Has Kiiroo Created The Ultimate Portable Sex Machine For Men & Women?

On some very rare occasions, I get forced by my friends to go out instead of spending Saturday night rubbing my clit and fucking my pussy for hours on end as I usually do.

We hit some bars in Cardiff and as the night progressed, I was getting very drunk. It was maybe around 1 AM, and my friends decided to head back and go for after-drinks.

Something inside told me to stay out, so I went to the bar, ordered a gin & tonic, and started going through some Gooning subs. My pussy was throbbing, I needed a hard, raw fuck.

Not long after, a guy approached me, and without wasting more time, I took him back to mine, and a truly hard fuck was what I got. 

I asked if he was okay with me playing porn while he was fucking me. He grinned and replied, “Fuck, you don’t know for how long I’ve been hoping a girl would ask me this”.

”As he was moaning, grunting, sticking his tongue out, and going cross-eyed from the blowjob machine sucking the life out of his cock, he placed his thumb in my Goonette mouth for me to suck on.”

Long story short, it turned out he’s a Gooner himself, and we scheduled another meet-up during the week. 

Kiiroo had just delivered some really cool additions to my sex toy collection, like a portable sex machine for men and women, so I invited him over and test them together while burying our minds in hours of porn.

Sex is cool, but sex combined with porn and the use of high-powered and quality sex toys hits very differently. He had no idea what he was in for. 

There was a knock on the door; it was Rhys, my new Gooner fuck buddy. I led him to my room and awaited his reaction.

Once he saw the neatly spread Kiiroo sex toys over the bed, he turned around and said he could just fuck me right there against the wall and couldn’t wait to see them in action.

These 3 Kiiroo Accessories Can Transform a Keon Stroker Into a Portable Sex Machine

Along with the notorious Keon Stroker, Kiiroo had sent me the following war chest of high-tech sex toys to try out:

Together, all of these sex gadgets were turning the whole Keon into a full-blown sex machine for men and women. 

I always wanted to get my hands on one, and now was finally the time. The first thing that struck me about it was that it was super portable and very discreet when disassembled.

Kiiroo portable sex machine for men and women

A little advice from me, though: before you start assembling it, I highly recommend watching the instruction videos provided by Kiiroo on their official site. 

I made my life unnecessarily confusing during the attachment process, while clear and explanatory instructions were right there, just a click away. So, don’t be me. 

The really cool part about the Keon is that it turns from a sex machine to a male masturbator and also to a blowjob machine with the right accessories!

If you’re a couple, or you’re a guy or sissy who likes to enjoy all three features, it can save you a lot of money and also space if you like to travel with your sex toys like I do.

Aside from the sex machine accessories, Kiiroo also sent me the Power Blow suction device that is meant to turn strokers into the ultimate blowjob machine. 

The best part about it is that it is Bluetooth powered, and while you can sync it to the rhythm of your favorite 2D or VR porn, you can also connect it to sync to partners or sex cam models. 

I couldn’t fucking wait to test it out on Rhys and see what he thought about it.  Sex machine for me and a blowjob machine for him. What more could a pair of Gooning fuck buddies want?

We were in for an exciting night of wet and gooey Gooning fun. Now, let me tell you precisely what happened!

What Were The Orgasms Like?

I shut the door behind us and put some softer porn to get us in the mood. 

Just a few moments later, he started rubbing my clit through my soaking-wet underwear while I grabbed his cock and began stroking it up and down the shaft.

It felt so good, but all I was thinking was how badly I wanted to try the sex machine while stuffing my mouth with his hard cock. The anticipation was making my porn-addicted pussy throb so intensely.

After edging ourselves for a while, we decided it was time to put the toys to the test. The sex machine was assembled and ready to feed me with the orgasms I was craving. 

Rhys increased the intensity of the porn we were watching and linked the sex machine and the blowjob machine via Kiiroo’s Feel Connect app. 

I got down on my knees in the doggy position, placed the toy behind me on a high pillow, applied some of Kiiroo‘s icy Arctic lube all over the ribbed black dildo, and slowly inserted it in my pussy.

On a side note, in case you want to place the machine on an even surface, I’d recommend getting the table clip Kiiroo is offering for this purpose.

Meanwhile, I was watching Scarlet Scandal getting pounded hard by Owen Grey on screen while the sex machine was replicating the speed of the thrusts in my pussy. 

”I did as I was told, and a few moments later, I was squirting all over my bed. The orgasm was so intense that my mind just went pop, just like a true Gooner girl’s should.”

If I closed my eyes, it was as if Owen Gray was in the room fucking me. Thank God my housemates were gone, and the house was empty because my whore-like moans bounced off the walls. 

In the meantime, on my other screen, we synced Victoria June’s blowjob stroker to a porn compilation of her leading intense dick-sucking adventures for Rhys to enjoy.

He was watching my cheap pussy get drilled by the machine, then moving his look to see Victoria June on the screen.

As he was moaning, grunting, sticking his tongue out, and going cross-eyed from the blowjob machine sucking the life out of his cock, he placed his thumb in my Goonette mouth for me to suck on. 

It was so hot that I was making a complete mess on my bed from my slick pussy juices that were running down my thighs and spraying my sheets with wet spots all over.

I was so close to cumming, but I was trying to hold it and edge myself further. “I need to cum. Can I cum? Pleaseee…” I grunted to Rhys. 

He looked at me, grabbed my hair, and said, “Only if you stuff your mouth with my balls while you do it”. 

I did as I was told, and a few moments later, I was squirting all over my bed. The orgasm was so intense that my mind just went pop, just like a true Gooner girl’s should

If his full of cum balls weren’t in my mouth, my earth-shattering moans would have been heard across the street.

It didn’t take him long either to make a throatpie in Victoria June’s mouth, literally. Once he pulled his milked dick out, I licked the cum clean from her bimbo BJ lips. 

How Would I Rate This Portable Sex Machine for Men & Women?

When it comes to the sex machine, I think Kiiroo has come up with a fantastic creation. It’s portable, easy to store even if you have limited space, and also great to travel with!

If you travel or live with a partner, it’s like the perfect portable masturbation kit. It saves money and space and gives you orgasms so intense that your bed turns into a pussy juice pond.

I also really liked that you can control both the speed of the thrusts and also how deep in your pussy does each thrust go. It works perfectly when synced to porn.

If you’re wondering about the battery life, it can reach up to 2 hours of use depending on the usage which is not the best, but it’s pretty decent regarding the compact size of the product.

Regarding the Power Blow device, even though I can’t judge for myself, Rhys was definitely beyond satisfied. Battery-wise, it had a really great performance, too, lasting for hours.

The silicone material the dildos and strokers are made of is very high quality and it’s definitely worth the price you pay.

The high-tech and futuristic design of the toys is also giving you this CyberPunk kind of vibe which I find pretty cool and unique for the brand. 

So, if you’re looking for intensified solo or partner play toys to sync to your gooning sessions, you won’t go wrong with either of Kiiroo’s products. 


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