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How to Make a Homemade Gloryhole The Fun & Easy Way

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From starting new businesses to finally penning that book you’ve always wanted to write, these crazy times have caused many of us to tap into our creativity. For the sexual beings amongst us, we’ve had to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Despite the New York Health Board insinuating that Gloryholes were a great way to have casual sex whilst preventing your health, many glory hole locations around the world closed their doors during the lockdown.

“The cost of not working a Gloryhole is wishing you had for the rest of your life.”

Rather than wallowing in self-pity, many kinky folks adapted to this by crafting their own homemade Gloryhole at home. When they did, they discovered what they had been missing all these years. With a homemade glory hole, they discovered a way too:

  • Have anonomous sex whenever they like, provided a sex hookup was available, in the comfort of their own home.
  • Practise social distancing and get a daily dose of hard cock at the same time.
  • A way to entirely customize their Gloryhole experience exactly to how they wanted.

Haven’t got on board with a homemade Gloryhole yet and are keen to know more? You’re in the right place! Today, I’m going to provide a very straightforward and inspiring guide to the homemade Gloryhole.

We’ll be covering all the important topics. Such as innovative ideas of ways to make a homemade Gloryhole, how to stay safe when using one, and most importantly, how to find like-minded horny people to have fun with.

5 ways to make a homemade gloryhole

5 ways to make a homemade gloryhole

To begin, I’m going to provide you with 5 methods of creating your own homemade Gloryhole. These will range from mind-blowingly simple to ideas that will require some DIY knowledge.

But hey, these days indoors are ideal for learning new skills, so don’t judge limit yourself to one of these examples. Why not start with one contraption and then build your way up?

All of these homemade Gloryholes can be made inside your home, apartment, or bedroom utilizing anything from bog-standard doorframes to utility cupboards and even garden fences. Whatever your living situation, at least one will be adaptable to you.

The good ol’ sex through a bedsheet method

Ok, this is not my favourite method. But we did say we would start off simple! This method consists of using a thick bedsheet, curtain, mattress pad, or something similar.

Using a doorframe, you’ll aim to firmly attach the sheet around the frame. Alternatively, you can affix a curtain pole in a holeway and hand a black curtain from it. Then, you simply cut a hole in it at crotch height that’s comfortable for you to play with.

A very basic glory hole, but one nonetheless. Personally, I’d opt for a more firm surface than a sheet or a curtain. This brings us to our next method of making a homemade Gloryhole.

Materials needed: Hammer, nails, bedsheet or curtain, and scissors.

Get kinky with some wood!

Get kinky with some wood!

The next method will likely involve a short shopping trip. But trust me, even without DIY experience, this is a simple method and one of my personal favourites. It involves crafting a sturdy and portable homemade Gloryhole from a sheet of wood.

Generally, this will be cut to size in order to fit a doorframe in your house. You should aim for it to fit snug in the frame. Once you’ve cut the cock hole out of the centre (make sure there are no splinters!), you can hold it in place with some double-sided tape or similar.

After you’ve had your Gloryhole fun, the wooden board will be easy to remove and you can discreetly store it somewhere else in your house. A basement or the back of a large wardrobe comes to mind.

My favourite thing about this type of homemade Gloryhole is that it feels a lot like the real thing. It’s a lot more sturdy than the bedsheet method which opens more play opportunities.

Plus, you can customize it how you wish with dirty talk graffiti, porn pictures, or whatever kinky accessories you like! Perhaps use glory hole porn for inspiration. Trust me, it’ll be like being in a real-life Gloryhole booth!

Supplies needed: A sheet of plywood cut to size, power tools, double-sided tape, sandpaper or masking tape to remove/cover splinters.

Anon sex in the bathtub

Anon sex in the bathtub

If you’re a fan of bathroom sex with easy cleanup, then this method of making a homemade Gloryhole will be right up your alley! For this, you’ll need a bathtub with a shower curtain.

All you need to do is line the tub with something comfortable to kneel or sit on then cut a hole at waist height in the shower curtain. When your hookup comes in, you’ll be concealed behind the curtain lying in wait for cock.

Alternatively, if you have a stand-up shower with a curtain attached, you could do the same. This way, you can pop a stool or chair inside to get really comfortable as you work our homemade Gloryhole.

What you need: A bathtub or shower with a shower curtain, scissors for cutting the hole, towels to sit or kneel on.

Get kinky with a milking table

Get kinky with a milking table

A massage table is a damn good accessory for sex. It allows you to get really sensual, oiled up, and then fuck in multiple positions. Not to mention it’s easy to clean! Plus, it’s also ideal for an alternative homemade Gloryhole.

This method consists of picking up a cheap, second-hand massage table. You’ll then cut a hole at crotch height and drape a sheet around the sides of the table. When your hookup comes in, he’ll lie face down with his cock through the hole.

You’ll already be waiting under the table as a throbbing member dangles in front of your face. It’s different from the conventional hole in a vertical structure, but it’s a fun dynamic that changes it up a bit. It’s also a very relaxing way for the person being sucked to cum.

