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The Private Club Birmingham: Britain’s Best Kept Kinky Secret in 2024?

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As I marvelled at the Fake Taxi play area, the Gloryhole booths, and the outdoor Dogging areas, I was convinced that the Private Club Birmingham was a sexual paradise.

“Wait until the Bukkake gangbang starts in an hour. You haven’t seen anything yet!” Glen, the proud owner of this Birmingham sex club, told me. He wasn’t exaggerating!

I was in the Midlands. After hearing rumours of this Aston sex club, I had to check it out. Glen was more than happy to give Whoreuro insider access to the Private Club, to my delight.

“But the jewel in the crown of this Aston sex club is its regular bukkake gangbangs. For an entry fee of as little as £55/$70, you can gain access to an orgy the likes of which you’ve never seen.”

Entrepreneurial Glen took over The Private Club in Aston, Birmingham, eight months ago. Since then, he’s revolutionized sex for countless liberated adults in the Midlands and beyond.

From hosting regular wild gangbangs and some of Britain’s biggest Bukkake events to realizing BDSM fantasies in a safe and private space, this is far from a generic sex club!

Running a club of this status requires a lot of work. So Glen handpicked a team of friendly, welcoming, sexually liberated adults who work together to keep it running like a well-lubed sex machine!

Today, we will lead you through the doors of this incredibly underrated sex club. As we explore what is arguably a dream come true for lovers of sex and porn, we’ll be looking at:

  • The notorious Bukkake gangbang events that draw visitors from across the UK and abroad.
  • A sneak peek into the unrivalled rooftop swinging experience that is soon to be unveiled.
  • What it is that truly makes this sex club one of the most extraordinary sexual adventures you’ll ever experience.

So prepare yourself as we lead you through the doors of a sex club unlike any other. By the end of this article, I guarantee you’ll be gagging for a jaunt to Birmingham to experience it!

Inside The Private Club, Birmingham

Naked sluts at The Private Club in Aston, Birmingham
An average night at The Private Club, Birmingham.

After a seven-minute Uber from the City Centre, I’m outside the discreet entrance at 30A Wainwright St, where I’m welcomed in by Glen and the rest of his hardworking team.

It’s midweek, but the club has just finished one of their regular gangbang events with over thirty attendees. It’s all hands on deck as the club needs to be ready for the evening orgy!

The first thing that hits you is the level of cleanliness and the overall quality of the place. No expense has been spared when it comes to the playthings on offer inside.

Split between three spotlessly clean floors, the venue is genuinely something from your wildest porn fantasies. We’re talking about the likes of:

  • Huge orgy areas for debauched gangbangs and Bukkake events.
  • Exceptionally high-quality BDSM dungeon equipment to live out your naughtiest fantasies.
  • Gloryholes and fucking benches galore!
  • A mini porn cinema for those who like to get old school.

I took a keen interest in the fantastic array of BDSM and fetish equipment strategically located around. Luckily, I had a quietly confident Dominatrix to show me around.

Suzannah is one of the hostesses at the club and prides herself on her job of getting the party started. She puts together a banging playlist for the club’s events, too!

One of the club’s many amazing hostesses, Suzannah, gave me a guided tour of the club.

From a fucking bench with a medieval style that lowers nipple and clit clamps to Suzana’s favourite Queening chair and the cages where she keeps her subs, my guide left no ball gag unturned when it came to showing me around.

“There’s nowhere else like it when it comes to kink. It’s a club that prides itself on being welcoming to all.” Suzannah said proudly. “At one event, I saw someone elbow deep in a female sub. You just don’t see stuff like that at other clubs!”

Popular Events

The centrepiece of the gangbang room and just some of the wide array of BDSM equipment featured at the club.

When it comes to swinging venues and sex clubs, there’s sometimes a lack of variety in events. But with the creativity of Glen and his team, there’s never a dull night at The Private Club!

From anal parties and big black cock nights to hotwife events and fetish Fridays, you won’t be left wanting when it comes to variety. Whatever your kink, this place will have it covered!

But the jewel in the crown of this Aston sex club is its regular bukkake gangbangs. For an entry fee of as little as £55/$70, you can gain access to an orgy the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Gloryholes! The jewel in the crown of any sex club worth its salt!

You can expect to rub shoulders with notorious pornstars and open-minded adults in a welcoming party atmosphere like no other.

Never been to a gangbang before? No worries! The Private Club team is more than welcoming to newcomers and will tell you everything you need to know beforehand to put you at ease.

When Glen asked ”You are sticking around for the gangbang, aren’t you?” I couldn’t say no, could I? What happened next deserves an entire article of its own. Read all about it here.

