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We Tested Tantaly’s Realistic Sex Doll Torso & Here’s The Sticky Review!

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Hi guys, it’s Karl Majak here to give you an honest review on Tantaly’s newest addition to their sex doll torso collection, also known as the beautiful farm girl Daisy. 

I’ve probably mentioned this a couple of times before, but I am a big ass man. Sure, a set of bimbo porn boobs is nice, but a well-shaped, round, jiggling ass really seals the deal for me. 

When I saw Tantaly introduced a new sex doll on the market with an improved and even more realistic butt compared to their previous dolls, not gonna lie, I was instantly intrigued.

I’ve tried a few sex dolls over the years, but all of them were missing something. Either their asses were super tight and not realistic at all, or their pussies felt just like a silicone hole.

”The sensory overdrive from the three pornos on my screens and the realistic sound from slapping Daisy’s cunt with my full of cum balls while drilling her ass was bringing me to the edge.”

I wasn’t very impressed, but after reading a couple of very satisfied reviews on Tantaly’s sex dolls on some NSFW subreddits I follow, I decided to give sex dolls another shot. 

Everyone specifically expressed satisfaction with Daisy’s Tantabutt. It’s a new technology created by Tantaly, which is said to give the butt a sensationally realistic feeling. 

I had to have my hands on it and see how realistic it really gets. Luckily, the shipping was much quicker than expected, and thank god because my anticipation was intensifying.

Since buying a good sex doll torso is not cheap, everyone should do good research in advance to make sure you pick out the best fit for your needs.

So, if you’re thinking of buying one, keep on reading this review to find out how my experience went with Daisy. 

Delivery Day: What Did My Tantaly Package Contain?

I woke up on a cold January morning from a knock on the door. “Package for Mr. Majak?” Fuck yes, there was a package for Mr. Majak.

As I reached to grab the box from the ground and carry it inside, my repeated ditching of gym sessions in exchange for Gooning sessions the last few weeks showed its results. 

Fuck me, my dudes! This doll is no joke, it felt like a real human was stuffed in there. I got it in, shut the door, and quickly began unwrapping this well-packaged beast!

Oh, and in case you’re worried whether the postman or someone you know would be able to see the contents of the package, don’t worry about it at all. 

All of Tantaly’s sex dolls come in discreet packaging with zero clues on what’s hiding inside the box. Ideally, we want our sex doll kinks to remain private, and Tantaly has your back.

Once I opened the discreet cardboard package, there was another box – the original branded sex doll box. After opening that, I expected to see the doll, but it was actually a black duffel bag. 

It felt like Xmas when you were unwrapping your presents hidden under layers of wrapping. And I was indeed standing there like an excited 18+ man-boy ready for a Gooning session.

Once I got the black duffel bag out, I unzipped it, and the doll was stored neatly between two layers of styrofoam. There is also a handy side pocket for all your sex doll accessories. Nice!

The packaging was pretty impressive because it left zero possibilities for transport damage. After all, sex dolls are delicate and need to be treated as such, well, at least during transport. 

I lifted the doll, accompanied by some unfit grunting sounds, and placed it in the doggy position over my adjustable desk in my goon cave. 

A little tip from me, an adjustable desk changes the whole ball game regardless if you want to fuck a real woman or a sex doll. You spend more time fucking and less time adjusting. 

How Did The Sex Doll Fucking Experience Feel Like?

After giving the doll a few initial test slaps, I was literally blown away by how real it felt. The butt was jiggling like a real human butt, and the skin over it was super realistic as well.

Nevertheless, the most impressive out of all was the sound! I swear it sounded like you’re slapping a real human butt. It sounded superior to all my previous sex toys.

I was so ready to bury my dick inside of it, but first things first, I had to set up the porn. I knew I was in for hours-long of fun here, so it had to be done right. 

My goon cave consists of three monitors spread out across my desk. I like to watch porn on as many screens as possible so I can enter a total porn sensory overload. 

On the first monitor, I played a Giorgio Grandi DAP gangbang, the second one had Adriana Chechik getting her prolapsed ass ruined, and the third one had a Noughties porno with Gianna Michaels fucked in doggy style.

I lubed up Daisy’s ass and pussy and was ready to get my cock milked. I started by fingering Daisy and playing a little with her lubed slit while watching Gianna getting hers played with.

This sex doll torso was so crazy, it felt like a real pussy, and that says a lot coming from me. I lost count way a long time ago on how many real cunts I’ve dipped my cock in.

Daisy’s lifelike pussy felt tight, but not too tight, so it gives more edging pleasure, which is perfect for Gooners like myself. 

My cock was throbbing, and without waiting any longer, I slowly inserted it inside Daisy’s pink, dripping slit. 

Fuck, it felt so good. The ribbed part in the beginning and the end wrapped my hard cock like a soft pillow.

The fucking was intensifying on the screen, and so was mine. I grabbed the butt cheeks and started squeezing and slapping the fuck out of them.

