10 FLR Discipline Methods in a Female-Led Relationship

Amongst the fetish community and various kinky folk around the world, the dynamic of a female-led relationship or FLR is becoming increasingly popular. An FLR is exactly as it sounds, the woman is dominant and in control and the man is subordinate and submissive. But what about FLR discipline?

Men are naturally unruly, so those of you new to FLR may be wondering how to deal with a man who steps out of line now and then. In this article, I intend to help you out. I am going to detail 10 of the best FLR discipline methods to use on your sub man.

10 Methods of FLR Discipline

When involved in the highest FLR relationship levels, many couples use FLR discipline as a kinky dynamic to their relationship. Not only does it instil order and keep the male on his toes, but it can also be fun. The following discipline methods are not meant to change the behaviour of the sub but instead for both members of the couple to enjoy.

“The key is to do it your own way and do what works for you as a couple. It is all about improving your relationship.”


As with any forms of kinky discipline, it’s vital that both parties are consenting and comfortable with the acts taking place. When indulging in some of the more extreme methods of FLR discipline, it’s also important to use a safe word. Anything else is morally wrong and recipe for disaster.

10FLR Spanking

Spanking is a must when dishing out FLR discipline. It’s a short, sharp shock that is a classic tried and tested method of punishing a sub. If your man is into S&M then it’s a punishment that can be equally enjoyed by both of you.

9FLR Punishment of Sissification

A classic femdom method, the FLR punishment of sissification is a great way to humiliate your other half if he steps out of line. The sissy aspect is a very common kink amongst sub guys and consists of dressing your man up like a woman, usually in the most slutty fashion possible, and humiliating him. It’s important for the man to be comfortable with this, however, and is best discussed beforehand.

8Forced Orgasm

If your man has stepped out of line and gets very sensitive after orgasm, then a forced orgasm session may be just the thing! This is a great FLR discipline method for a sub who has broken the rules of no orgasms. It’s especially useful when you set a target such as an amount of time or amount of orgasms. You can use a variety of toys from a magic wand to a Blazefyre Sybian. After riding a Sybian for an hour and cumming repeatedly, I can guarantee that your sub will soon learn the error of his ways.

7Public Humiliation

When I was involved in an FLR, legal public humiliation was one of my favourite methods of discipline. There are many ways to subtly implement public humiliation. For example, order your man not to speak or look into the eyes of anyone without your permission, make your man insert a butt plug or vibrator to social events, or for the bolder amongst you, leashing your submissive in public.


Edging involves getting someone to the very cusp of orgasm only to deny them at the last second. In femdom, this is often used on men who have dared to cum without female permission and is a great method of FLR discipline. I personally love edging. The satisfaction of seeing the disappointment and lust spread over a man’s face as you deny him his pleasure at the last minute is just divine.

5Male Chastity

In the words of Marcel Wallace: ”I’m about to get medieval on your ass!”. Chastity is an old school way of orgasm denial by taking away the ability of a sub to touch his own cock. This is done by fitting a chastity device to the penis that ensures your partner’s member is trapped behind a cage and is only released when you say so.

4Apology Letter

If your sub has done something wrong, then order them to write a well thought out apology letter. I found this a very effective way of making my boyfriend understand the wrong of his ways in an FLR. Once the letter is complete, order them to get on their knees and read it aloud to you. In order to remind them of what they did was wrong, crumple the letter up and stuff it in their underwear for the rest of the day.

3BDSM Objectification

In need of a footstool or a coffee table? Why go to Ikea when you have a perfectly good submissive at home? Objectification sees a dominant female use their submissive in various practical ways as a form of punishment. This is particularly enjoyable if you have friends in the fetish scene as you can do it to your sub in front of an audience which is always more effective.

2Teacher Fetish Homework

If you or your partner have a fetish for the teacher/student dynamic, then this can be a very fitting punishment for an unruly man. Make your sub complete a homework assignment. You can kill two birds with one stone here and assign them a topic you have always wanted to know more about. When it’s done, grade their work and reward or punish them depending on how well they did.

1Rice Kneeling

This one is reserved for when your submissive partner has been very disobedient. Rice kneeling is an ancient method that is used commonly in BDSM. It involves a sub kneeling on uncooked rice for a set period of time to instil discipline. Be careful with this though as prolonged exposure can lead to scars. This is for the more extreme FLR discipline methods and needs to involve a safeword.

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To round off our guide to FLR discipline methods, It’s important to note that rewards are an important aspect to punishments and the key to a healthy female-led relationship. If you punish your sub and he takes it well and rights his wrongs, then reward him through treats or positive comments to ensure a healthy dynamic.



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