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8 Euro Sex Parties Where I Gained a Perverted Education

For those of you who have read my book, over the past few years my ongoing journey into whoredom has taken me to many Euro sex parties across the continent of sleaze. Despite the sheer levels of sordid behaviour that takes place at these sex parties, many people are blissfully unaware they even exist.

To me, this is borderline criminal. So whether you’re a couple, single, gay, straight, or otherwise, I aim to change this. In the following guide to Euro sex parties, I’m going to cover everything you need to know. Such as:

  • Where to experience the best group sex party in Europe.
  • Just where the home of the best Euro sex parties is.
  • The ultimate gay sex party in Europe.

So, get your party hat on, your condoms packed, and prepare to be inspired. Hopefully, the nightmarish pandemic we’re all in is coming to an end soon. So there has never been a better time to start planning out some sex tourism!

Some of the Euro sex party events on this list take place inside swingers clubs. Whether you’re a single man, woman, or couple unsure how visiting a sex club works, then check out my handy guide that explains everything like swinging etiquette and a range of other first-time swinger advice!

The best BDSM party sex in London

8 Euro Sex Parties Where I Gained a Perverted Education

I’ve attended many BDSM parties across Europe, but London arguably has one of the most memorable experiences on offer. Sanctum has been providing BDSM & Fetish events on the 3rd Saturday of every month for years now. If you’re an experienced kinkster, you’ll love it.

Sanctum is as open-minded as London itself. It welcomes all genders, sexual orientations, and fetishists. Expect the unexpected at this event. If you’re a newbie to kink, then I suggest starting a bit further down the hierarchy as this party can be a bit extreme for a first-timer.

There is a massive range of kinks tolerated and catered for at Sanctum. One of my favourite things about the club is that they often have resident Dominants who you can approach if you really want to be put in your place. Just make sure it’s something you really want, as they are professional, to say the least.

Hardcore sex parties in Prague

10 Euro Sex Parties Where I Gained a Perverted Education

As one of the most touristy cities in the world, Prague is home to an enormous sex industry. It’s also one of the most sexually liberated countries in Europe, as well as being one of the biggest Euro porn producers. When it comes to hardcore sex parties, Prague isn’t lacking!

Fantasy sex and swingers club is located outside of downtown Prague. Whilst not convenient to get to, not being on the tourist trail is a blessing. Any tourist who does make the effort to get there is often invested in swinging and is a worthy visitor to such a sex club.

There is a range of regularly scheduled events at the Fantasy swingers club. It’s a seriously big club, spacy, with a lot of play areas populated by open-minded Czech folk. Entry costs are not that expensive, but the dress code is strict. Something sexy for girls and smart casual for the guys.

The Euro sex parties of Copenhagen

Although it’s one of the more expensive cities in Europe, the Danish capital of Copenhagen is home to one of the most quirky euro sex parties around. It’s called the Hellfire Society, and it’s a wild as it sounds!

Established back in 2014, the Hellfire Society is a hedonist party for sexually open-minded people from Denmark and all over the world. The location often changes and membership is required (don’t worry, it’s easy to get). But all of this adds a mysterious aspect to this sexual adventure.

Overall, it’s a sex-positive atmosphere and the parties are often organized by the same people behind some of Copenhagen’s most notorious sex events like swingers clubs such as the Kinky Salon!

The after party sex at Cap d’Agde in France

Cap d’Agde is a notorious nudist resort that caters to all kinds of lifestyles from gay, straight, and regular nudists. In recent years, it has also become a frequent haunt of swingers. The adult sections of the beach often feature public sluttiness, but it’s the after-party sex that is best.

The Cap d’Agde resort is home to a number of swingers clubs catering to different tastes. So after soaking up the sun of the French Riviera, you can retire to the clubs, enjoy some French wine and soak up some cum to your heart’s content!

I’ve personally visited Cap d’Agde twice and loved it. I went alone and I made some great friends there. As a single woman, it wasn’t hard to get noticed. But there is a healthy ratio of single guys and open-minded couples.

