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Dogfart Network: Is It Still the Interracial Porn Heartland Since ’96?

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For many people out there, there’s something incredibly alluring about watching a girl-next-door blonde getting excavated by a black dude with a dick the size of a forearm.

And fortunately for such people (read: me), that is kind of a thing in porn. ‘Interracial’ has its own section on all the heavy hitters in the porntube world, and videos from those sections are frequently the most viewed of whatever site they’re on. 

”One of the hottest parts is when Danielle looks her white hubby straight in the eye as she’s being brutally hammered and points at the BBC impaling her pink cunt to remind him of what his future looks like. Beautiful!”

If you’re a fan of those aforementioned interracial categories, then allow me to blow your mind: there are entire sites out there devoted to nothing but. That’s right: porn sites that offer nothing but interracial porn.

From blonde chicks getting impaled on ebon pork swords to bootylicious black chicks slurping on white dicks, these sites have got everything you can imagine when it comes to interracial porn. 

One of those websites – and, indeed, one of the most renowned and notorious of those websites – is dogfartnetwork.com, which you can disgracefully slide into here. And what it lacks in an appealing title, it more than makes up for with interracial porn. Lots of interracial porn. 

Join us, then, as we give dogfartnetwork.com the classic once-over and deliver our verdict: worth it or not? 

What is Dogfart Network?

Dogfart is, as mentioned, all about interracial. The flagship site of the network is Blacks and Blondes, and you can probably tell by the title what goes on there (hint: it’s not croquet).

Founded way back in 1996, the network has gone from strength to strength since then, becoming the undisputed master of interracial porn and offering a wealth of content that goes far beyond cookie-cutter ‘black dude fucks white girl’ porn.

Dogfart has cornered the market on many other interracial tropes, too – cuckold enthusiasts will find a lot to love in their extensive collection of content where some pathetic schlub watches his wife get deep-dicked by some monster-cocked lothario, while there’s also no small amount of Dogfart gangbang content. 

There are around 30 channels in the Dogfart Network – all of which revolve around interracial porn of one stripe or another – so you’ll never be wanting for content.

These channels include such gems as “Black Meat, White Feet” (you can figure it out I’m sure) and “Zebra Girls” (interracial lesbian vids). Whatever your kink, you’re sure to find it on the Dogfart Network (provided it’s interracial, of course). 

The Dogfart Network (or, more properly, the DFX Network) offers a number of subscription options. The bare-bones streaming-only monthly subscription will set you back £19.95 a month, while you can upgrade that to include downloads for £29.95 for the same period.

A full year of streaming and downloads, meanwhile, works out at a very reasonable £9.95 per month. If you’d like to dip your toe before committing to one of the packages, you can try it out for three days at a cost of £3.95. 

The Best Dogfart Porn Scenes Worth Watching

With more than 3,000 videos across the DFX Network, it was no easy task to narrow the playing field down to a mere three videos.

Nevertheless, as I am an inveterate horndog with a penchant for Gloryholes and cuckoldry, I ultimately prevailed. For your viewing pleasure, here are three of the hottest videos from Dogfart and friends. 

Celestina Blooms Ditches Chess Tournament For Cock 

We’ve all been there – you get a date, you pull out all the stops and throw your very finest threads on in a bid to impress your date, only for them to take you to a fucking chess tournament, of all things. 

That’s exactly the scenario that poor Celestina Blooms finds herself in in this video. Frustrated and bored by her oblivious date’s chosen activity for the evening, Celestina decides to ditch the nerd fest and bid adieu to the guy who decided that a goddamn chess tournament would make for a good first date. 

But our girl Celestina’s not quite ready to go home yet – but she is ready for some anonymous black cock. What’s a girl to do? I think you already know the answer to that – she gets herself to the nearest Gloryhole. 

”The Dogfart team is confident enough in their XXX product to know that most people who see it will be hungry for more, so they don’t scrimp on giving free previews and content trailers to site visitors.”

Luckily for her, said gloryhole isn’t manned by a tramp with type 2 herpes but rather by a strapping fellow with a massive (and STI-free) manhood.

Celestina has her shit stretched out quite thoroughly by Don King, the man on the other side of the wall and soon finds that King’s porn opening is infinitely more titillating than King’s Pawn Opening. As if she didn’t already know that. 

Blonde Hotwife Danielle Renae Gets Pummeled By Massive Cock  

We’ve all been there – you’ve got a smoking-hot wife, and, despite that, you’ve grown tired of railing against her. What’s a man to do?