A Porn Lover’s Paradise

The cosy porn cinema inside the club really took me back to Berlin!

The Club is making a name for itself amongst porn producers. Where else do you have access to such an abundance of naughty sets, themes, and facilities in a sex-positive atmosphere?

From a fake taxi and outdoor play areas to fetish dungeons and Gloryholes, there are many porn production opportunities on offer.

Major producers like Splat Bukkake often use the club for their cum-drenched events, and you can see the hardcore scenes being played on the screens around the venue.

There aren’t many sex clubs that can boast the chance to play porn flicks shot on location where you’re standing!

The Home of British Bukkake

@RileyWyte and @super_vixxxen showing off the final results of the Bukkake gangbang!

When it came to getting an insight into the notorious Bukkake events held at the club, I was lucky enough to chat with Claire, one of the club’s most experienced hostesses.

“There’s a lot that goes into being a hostess at the Bukkake parties. We’re often running around getting drinks for the guys, ensuring the girls are wearing the right makeup for the photos and being ready to deal with any emergencies that arise,” Claire explained.

These cum-drenched events draw visitors from as far afield as the United States and often feature a variety of pornstars, adult models, and amateur cumsluts.

As well as being lucky enough to attend one of the events myself, the worldly-wise Claire provided an incredible insight into what goes on behind the scenes of such unrivalled British Bukakke parties.

The Future of The Club

The fake taxi at the Private Club and the soon to be completed outdoor swinging area.

“Every time I come here, something new has been added. It’s fantastic. He (Glen) really knows what he’s doing!” A long time customer of The Private Club told me.

In the space of eight months, Glen has transformed this place enormously. When he led me onto the club’s roof, the most exciting plans for the club were laid bare.

The enormous private roof is an outdoor suntrap for swingers to relax in a summer festival atmosphere whilst draft beer and cocktails flow from a well-stocked bar.

But that’s not all! A refitted horsebox functions as a comfortable place to take a break from the sun and slip off for some passionate fun. There’s even a hot tub to cool off in!

Fancy starring in your own Fake Taxi-style Dogging fantasy? The Private Club even has a genuine Hackney Cab on the roof! Trust me; you won’t forget a summer’s afternoon on this rooftop bar!

The Bukkake towel laid down for the cum-drenched evening ahead.

“Many single women are starting to attend because the word is getting around,” Glen informed me. “When it comes to making them feel safe, welcome and secure, I’ve taken care of everything.”

And he’s right. The most significant events at the club have doormen on hand to provide attendees with safety and security. The club uses a trusted taxi company, so guests have peace of mind when leaving the venue.

Because, like any good thing, you can sometimes get bad apples intent on ruining a great party with bad behaviour or poor etiquette.

The Private Club team is realistic about this and ensures an eagle-eyed presence at parties to ensure guests follow proper swinging etiquette.

So, What Makes The Private Club Birmingham Special?

Draft beer, BDSM cages, and a voyeuristic window into uninhibited gangbangs. Is this the best bar on earth?

To sum up this review, I’ve been to many sex clubs and swinger’s parties, but few left such a lasting impression as The Private Club, which is often called ”The UK’s best-kept secret!”

Glen and his team place a significant focus on safety, an unbeatable party atmosphere, and providing facilities that, in my opinion, are unrivalled across the UK.

The Private Club in Birmingham is a sex club for liberated adults to live out their fantasies and enjoy sex in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.

Non-invasive rules are enforced to ensure a zero-tolerance policy on bad swinging etiquette and ensure the safety of all visitors to the club, be it males, females, couples, or otherwise!

Where else can you sit outdoors in the sunshine with sexually liberated singles and couples and have everything from a Fake Taxi and a Dogging area to a BDSM dungeon and gangbang room nearby to take advantage of?

A short cab ride or a medium walk from Birmingham New Street Station, you have no excuse not to take advantage of the world of sexual adventures that awaits you at the Private Club.

  • Address: 30a Wainwright St, B6 5TJ
  • Contact number: 0121 328 3284
  • Site: Theprivateclub.co.uk
  • Twitter: @NewPrivateClub

Keep Exploring The World’s Best Kinky Hotspots!

A huge thank you to Glen, Claire, Suzannah, and the rest of the Private Club team for their fantastic hospitality and hard work to create some of the best sex parties in the UK!

Does Your Kinky Business Need a Review?

From sex clubs to organized gangbangs, we’re always on the lookout to do field reports on kinky establishments and businesses. Contact us to apply and we’ll be in touch.

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