Pascals SubSluts Laid Bare: Exclusive Interview!

The pre-shoot chat with this rough and ready Filthy Emma captured your attention from the start. The debauched fuck frenzy that followed was shockingly raw, brazen, and provocative.

The year was 2016, and I’d just discovered the array of content on Pascal’s Sub Sluts site for the first time.

This was real hardcore kink like I’d never seen before. There were no related channels that came close to this site.

In the duration of ten minutes, Pascals Subsluts had made me progress from lightly rubbing my clit to stuffing four fingers deep into my slit. 

It was a sordid cocktail of sleaze, rough sex, and earth-shattering, guttural female roars achieved through authentic, no-bullshit orgasms with real subs getting fucked.

I was hooked. Pascal White quickly became one of my favourite daily pornstars.

In 2022, porn is an increasingly competitive industry. From fake orgasms to phoney cum, a lot of corners are often cut to keep up with demand. 

But there are some producers who refuse to stray from real, eye-opening categories of smut that is the best it can be.

Pascal White, the Belgian Dom behind Pascal’s Sub Sluts, is one of them.

So when he agreed to sit down for an interview with me, well, a few proverbial lightning bolts hit my clit. 

This hot Belgian icon of Euro smut has a career spanning a duration of thirty years. And he was kind enough to share his porn wisdom with our subscribers.

This is a no-holds-barred interview you cannot miss!

So, Pascal, welcome to Whoreuro! Could you kindly introduce yourself?

I’m Pascal White, leading man and proprietor of the Pascals SubSluts site. I’ve been doing porn videos for about 30 years now.

Believe it or not, when I was 19 years old, I just showed up at the only porn agency in Belgium, wearing a suit and tie, and to my surprise, they put me on.

My big break came a few weeks later when I was cast to fuck the girlfriend of Sean Michaels.

Sean was my hero, he has a MASSIVE cock compared to mine, and I was going to fuck his girl right in front of him.

So, I was more than a little nervous. But Sean took me aside, got me to relax, and totally motivated me to do the scene. He didn’t have to do that, but it really helped.

How does the talent and sexual appetite of English sluts compare to those in the States? 

In my experience English women are very forward, they want to fuck and they let you know it.

No matter where I am in the world, that’s what I like to see — a woman who knows how she wants to get fucked.

I don’t necessarily have a nationality fetish. If you’re the kind of slut that wants to get fucked raw, I really don’t care where you’re from!

What’s the sex scene like in your native Belgium?

I don’t get out much these days. I’m actually super busy making content for Pascals SubSluts.

Besides, I see a lot of action off Twitter; it’s like Tinder for me. Girls from all over the world DM me, wanting to fuck.

So why go out, if they come to me, right? That said, Belgium has always had a very small porn scene here.

It’s partly why I was able to just show up at an agency and get work. 

The videos you make are a cut above the rest. How do you achieve such intense, authentic, and real sex on camera?

Thank you! Chemistry is important, and chemistry begins with good communication. That’s why we do interviews for every model.

I want to know what the girl is into because that is what she’s gonna get. Tell me how you want to cum, and I’ll make it happen.

Sometimes I’m chatting with a model for months before we schedule a shoot.

How many women would you say you’ve fucked, what’s your favourite type of slut, and why?

A gentleman never counts! And even if I did, I would have lost track a long time ago. It’s hard to have favourites when you’ve had a good measure of everything.

But a good slut knows how to use everything from her head to her feet. Especially the feet, that takes skill.

From a porn perspective, I like a girl who gives a good face. It’s important to see in her eyes that she’s getting it good, for me and for the audience.

What’s the craziest story from your Pascals Subsluts porn career?

That’s a tough one to answer! I get propositioned a lot, and some of these girls are truly wild; they want to do things that we can’t even put on film.

I had one girl who wanted to be fucked in a bath, from behind, while I held her head underwater — I guess it’s a sort of asphyxiation fetish.

That kind of sexual breath-play whilst getting fucked is illegal and a no-no in porn, but it’s crazy to me that someone would want a total stranger to do that to them.

It makes me wonder if we’re just scratching the surface of the sort of filthy things women really want.

You’re arguably the most sharply-dressed pornstar there is. What’s the deal with the suit?

When you’re going to plough their ass, ruin their makeup and make them swallow your cum, it’s a special occasion, don’t you think? So I like to dress the part.

Sometimes, the suit is at the cleaners for obvious reasons, but I still put in the effort to make our models feel special because they are.

What are your favourite and least-favourite things about making porn videos?

I truly love working in the industry. The people are great and every day I go to work, it’s like Christmas; like “Who am I unwrapping today?”

But it’s tough to have a relationship outside of work. Sometimes, it helps if you’re both in the industry, but it’s still challenging.

It’s also challenging with the family, especially if you don’t tell anyone, and they find out.

Look, your people are going to find out; it’s better to be honest upfront.

What advice would you give to new guys and girls getting into porn in 2022?

People mistakenly believe that because it’s sex, it isn’t work. But sex work is fucking work, on and off camera.

Pornstars have to keep in reasonable shape, work as a team with the production crew, and always show up on time, ready to go.

Those three things alone will get you pretty far in the adult industry. But most of all, you genuinely have to enjoy it.

What do you think about the Gooning community?

Well, the Gooning community is a new one to me, but it’s exactly the sort of adult audience we make our content for.

We deep-dive into every model we shoot — not just a fuck scene. Something I believe the Gooner type of subscribers will love.

Every video we make for our site also features a masturbation scene, strip pics and fuck pics, plus a pre and post-fuck interview.

So if you want to genuinely obsess on a SubSlut, we have all the real adult content, regular updates, and related smut you’ll ever need on our site.

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Whether you want to see old whores getting the fuck of their lives to keen teens eager to please, Pascals Subsluts is an unmissable adult odyssey of epic proportions.


  1. i find it hilarious and amusing that one of the most filthy slutty depraived pervy porn creators has such a wholesome and genuine outlook on making adult content


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