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The Scioness Review: Did it Make me Cum Like a Princess?

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Limited time? Here’s the gist of this sex toy review: The Scioness looks classy, but it has the ability to turn you into a cross-eyed wailing mess as it relentlessly sucks and licks your clit.

This toy doesn’t get tired, doesn’t flinch when you squirt in its face, and executes its mission to bring you to climax with military precision.

Best of all? It’s surprisingly affordable via the official HoneyPlayBox site, and, as well as current promotions on the site, you can use my unique WHOREURO20 code to get another 20% off!

“Catherine… Please… I can’t take anymore”, Said the 18-year-old Gooner, who’d been eating me out during a particularly prolonged porn session, “I need to tap out!”

He’d been tasked with sucking on my engorged clit for as long as I wanted to make me cum repeatedly until I tapped out. He’d done well so far but failed at the final hurdle and was now asked to leave my apartment.

As a woman who can suck multiple cocks in one sitting and not get tired, I have little sympathy for guys who claim they have jaw ache after a few minutes of sucking on clit, especially when there’s so much futuristic competition on the market.

Recently, I was invited by the innovative Honey Play Box sex toy company to test out The Scioness, one of their latest clit-sucking adventures with a notoriously orgasmic reputation!

Scioness is a term used for a female heir to royalty. So, many of you are probably wondering: Did the Scioness sex toy make me cum like a princess?

Well, my clit is puffed by way bigger than it usually is, the toy is greased with my squirt, and my body is caked in the sweat of sexual pleasure. Things got messy, and this is how it went…

At The Mercy of the Scioness

Rather than testing this toy out solo in the company of porn, I had a fuck buddy on hand who wanted to see it in action too.

After unboxing The Scioness from its discreet and stylish package, we initially assumed it was too large to incorporate into sex. However, you have to be creative.

One thing led to another, and I was soon in doggy style being fucked balls deep in the ass. Navigating the toy around the pair of balls slamming against my pussy, I clamped it on my clit.

I’ve been too bold with HPB toys before and ramped it up to the highest setting, only to be turned cross-eyed and quivering in the space of a few seconds. Not this time!

I took things slow and gradually worked my way up. But the relentless hammering of my ass only served as the perfect teammate for the toy.

“Suck up on that clit until that pussy got a hickey, baby!”

– Twerk by Cardi B.

The Scioness has formed an airtight seal around my puffy clit and mercilessly hammered it with a lubed-up tongue that was simply insatiable. With nowhere to grow, my clit kept growing, and the tongue kept licking.

“Nnnggghhh, fuck! Don’t stop!” I screamed at my fuck bud, “use my ass; this fucker is going to make me gush!”

Like the cock-drunk whore I am, I’d ramped the suction to the highest setting. As the orgasm began to tear through my well-fucked body, I subconsciously tried to remove the toy to unleash my squirt.

However weak in the grip of pleasure, I couldn’t break the seal. Holy fuck… I collapsed face down into my sex towel as the toy remained glued to my slit, and a dick hammered my hole.

The sounds in the room ranged from bare cock slamming in my ass and the gurgling sounds of my pussy battling it out with the relentless hum of the Scioness.

Honestly? I felt like I was about to pass out.

“T… take it off”, I muttered manically, “I need a break”.

His cock slide out of my ass with an unceremonious “pop”, and his strong hands removed the Scioness from my clit before presenting it to my face.

The clear airwave compartment was almost full to the brim with my pussy juices that it had collected like a war trophy. To help me recover, my fuck bud poured the juices back onto my pussy and went down on me.

After using the toy, a man’s tongue felt kind of meh. But it was a nice contrast to have a gentle tongue lapping at my sopping slit rather than the relentless orgasmic assault the Scioness had just undertaken.

Then, I had another idea. I placed the Scioness on my perky tits to see how the suction worked on other parts of my body. Fuckin’ flawless! Alternating between each nipple, it didn’t take long for me to unleash another gush of squirt into the face of my lover.

“Ready to try it out again?” he asked excitedly.