With every thrust, I could see the butt jiggling like a real-life one. Daisy had no skeleton, so she felt much more elastic than the feeling you get from sex dolls with skeletons. 

After some hard drilling of her pussy, the DAP on my screen pushed me to give Daisy some rough ass-loving as well. 

Usually, anal sex toys feel super intense, almost too tight to push your dick inside. This wasn’t the case with Daisy. Her ass felt tight but relatively free to move my dick and go harder.

The sensory overdrive from the three pornos on my screens and the realistic sound from slapping Daisy’s cunt with my full of cum balls while drilling her ass was bringing me to the edge. 

The intense sexual pleasure I was getting made me completely lose track of time. It was 10 AM when I started, and now it was past 1 PM. 

My cock was screaming for a creampie in Daisy’s slippery ass. Usually, I would deny it and continue edging myself, but Daisy made me weak. I couldn’t hold it any longer. 

I came so hard that my hearing got muffled, and my legs turned all weak and wobbly. When I pulled out my milked cock, I could see my cum leaking from her ass and dripping down her cunt.

It was so fucking hot. There was no awkwardness, no boring-ass pillow talk afterward, just pure, raw, animalistic, and downright convenient sex. Fuck yes!

So, What Did I Like About This Sex Doll Torso?

As I slump into the casting couch (an original one from a porn set) in the corner of my Goon Cave, there’s a lot to reflect on as I watch my artificial anal creampie leak from Daisy’s ass.

  • You can make legit porn sounds with it – Man, when you’re slamming into this sex doll torso amid an hours-long Goon Sesh, the sound is like music to your perverted ears. The sloppy fucking and hardcore slapping sounds like you’re on a porn set.
  • It feels extremely realistic – When you slap and grab this sex doll torso’s ass, it jiggles and bounces like the real thing. Grabbing those meaty cheeks feels like heaven as you pump away at its free-use holes while in the grip of porn.
  • She’s easy to clean – I’ve been put off sex dolls in the past due to them being a nightmare to clean, but Tantaly has changed the game here. Despite pumping copious amounts of Goon Spunk into Daisy, cleaning her took less than five minutes.
  • It’s ideal for practicing your stamina – If you feel you always end up blowing your load in a chick too early, then a toy like Daisy is a solid way to practice your fucking techniques and build up your stamina. She won’t judge if you spurt in thirty seconds!

What Didn’t I Like About Daisy?

As I step out of the room so Daisy can’t hear me (actually, she doesn’t even have ears!), it’s time to tell you what I didn’t like. After all, nothing is perfect in this world.

There’s no way around it; she’s a Big Girl. And no, I don’t mean big like the horny BBW chick with a wet pussy lurking around the local bar at closing time; I mean, she’s heavy as fuck! 

The good side? She’s going nowhere, despite how hard you fuck her. As Boris the Blade said in Snatch, ‘’Weight is a sign of reliability!’’ 

But the downside? You might need to ask for a helping hand to carry her if you’re not strong enough. And, whoever you ask, make sure they’re open-minded!

My Advice For Anyone Considering Buying This Sex Doll Torso

Daisy might be a newcomer to my Goon Cave, but I’ve already learned a lot about this toy already, and I want to spurt some lessons onto your face and give you some advice.

  • Make Room, Whore Comin’ Through! – Look, Daisy is a fall smaller alternative to a full-sized sex doll, but she does take up some room when boxed with the protective styrofoam, so make sure you have ample space to store her. I’m putting her under my staircase when she’s not in use, next to my high-powered fucking machine!
  • She Does More Than Just Doggy – The sight of banging Daisy in Doggy is immense, and it is the optimal way to fuck this toy, but you can also turn her around and smash her in missionary which feels equally good, albeit different. Plus, don’t be afraid to get down there and tongue her realistic pussy and ass, ideally to some oral porn on-screen!
  • Dress Your Sex Doll in Lingerie – Daisy looks good naked, but you can also slap a pair of panties on her or slide her legs into some stockings (and fold the ends over). She might be small, but there are a lot of ways to dress her in a way that appeals to your wildest porn fantasies!

Would I Recommend Daisy to Other Gooners Out There?

If you’ve reached this point in the article, then you probably already know what I am going to say. Yes, yes and yes. If you want a realistic sex doll with a pornstar butt, Daisy is the one.

The Tantabutt technology is surreal. Personally, I couldn’t find anything negative about the doll. It’s ideal for my needs. Realistic on every level, from material to sound and feeling.

Even though it is much heavier than expected, in hindsight, it does give you a more realistic feeling, and the weight stabilizes the doll so it doesn’t move all over the place. 

However, if you’re a boobs man and you like to fuck in the missionary, you would be more suited to another sex doll from Tantaly’s collection. 

Daisy is a sex doll torso created for all the big-ass and booty porn lovers out there, and I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  

Now, spare a thought for Daisy because she will be working overtime in my Goon Cave. Speaking of which! *applies lube to cock* it’s time for round fuckin’ II! Come here, Daisy!

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