in a well-balanced state of sex-fuelled excitement. 

What VR Headsets Can You Use?

An important question is the range of headsets on which you can enjoy Stripchat’s VR content. Well, the positive answer is that there are quite a few, such as:

  • Meta/Oculus VR
  • Valve Index
  • HP Reverb
  • VIVE Pro
  • Gear VR
  • Android with Сardboard

The best thing is that no third-party apps are needed to enjoy the VR content on the site. All you need to do is connect your headset and dive into the realistic smut!

Whilst it’s not mandatory, I suggest incorporating some high-tech sex toys into your VR cam sex experience to truly make the most of it and bring yourself to some incredible orgasms.

What I Liked Most 

Unlike many other sites, Stripchat doesn’t try to shake you down for cash from the moment you log in. There’s lots of filthy cam sex content to explore without spending a penny. But, naturally, you’ll need to pay a fee to access the incredible premium features of the site.

Stripchat also boasts a solid range of payment options, from credit and debit cards to Skrill and even crypto. So, if I want to use BTC to pay for a cam model to act out my most debauched fantasies, I can do so!  

My Transition From 2D to VR was Revolutionary

The lust for more interactive forms of porn is growing by the day, and not only are cam sites and VR technology advancing at incredible speeds, but they’re also becoming a lot more affordable for everyday people to be able to access and enjoy. 

I spend a lot of time on sex cam sites indulging in various kinks with many passionate and open-minded cam models from around the world. I’m a geography geek and a travel fan, so sites like Stripchat really came into their own during lockdown when it came to quenching my international sex adventures in a time of social distancing. 

But 90% of my cam sex experience has been in 2D. So the transition to VR was mind-bending, to say the least. From now on, it will be difficult for me to downgrade to 2D when the alternative experience is immersive, realistic, and orgasmically powerful. Needless to say, my headset was rather sticky when I finally logged off Stripchat’s VR selection.

Disclaimer: This article was a sponsored post. However, all opinions featured are my own. If you wish to be featured on Whoreuro, check out our range of sponsored post options.


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