All of this makes Cap d’Agde a great sex tourism destination regardless of who you are, as long as you’re respectful and open-minded. But for first-timers, there are a few tips to follow to enjoy your experience:

  • Yes, it’s a nudist resort. But don’t think you can wander around and photograph people. I’ve never seen it personally, but have heard stories. Expect your camera to end up in the Mediteranian if you do.
  • Things can be intimidating for a first timer, especially if it’s your first time at such a resort. But there’s no judgement here, strip off and own it.
  • Whilst nudity is encouraged, it can get chilly in the evenings. Use your visit as an excuse to show off your best fetish wear, which is equally encouraged!

A Christmas sex party in Paris

For a city so closely associated with romance, sexual liberation and passion, you’d be crazy to assume that Paris doesn’t have some incredible Euro sex parties going on! There are a few establishments in the French capital that provide such an experience, but in my experience, there are few who come close to Les Chandelles!

Les Chandelles is one of my favourite places for Euro sex parties. A Parisian institution, the interior feels almost like being in the ancient catacombs that run beneath the French capital. It’s a huge club with lots of sexual play areas, a great bar, and an atmosphere unrivalled by any other sex club in Paris.

I was fortunate enough to be able to experience Paris in December and attended a Christmas sex party at Les Chandelles. I’m proud to report that the renowned French passion in bed is true, for both French men and women.

For those who enjoy some fine dining and even finer sex, Les Chandelles even has a high-class restaurant serving everything from Homemade foie gras and oysters to Black Angus beef and even caviar!

The group sex party experience in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of notable sleaze. From the Red Light District to live peep shows, there is a lot to keep even the most experienced sex tourist on his or her toes. But when it comes to those seeking a group sex party experience, then look no further than one of Amsterdam’s most well-established swinging establishments: The Paradise Club!

Entrance to the Paradise Club is affordable by Dutch standards. It welcomes single men, single women, transgender, and couples alike. Although some nights are reserved for couples only. There is also a range of awesome swinger events that come with the renowned Dutch sexual tolerance.

For a mind-bending group sex party in Amsterdam, then you can’t miss the Paradise Club. The Dutch know how to impress, so why not treat yourself at one of the sex shops in the RLD and arrive in style with a new kinky outfit?

The best gay sex party is in Barcelona

You didn’t think I’d forget about all of my lovely gay readers, did you? Whilst there is a ton of gay parties across Europe, the only one I was able to experience as a woman was the Open Mind party in Barcelona. I visited after an erotic convention with some gay friends of mine and had a ball!

This is a gay sex and fetish club that has some epic parties suitable for gay and bi guys. As it’s in Barcelona, the clientele is often very international and I met many friendly guys from all over the world. Their parties, on the other hand, are just as diverse and interesting as their guests.

The Open Mind club has everything from fisting parties to uniform themed nights. They’re equipped with sex swings, dungeons, gyno chairs, a Saint Andrew’s cross and, of course, a hearty array of Gloryholes.

As a girl, I, naturally, didn’t get to indulge in any play but the atmosphere was sordid and awesome. The decor is in a dark industrial style with lots of awesome erotic art. Considering it’s Barcelona, it’s also pretty affordable to get in!

Berlin is the King of Euro sex parties

If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that Germany was basically my apprenticeship in becoming a slut. Whether it was debauched hookups with sexually open-minded Germans or attending numerous sex parties and events across the city, it remains one of my favourite places on earth.

European sex is a large spanning topic, but when it comes to Euro sex parties there is simply no contender for Berlin. The German capital is not only home to a wealth of swingers clubs, porn cinemas, and legal bordellos, it’s also home to infamous nightclubs that stay open 24 hours and where pretty much anything goes.

To list every sexual institution in Berlin would require an entire another article, which is in progress, so here are my top five recommendations for a pot of sex tourism in the city. If you want to experience the best Euro sex parties, then plan an itinerary around the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Berghain
  • Kit Kat Club

A conclusion to Euro sex parties

In conclusion, there is no limit to the level of sexual exploration you can experience at a Euro sex party. Whether you’re straight, gay, bi, or trans, there is something for you to enjoy.

Most importantly, Europe provides an ample range of sex parties for open-minded sexual beings to be themselves. I hope this list has inspired your next sordid travel antics. Want more sex tourism tips? Check out our international sex guide for the sordid alternative side of world travel!


  1. My wife loves Europe and loves BBC. Where is the best party for us to go in Europe to for her to enjoy sex with Black men? Please advise. Thank you.


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