Stupid question. Of course, I was!

What I Liked About the Toy

As the hum of the toy reverberates across the room, contrasted by the sound of hardcore porn, my pussy is leaking onto the bedsheets.

That was a wild fuckin’ time. It feels impossible to sum up the positives of the Scioness into three points alone, but here it goes.

Girl, Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Honey Play Box has a knack for making toys that look sweet and innocent, but, as I mentioned in a recent review, they can be orgasm-hunting wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The clitoral seal on this toy is no joke, and as the orgasm begins to build, a lot of girls involuntarily find themselves removing the toy as the intensity begins to become too much.

Good luck pulling this seal off at a moment’s notice in the grip of orgasm! This toy mercilessly tongues your clit as waves of pleasure course through your body and doesn’t flinch or back off, no matter how hard you cum.

Put simply, it’s a one-way ticket to repeat orgasms and a climax.

You CAN Use it During Sex (Sometimes)

The Scioness is a hefty toy and bigger than it looks in the pictures. In particular positions like missionary, this toy is a no-no when you’re getting fucked. But you’ve just got to be creative!

  • Doggystyle – When your man is fucking you in the ass or pussy in Doggstyle, you can press this bad boy against your clit and let the mayhem begin.
  • Sidefuck position – Feeling lazy? Lie on your side and let your partner go to town on your holes as you let this naughty little toy take care of your clit-sucking needs!

A Well-Built Workhorse

Charging time is on the longer side at around 1.5 hours, but this thing packs an orgasmic punch and is a serious workhorse.

It feels like sheer quality in the hand, and I love the chequered grip that allows you to firmly keep hold of it regardless of how wet and messy things get.

Criticisms and Suggestions

I’m a picky bitch, and I always try to keep things transparent. So whilst it is exceptionally difficult to find negatives with Honey Play Box toys, here are some minor criticisms/suggestions.

Girls with Hooded Clits Need to Manually Adjust

I gave the toy to a few friends to try out too, and those with hooded clits found the shape of the toy made it hard for the robotic tongue to hit their clit, and it took a little manual adjusting of their clitoral hood to get things moving.

As pussies vary so dramatically in shape and size, it might be a good idea to make the suction cup removable and provide a few different shapes and sizes so women can test each one out and find one perfectly shaped to their clitoral needs.

Tips for Using

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to a toy like The Scioness, so here are some of my top tips for using it!

Use Lube

With suction toys like this, the seal can often hit a part of your pussy sometimes neglected by your natural juices. So it’s important to use lube to avoid any irritation.

Well, at least until it makes you squirt because you probably won’t need lube after that point!

Don’t Confine it to Your Pussy!

Whilst this thing is a beast for your clit, it’s equally ideal for those who love their nipples being sucked too!

Wrap this bad boy around your tit and watch as your nipples swell. Hell, I might have to buy two more to slap on each tit as the main toy works my clit!

Put a Towel Down Before You Play

I’ve heard it so many times, “Oh, I’m not a squirter. That toy won’t make me squirt!”. Girl, Honey Play Box is no ordinary manufacturer.

Do your bedsheets a favour and put a towel down before using the Scioness because this toy has the ability to make you significantly wetter between the thighs than you may be used to!

So, is the Scioness Royalty, After All?

Unlike a lot of men, the Scioness never says no to sucking your pussy, never gets tired, and doesn’t stop when you squirt in its face. My verdict? It’s one badass sex toy!

It’s well-designed, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. Like all HoneyPlayBox toys, it’s exceptionally high quality. Overall, it’s a toy I would highly recommend!

Currently, the toy is available for a promotional price on the official HPB website. Plus, you can use my unique WHOREURO20 discount code to get 20% off. Let the clit-sucking begin!

Want More Orgasmic Toy Reviews? Look No Further!

Disclaimer: This sex toy review is a sponsored sex toy review paid for by one of our sponsors and may feature affiliate links. This means that I can receive a small commission for any purchases made at no extra cost to you. Click here to see our sponsored post options.

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