The 10 Best Ejaculating Dildos That Cum in 2022 (Body Safe)

The 10 Best Ejaculating Dildos That Cum in 2021 (Body Safe)

We’re living in some pretty dull times. Social distancing means we can’t be the sordid fetishist we usually are. But rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, we simply need to adapt and weather the storm. In my recent article, I covered dildos that cum providing some slut simulator services to my whore holes.

If you’re a girl, guy, trans, or sissy slut with a breeding fetish, then times are certainly hard. As a creampie slut myself, I know all too well how much the craving is real.

But in these trying times, dildos that cum are arguably the second best thing to get some simulation of the real thing without putting your health at risk.

“The world is your oyster, they say, so fill it with pearls of semen.”

― Trebor Healey, A Horse Named Sorrow

So, from personal experience and conversations with like-minded friends, I decided to write this article to cover some of the very best ejaculating dildos that cum. If you and your spunk hungry holes want to find out:

  • The best and most affordable places to buy a dildo that cums in a safe and secure way.
  • Which is the best fake cum to give yourself a novelty creampie
  • The range of ejaculating dildos available for those of you who love being creampied by big black dick.

Then read on as we cover a wide range of Cumming dildos to give you a solid idea of what is available and what will work best for you. Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

Realskin make some very affordable squirting dildos

I know times are hard, so to start off with, let’s begin with one of the most affordable squirting dildos on the market. The Realskin range of squirting dildos is priced under $33 and at 6″ long it’s a great entry-level dildo that cums.

Of course, you get what you pay for. Whilst there is a range of superior squirting dildos available, this one is at a great price and does what it says on the tin. Just don’t expect high quality or a dildo for life.

✔️ Easy to use and a decent level of quality for the price.❌ Not suitable for long term use and not as durable as the more expensive models.
✔️ Realistic feeling texture.
✔️ Does what it says on the tin.

Kinky ejaculating dildos starter pack

Another one of the best ways you can get started with a collection of ejaculating dildos is with this starter pack by notorious porn producer: Kink. This ten-piece kit has everything you need for your cum training journey.

It features three different dildos of various sizes, all in BDSM black. It also comes with various different types of lube, cock attachments, and dildo care accessories. As it’s from Kink who specialise in fucking machine porn, this kit is very compatible with a range of sex machines.

✔️ The variety of dildo sizes are great for anal and pussy training. Plus they look great.❌ Colour range is limited and it only comes in black.
✔️ The range of cum lube allows you to experiment with different textures.
✔️ Compatible with various surfaces and fucking machines.

Veiny and realistic cumming dildos

For those of you who love to feel the erotic bumps of a veiny cock sliding in you, then this next model of cumming dildos is for you. The aptly named Squirting Realistic Cock by U.S. brand Doc Johnson is one of the veiniest and realistic cumming dildos on this list.

Although it’s only 6″, this little beast is seriously girthy and the sensation of the veiny shaft entering is divine. However, one of the most popular aspects of this dildo is the plush balls that are huge and a nice sensation when they slap against you during play.

The tip of this cock is also enormous, if you enjoy sucking cumming dildos and have a small mouth, it might not be for you. But for those who love to get your slutty lips around a girthy member, it’s perfect! Also, the syringe system for the fake cum is great for controlling the amount of spunk that comes out.

✔️ It’s girthy and veiny, giving a special sensation many dildos don’t.❌ Not ideal for petite people who like to suck cumming dildos.
✔️ The ejaculation syringe allows for great control over the cumming action.
✔️ Very realistic and feels almost like a real cock.

The classy cumming dildo by King Cock

One of the things I don’t like about many dildos that cum is the fake cum insertion. It’s often through a syringe or a weird pump device. So the cumming dildo by King Cock, which comes with a sleek and easy to use cum pump, was a welcome change.

This is another uber-realistic cumming dildo that is a pleasure to feel sliding into your holes. Made in the U.S.A., it’s made from quality materials and is latex-free, hypoallergenic and body-safe.

Each one of these cumming dildos comes with a complimentary ”Jizzle” juice fake cum lube, a cleaning solution, and of course, a sleek squeeze-build for you to flawlessly insert your future fake creampie into the dildo itself.

✔️ Very realistic feeling and good capacity for cum lube.❌ Only big white cocks are available with no BBC option.
✔️ The unique squeeze-bulb for inserting fake cum is very easy to use.
✔️ Comes with free ”Jizzle” fake cum and dildo cleaner.

The dual density squirting dildo by Loadz

Another great range of body-safe dildos that cum is the dual-density type produced by Loadz. It’s made of a stiff core and a silky smooth outer later meaning you get the rigidness of an erection with the pleasure of feeling every curve, vein, and ridge of the cock as it slides in.

The dual-density tech makes this squirting dildo one of the most lifelike on this list. It holds a hearty amount of fake cum and is extremely girthy. The pleasure of this thing coating your face in splooge can get quite addictive!

Although long and very girthy, this squirting dildo might look impossible for tighter holes. But as it expels cum lube during masturbation, it slowly gets easier to slide down the whole shaft. Perfect for size queens, but inexperienced folk may want to pick a smaller one to start.

✔️ A high-quality toy that is made in the U.S.A and is very versatile.❌ No suction cup but it will fit most strap on harnesses.
✔️ Made from a realistic material that is soft and firm but with a good level of flexibility, too.
✔️ Very simple to clean and store after use.