There’s obviously only one thing to do – invite a man with a gargantuan penis and the moniker “Chocolate God” to come over and do unspeakable things to your wife while you watch and commit the Sin of Onan all over the pair of them. 

What follows is a debauched initiation into the sordid world of cuckoldry, as husband Richard records and jerks off to the sight of his wife’s cervix getting smashed to bits by Chocolate God’s impressively-girthed salami saber.

Wife Danielle can’t get enough of the self-dubbed ebony deity’s jackhammering technique, and she’s soon queefing lady-spaff all over the good bedding while hubby Richard is powerless to do anything other than mentally calculate the cost of a replacement comforter (and also wank off). 

One of the hottest parts is when Danielle looks her white hubby straight in the eye as she’s being brutally hammered and points at the BBC impaling her pink cunt to remind him of what his future looks like. Beautiful!

Things come to a head when Chocolate God fires off a rope or two of glistening spunk, prompting the thoroughly-cucked Richard to follow suit and add fuel to the fornication fire in the form of his own protein package. Undoubtedly one for the whole family to enjoy (not unlike Danielle). 

Lana Smalls Measures Jovan’s Cock With Her Mouth 

Lana Smalls, if Dogfart is to be believed, works in a high-end clothing boutique, and one of her duties is taking down her customer’s vital statistics so as to ensure that their new clothing fits them properly.

One of the less-publicized aspects of Ms. Smalls’ job is to ensure that male patrons are able to fit everything into their new trousers. This, naturally, involves no small amount of cock-measuring. With her mouth. 

I’m no tailor, but I can’t imagine that the human mouth is a more precise piece of measuring equipment than, y’know, a fucking tape measure. But measuring precision be damned – Lana is getting that monster cock in her mouth if it kills her (and her soft palate), and that is exactly what she does. 

But the oral cock-measuring can’t last forever, and things take a turn for the unprofessional when Lana ends up taking Jovan’s Jovian Johnson straight between her beef curtains, breaking a few items of company property along with several trading standards and practices. 

Not content with violating the sanctity of her position, Lana goes on to violate the sanctity of her face (and the changing room’s divan) with the jovial Jovan’s gelatinous jizzcum.

It’s hard to see how Lana would properly prepare and clean the room ready for the next fitting, but something tells me that she lacks the professionalism and organizational skills to look that far ahead. 

What Makes Dogfart Stronger Than a Black Bull’s Cock?

What’s not to like? Dogfart is the undisputed champion of interracial porn, and their vast library of gangbangs/cucking/Gloryhole videos cements that reputation at every step.

It’s a truly huge collection of porn for a very reasonable price, and if you’re an aficionado of the noble art of black cock entering white cunt, you’ll find a lot to love here. 

But there’s also a fair few cherries on this IR porn site’s interracial cake. The pornstar portfolio is teeming with a string of elite-tier whores, such as Adriana Chechik and Coco Lovecock, and many of them have their lustful ways truly tested via some of the most hardcore shoots they’ve ever experienced.

Another cool element of Dogfart Network is the amount of free samples the studio showers potential members with. The Dogfart team is confident enough in their XXX product to know that most people who see it will be hungry for more, so they don’t scrimp on giving free previews and content trailers to site visitors.

What Parts Are Weaker Than a Hotwife’s Hole After a Gangbang? 

The DFX Network is truly fantastic and offers a great selection of various kinds of interracial porn. If it exists and it’s interracial, you will find it on one of DFX’s many channels. 

That said, it can be a bit of a pain to navigate those channels. If you want to search, for instance, “Redhead farts in cucked husband’s mouth while BBC pounds her dripping gash,” then you’ll have to do that across each individual channel rather than simply being able to search all channels at the same time.

And, naturally, that’s a lot of words for me to have to type out 23 times; it’s a miracle I don’t have RSI at this point (not from that, anyway). 

The Verdict? Dogfart = Serious Interracial Porn  

Dogfart is, without a doubt, the very best source on the internet for interracial porn. There’s a reason you’ll see that Dogfart watermark a whole lot on interracial porn elsewhere on the internet, and it’s because these guys originate almost all the quality shit you’ll see on those other sites. And those free tasters are, much like Don King’s dick poking through a Gloryhole wall, just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you’re serious about quality interracial cucking, gangbang, and Gloryhole porn (and I can only assume that you are; otherwise, you’d have checked out about 1500 words ago), then you owe it to yourself to check out the notorious Dogfart Network and see it with your own perverse eyes.

Oh, and if you prefer some interracial porn that’s far more anal-focused, then don’t miss out on our recent balls-deep review of AnalBBC.com; it’s a wild one!

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