Materials needed: Second-hand massage table, power tools to cut the hole, sandpaper to remove any splinters, and a sheet to drape around and stapler to attach it with.

Make your own Gloryhole booth!

Make your own Gloryhole booth!

And now we reach a method that’s not the easiest but is the most rewarding. This consists of making your own homemade Gloryhole booth! Trust me, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

One way is to utilize something like an airing cupboard or a stand-up wardrobe. Create a wooden facade with a Gloryhole similar to the doorframe method, and encase yourself inside.

Of course, you can customize your booth any way you want. Perhaps add a small monitor playing your favourite porn just like they do in an adult arcade or line the walls with porn. If you don’t have an airing cupboard or similar, you can even construct your own three wall booth!

This DIY method will need a bit of planning. But all you have to do is measure out and construct a three-walled booth that will fit flush with a corner of a room. Place a chair inside, and await your anonymous rendezvous to appear in front of you!

Gear needed: Sheets of plywood made to measure, power tools for the hole, sandpaper to get rid of the splinters. Perhaps add hinges to the corners to allow you to fold and store away when done!

How to find anonomous glory hole sex hookups

How to find anonomous glory hole sex hookups

So, you’ve finished your homemade Gloryhole. It looks identical to your favourite adult arcade or the booth you saw in your favourite porno. Now all that’s missing is a throbbing cock sticking through or a willing hole on the other side.

Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone in your Gloryhole fetish. There are countless folks out there itching for the chance to indulge in casual, anonymous sex as a homemade Glory hole. The question is: Where to find them?

With the current global situation, you’re going to have to seek hookups online. But the reality is, you’re unlikely to find willing Gloryhole sex partners on mainstream dating apps. Luckily, there’s a range of alternatives.

A number of specially adult-orientated dating and hookup services out there. Frequented by various members of swinging, kink, and fetish communities, it won’t take long to find a willing Gloryhole visitor. Here are links to some examples:

  • Ashley Madison – Established back in 2001, Ashley Madison was originally made to connect hot-blooded men with horny married women seeking an affair and vise versa. It’s since grown into an active hookup site for sexual beings of all kinks and fetishes.
  • Adult Friend Finder – Another well-established adult hookup site, this is the world’s largest online sex community with millions of members. Many of whom, will be more than keen for some Gloryhole fun in these trying times.
  • Victoria Milan – Similiar to Ashley Madison, this site is teeming with horny people seeking anonomous and discreet hookups and is a great place to find glory hole sex partners.

But just because there is a physical barrier between you and your anonymous lover, there are certain safety tips to know just like any other form of online hookups. This brings us to our next section.

Staying safe at your homemade glory hole

Staying safe at your homemade glory hole

Now we’ve covered how to make your homemade Gloryhole and find sex partners to fill the gap (quite literally), we reach one of the most important parts of this guide. And that’s how to stay safe.

Gloryhole sex is a lot of fun, but it’s important to not let it cloud your common sense. There’s a lot of weirdos out there, and if you’re allowing anonymous hookups into your house, there are some safety tips I have for you.

  1. Choose vetted people – When finding hookups online, many sites provide a verification service. As a rule, only choose verified and vetted people before you let them into your house.
  2. Hide your valuables – Try to make the area on the other side of the homemade Gloryhole as limited as possible. No valuable items, no family pictures, and nothing you wouldn’t like disappearing out the door.
  3. Have an emergency plan – If inviting someone over for anonomous sex, always have a plan in case things go wrong. This can range from having a phone on you to call the authourities or telling a friend you’re inviting someone over and to check in one you every now and then.
  4. Keep it as discreet as possible – This is your home. So make it clear to whoever you invite over that discretion is key. You don’t want your friends or neighbours knowing your kinky business. As your anon date arrives, cover the hole with a towel until he puts his cock through to protect your identity. Additionally, ensure your homemade Gloryhole can be easily hidden and isn’t visible to friends or guests.
  5. Use protection – Look, I love a cum filled pussy or ass as much as the next girl. But always use protection during anonomous penetrative sex. It might seem incredibly hot at the time, but a nasty surprise a few days after really isn’t worth it.

Onwards, to glory!

In summary, the world of nasty Gloryhole sex doesn’t have to take place in porn cinemas and adult arcades. The world is your oyster! In this guide, we’ve gone from basic to advanced methods to construct a homemade Gloryhole and I wish you success in doing so.

Most importantly, have fun whilst doing it, stay safe, and use common sense. Through my inspirational examples outlined in this guide, my hookup resources, and safety tips, I hope reading this has revolutionized your homemade Gloryhole journey.

Related Gloryhole tips, tricks, and advice:

If you have any tips, tricks, and methods of sucking anonymous cock in the comfort of your own home, feel free to drop a comment below. Likewise, if you’ve utilized the knowledge in this guide, you’re welcome to share your experiences with others.

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