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10 Easy Gloryhole Etiquette Rules (Tried & Tested)

If there are any sexual institutions still surrounded by an air of mystery and rumours, it’s the Gloryhole.

Since relaying my various Gloryhole experiences, I’ve been inundated with requests to provide tips and advice for those considering their first Gloryhole visit.

Luckily for you, I am a generous whore.

Gloryholes can be daunting. From wondering where the hell to find one to just how they actually work, there are a lot of natural questions to be asked.

Whilst I’ve already created a Gloryhole locator for you to use, this article will delve into the rules surrounding Gloryhole etiquette.

So, if you want to find out:

  • The gesture for demonstrating the lust for being brutally face fucked.
  • What a slap on the cock means in Gloryhole sex.
  • Just what it means when a shaved pair of balls appear, and much more…

Then keep reading for the ultimate glory hole gesture guide.

Whether you’re straight, gay, bi, male, female, or trans, rest assured that this article will apply to everything with a lust to try this rewarding fetish.

First, we’ll explain how to navigate your first glory hole visit in five easy steps.

3 Simple Steps To Your First Time At a Gloryhole

9 Gloryhole Etiquette Rules for a Positive First Time Experience

Before we get into the world of Gloryhole etiquette, we’ll first cover some frequently asked questions about how to go about your first-time glory hole sex.

This section will answer everything from how to behave to signals.

Step 1 – Find a gloryhole near you: A glory hole is a cock shaped hole in the wall of a designated Gloryhole location.

These can range from public toilets to sex clubs or gay bathhouses to porn cinemas. It’s designed for kinky anonymous sex where one person is serviced and the other works the cock.

You can easily find a Gloryhole near you using our handy guide. Once you’ve found one and made your way there, you may wonder what to do next.

Let’s say you’ve chosen a dedicated glory hole location in an adult store, sex store, or bathhouse. Go inside the booth, and lock the door behind you.

Step 2 – Get relaxed and wait: If the booth has a seat, sit down and relax. They usually have a screen playing porn for your entertainment.

If you’re a guy, get your cock out and start stroking; if you’re female, start playing with your slit.

Enjoy your own sordid little play space and either wait for another person to occupy the booth next to you.

If there’s already someone inside, make your presence known and don’t be afraid to check out your new neighbour through the hole discreetly. Like what you see? Do something about it!

Step 3 – Start playing: If you want to start playing and like your neighbour, then slide your index finger through the hole and beckon them forward in a come hither motion.

This is a signal to start playing. If your neighbour wants to be sucked, a cock will soon slide through the hole. If they want to suck you, they’ll beckon you forward instead.

They might just get off watching you play with yourself or watching them.

If you’re a guy and you want to be sucked, then always stand and actively stroke your cock. This is a clear sign that you want your dick worshipped.

Be polite and wait for the finger to beckon you, don’t just stick your cock through expecting to be sucked.

The play options at a Gloryhole are huge. Some will suck you dry; others will stroke you until you cum on them, and others will engage in penetrative sex through the wall.

As always, use protection accordingly.

10 Pieces of Gloryhole Etiquette Rules

10 Pieces of Gloryhole Etiquette Rules

Now, you’ve already found out how to find a Gloryhole and how to initiate glory hole sex, but our next section is the most important of all.

This will cover the essential Gloryhole etiquette you need to know and allow you to understand the unspoken language of this incredible kink!

Saying Hello At Your First Gloryhole

You’ve found your first Gloryhole booth, stripped naked, and now you’re horny as hell staring at the ominous hole in the wall, wondering how to proceed.

If you’re looking to suck cock, it starts by saying hello. Although not in the conventional sense.

Initial interaction at a Gloryhole is done by sliding a finger through the hole and beckoning the other person towards you.

If the person on the other side is game, and they should be, then you will be rewarded with a throbbing cock to suck.

If you’re a man looking to be sucked, then you signal your desires rather bluntly. It consists of sticking your cock through the hole to be serviced by the Gloryhole slut on the other side.

Rejection At Glory Holes

Next up is not a welcome gesture to receive or to use, but an important one nonetheless. There may be a time when either you or the person on the other side of the wall need to reject Gloryhole play.

Perhaps one of you has seen something you don’t like, need a breather, or has just cum.

Whatever your reason, you always have the option to reject any play. To signal this, it consists of blocking the Gloryhole with either the palm of your hand or your elbow. Easy!

The Gloryhole Tube

Next up is a piece of Gloryhole etiquette displayed by subs at a Gloryhole and one I often utilize.