Strap on dildos that cum by Fetish Fantasy

Oh, I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this one! Next up is a toy for you Dommes out there. When it comes to strap on dildos that cum, accept no substitutes to the 9″ Fetish Fantasy ejaculating dildo!

This thick and girthy beast comes in white and BBC versions and is an iconic sex toy to dominate your slave. It truly adds a new dimension to strap on the play as you fill your sub’s pathetic hole up with fake cum whilst verbally humiliating them.

It’s become a staple part of my Femdom kit and I love it. It claims to squirt fake cum up to 10 feet, meaning your sub will certainly feel the ropes of semen lining his ass and be utterly humiliated.

✔️ Squirts over 10 feet allowing for a lot of interesting play options.❌ The cock itself is not flexible and is not a very realistic feeling.
✔️ Fits a waist of up to 52″ making it suitable for a range of body types.
✔️ Comes in a range of colours like white and black.

The Big Shot is a vibrating dildo that cums

A list of the best ejaculating dildos that cum wouldn’t be complete without one of the vibrating varieties. The 8″ Big Shot model by Evolved achieves vibrating pleasure with the satisfaction of fake creampies.

Controlled by two simple buttons, one controls ten different vibration patterns and the other button unleashes a load of cum upon your command. The strong suction cup allows you to enjoy creampie fun all over the house in a variety of slutty positions.

Like many squirting dildos, this one is a beast size-wise. So definitely take it slow at first and if you’re naturally tight, consider one with less length or girth. Otherwise, you may struggle.

✔️ Great battery life and it’s very easy to charge.❌ It’s not very waterproof in comparison to other dildos that cum.
✔️ The strong suction cup leaves you with a number of interesting play options.
✔️ A nice variety of vibrations will certainly guarantee an orgasmic experience.

The Doc Johnson dildo that cums

As one of the most well-established sex toy producers in the U.S.A, it was only a matter of time before good ol’ Doc Johnson designed their own dildo that cums. And it’s fair to say, they did a pretty good job of it.

At 8.5″, this is a serious piece of artificial cock with a big pair of balls attached. It comes with a Vac-U-Lock suction cup to stick to any smooth surface and is even compatible with various models of fuck machines.

Completely body-safe, the Doc Johnson dildo that cums is delivered complete with a complimentary bottle of Nut Butter cum lube, a neat little storage bag, and powder to maintain your dildo. It’s arguably one of the most high-quality dildos that cum on the market and is well regarded in various online reviews.

✔️ Quality assured and made in the United States and comes in black, white, and Hispanic colours. ❌ There’s not a lot of bend in the shaft meaning a lack of flexibility.
✔️ Comes with a complimentary packet of free cum lube.
✔️ It’s compatible with fucking machines and has a very reliable suction cup.

This tentacle dildo will fill you with alien spunk!

Next up is a rather freaky sex toy that is a dream come true for all of you sci-fi geeks out there. As well as being one of the weirder dildos that can cum, this alien sex toy is ideal for anal depth training.

Why? Because this monster tentacle has the ability to insert a length of between 12 and 22.5 inches in your ass or pussy. One of the kinkiest things about it is the suckers on this alien tentacle. Perfect for counting as you fit this beast into yourself.

For those of you who really want that fantasy dildo experience, you can customize it with colours of your choice which even features glow in the dark! The cum tube, however, needs to be ordered separately if you want this dildo to spunk!

✔️ A very unique sex toy perfect for sci-fi and fantasy fans.❌ Can involve a slight learning curve when compared to conventional dildos.
✔️ Customizable with a range of eye-popping colours.❌ Doesn’t come with cum lube or ejaculation tube as standard. They must be bought separately.
✔️ One of the best anal training dildos out there due to its flexibility.

The best fake semen for a squirting dildo creampie

As we reach the end of our guide to dildos that cum, what better way to finish than with the perfect accessory: fake cum! A squirting dildo without it is useless, and the right fake cum is literally the cherry on the cake of your faux ejaculation experience. But which is best?

When it comes to buying the best fake semen lube for dildos that cum, it needs to do three things:

  1. Be water based
  2. Taste good for you’re sucking dildos that cum
  3. Feel as much like real spunk as possible

Luckily, Cum Load does all of those and more. This water-based lube is unscented and designed to look like real semen. This is definitely one of the best fake semen lube I’ve used for play. It looks extremely real, tastes fine, and is very easy to clean.

1The best places to buy an ejaculating dildo that cums

Onwards to a D.I.Y. creampie!

So, you’ve decided on the ejaculating dildo for you, but where on earth do you actually buy one? The answer lies in a respected and well-established sex shop. Here are some of my recommendations.

These fantastic stores all offer competitive prices. Yes, there are cheaper, Chinese-made knock offs from other sites. But people, this is something that’s going into your body. So buy from a trusted manufacturer and website.

Onwards to a D.I.Y. creampie!

And so, my lovely readers, the absolute bliss of having your pussy or ass filled to the brim with cum doesn’t have to be a long and distant memory in these crazy times. Thanks to the work of ingenious sex toy developers, the creampie is coming home!

As with all sex toys, you get what you pay for. I highly advise against opting for cheap knockoffs over the well-established brands suggested in this article. This is something that is going into your body, so treat it as an investment and don’t cut corners.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This guide to ejaculating dildos that cum may contain affiliate links. When you use these links to purchase their services, I can earn a commission. All commissions go towards maintaining my site and providing you with further content. Something I am very grateful for if you do purchase, my thanks in advance if you do. x



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