When someone puts their face to the hole in the wall, often with their mouth open and tongue hanging out, they’re signalling that they want their throat fucked.

This is often seen as a very submissive signal. So don’t be surprised if you get an aggressive throat fuck as you’ve asked for.

Not for those with a weak gag reflex or those new to being face fucked. A lot of fun, though!

The Gloryhole Cock Tap

Is There a Glory Hole Near Me? 10 Ways To Find Your Nearest Glory Hole

Next up is the Gloryhole cock slap. If you’re having your cock slurped upon by a sucker on the other side of the wall, you might suddenly feel the blowjob stop before you receive a light tap on the cock.

This can mean a few things.

For gay, bi, or trans-Gloryhole visitors, this can signal that the person sucking wants the blowjob reciprocated.

For straight playmates, it can also signal a proposition to ditch the wall and join one another in the booth for sex.

However, the whole kink of Gloryhole fun is the anonymity, so I’ve personally never seen the point in this. But each to their own!

The Gloryhole Cock Slap

Similar to the cock tap is the cock slap. This Gloryhole etiquette has a very different meaning and, like its close relative of the cock tap, can mean a few different things and is slightly more aggressive than the tap.

A cock slap can signal that a cocksucker is leaving the booth for whatever reason. But it can also mean other things, such as signalling disappointment or encouraging you to blow your load if they’ve been sucking for a long time.

Gloryhole Fuck Rules

Gloryhole slut sucks cock in front of cuckold

If you’re at a glory hole and have been enjoying a sloppy blowjob from the other side of the wall for a while, you might be surprised at what comes next.

A sucker may maintain a grip on your cock but replace the sucking with a slight pause.

Most of the time, this means a Gloryhole fuck is about to happen. The grip on the cock is either holding your member in place to put a condom on or lining it up to slide into an ass or pussy.

As always, though, I must stress the use of protection when indulging in a penetrative Gloryhole fuck. Play sensible, always. And speaking of Gloryhole fucking…

Interuption of a Gloryhole BJ

So, you’re on your knees and in your element as you explore the length of a stranger’s shaft with your slutty tongue.

Suddenly, the Gloryhole BJ is interrupted as the cock begins to thrust into your throat in a fucking motion.

Whilst this can simply mean the guy on the other side of the wall is planning to fuck your throat and dump his load, more often than not, it means something else.

This thrusting motion often means the person whose cock you’re sucking wants access to your ass or pussy.

If you want to be fucked, make it happen. If you want to be face fucked, welcome his length into the depths of your throat and encourage him to do his worst to your slutty little mouth.

Do it right, and you’ll be rewarded with a hot load of cum!

Shaved Balls At a Gloryhole Visit

Anon sex in the bathtub

If you’re a sub or an Alpha at a Gloryhole, then shaved balls are an important piece of etiquette to know about.

Shaved balls often signify that they should be worshipped, sucked, and licked as much as possible.

If a pair of shaved balls are stuffed through the glory hole, then you can safely assume that the person on the other side wants them worshipped.

But remember, guys, if you like having your balls licked, always shave. It’s a lot more pleasant for the sucker!

One Of The Most Important Gloryhole Rules

As we come to the end of our guide to Gloryhole etiquette, we end with one of the most important rules.

This rule surrounds the topic of when a cock pulls away from you at a Gloryhole. Whether slowly or suddenly jerking away, both mean different things and are not a good sign.

First off, is when a cock slowly pulls away from your mouth and retreats slightly. This usually signals that a Top is not satisfied by your sucking skills.

He is considering moving to another booth in search of a better cock sucker. But this slow retreat will often be a silent warning to improve, and the cock will return for you to prove your dick-sucking skills.

The Sudden Pull-Out

Gloryhole in the UK

Secondly is a sudden pull-out. If you suddenly find a cock has retreated through the hole and disappeared, it can mean a couple of things.

You may have accidentally used your teeth during the blowjob, or the Alpha is close to blowing his load and doesn’t plan on coming yet.

Again, the cock will likely return, and both gestures are silent signals for you to improve your dick sucking or just slow down so as not to make the Alpha come too soon.

Either way, once you get the cock back in your mouth, ensure you’re gentle, slow, and not using your teeth!

A Conclusion to Gloryhole Etiquette

In summary, the Gloryhole comes with its own rather unique language formed through decades of cum guzzling and anonymous cock sucking.

More Gloryhole Articles

These forms of etiquette are there for a reason and should be followed if you want to enjoy your first Gloryhole visit to the very maximum.


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