Is There a Swingers Club Near Me? 5+ Easy Ways to Find Great Sex Clubs & Parties

As more people expand their sexual horizons, many kinky experiences and lifestyles once seen as taboo are becoming more mainstream. One of them is the swinging lifestyle. But although it’s sexually rewarding, it can also be daunting for newcomers to enter for the first time.

As well as lots of swinging advice, there are thousands of people every month wondering: Is there a swingers club near me? Well, I’m happy to say that the answer is more than likely yes!

“A world of uninhibited sex at a hedonism event could be right around the corner!”

Swingers clubs, parties, bars, and even dedicated hotels exist all over the world. But they are usually pretty discreet, so you’ll have to seek them out. That’s where I come in! Today, you’re going to be led by my slutty little hand as I show you how to find a swingers club.

Wherever you are in the world unless it’s a very sexually repressed place, the resources contained in this list will apply to you. We’re going to be looking at a range of things such as:

  • The free websites where amateur swingers advertise private orgies and gangbangs in homes.
  • The wide range of resources you can use to find swingers clubs near you, read their reviews, and contact them for advice about your first visit.
  • The best way to find a senior swingers club near you.

And much more! Now, without further ado let’s get stuck into the very best methods I use to find a swingers club near me wherever I am in the world!

Only Swingers is a great way to find hedonism events

Two blonde British MILFs playing in a sex swing after finding a swingers club near them.

Overall, Only Swingers is a website dedicated to the swinging lifestyle that helps open-minded couples, singles, and groups connect, distribute erotic content, and share tips and advice.

It’s also a phenomenal place to find a swingers club near you as there are many lifestyle establishments listed there from sex hotels to swinger festivals. But it’s not just established clubs networking on there.

Only Swingers often features private couples or groups of open-minded friends advertising private parties and events all over the world. A world of uninhibited sex at a hedonism event could be right around the corner!

By signing up through our link, you can join the ranks of the many swingers on the network at a very affordable price. To find out more about it, you can also check out our extensive review.

I often find a swingers club near me using adult forums

When it comes to finding a swingers club near me, the age-old and reliable source of adult forums always comes in handy. They also come in many forms from dated but reliable ones to the more modern types on Reddit.

A swingers forum can help you find a local sex club, get invites to private swinging parties, and hear feedback, tips, and advice from other sex swapping couples and singles.

In addition, I believe adult forums can be a great way for beginners to get involved with the lifestyle. Nervous newbies have the chance to connect with like-minded people and can perhaps attend a club together to ease their first-time nerves.

Overall, it’s a great way to put your ear to the ground. Especially when in a new town, city, or country. There are also dedicated forums to specific swinging kinks like Hotwifing, meaning you can narrow down your search to your naughty interests!

Not all kinky events take place indoors

Car dogging sex Cannock Chase

I do adore the warm and cosy feeling of a swingers club. Then there’s everything about it: The social side, sipping your favourite cocktail whilst watching a blur of live sex, and not to mention the sex on tap once the night gets going.

But not all swinging takes place indoors. The feeling of a mild summers night on your naked skin as you fuck on a car bonnet in full view of like-minded public sex lovers is an incredible one indeed.

This is why Dogging is a sexual pastime enjoyed by countless people. Originally from the United Kingdom, it has since spread across Europe and the United States. It sees sexually liberated singles, couples, and groups indulge in eroticism in the great outdoors.

Generally, Dogging takes place in quiet nature reserves, country parks, or similar areas away from the public eye. It treads a fine legal line but provided you don’t cause alarm to the public and are discreet, it’s largely tolerated.

Dogging sites exist all over the place but finding the right one is another story. I recently wrote a handy guide for wannabe public sex aficionados to get started. You can check it out in my international sex guide section.

Look for a swingers resort

Live the Hotwife lifestyle on a volcanic island

There are few better combinations than sun, sea, and sex. Luckily, the swinging community discovered this a long time ago. Over the years, there has been a boom in swingers resorts where open-minded sexual beings can enjoy a sordid vacation.

From the U.S.A to Jamaica and Germany to the UK, there is an abundance of swinging resorts around the world. From dedicated sex resorts to swingers hotels, the options for enjoying a kinky holiday in the sun are endless.

Trust me, there are few feelings like engaging in raw, uninhibited sex on a nudist beach with nothing but the sun and eyes of horny voyeurs on your back. It’s a feeling that every sexually adventurous person should experience at least once in their life.

Some swinger destinations are better suited to certain kinks and fetishes than others. We’ve recently penned articles on everything from the best cuckold vacation spots to where to go Dogging and how to do it right.

Find private swingers events in adult hookup circles

Whilst I do love a good club, some of the best lifestyle events I’ve been to have taken place in private homes. Of course, you won’t find these as simple as you would with a club, but they can arguably be more wild and fun.

The best place to find scheduled swinging parties is in adult hookup circles and hookup sites that cater to the swinging community and fetishists. Although some will get much better results than others.

So to save you learning through trial and error, next I’ll cover the main hookup site I tend to use for seeking arrangements with other swingers and finding private sex events near me.

Because of course, everybody has a favourite method of arranging filthy meetups with like-minded fetishists. This brings me to the final addition to this list. Last but not least is Adult Friend Finder!

I often use AFF to find swinger events or an adult club near me

A 20-year veteran of the adult lifestyle, Adult Friend Finder has been a staple of open-minded hookups for countless kinksters over the years. Unlike many other long-running sex forums and hookup sites, it has modernized very well and moved with the times.

I have an account on there and, as well as using it for casual sex and arranging gangbangs, I find it’s a great way to seek out swinger events or an adult club near me wherever I am in the world.

Largely regarded as the leading site when it comes to sex hookups, it’s easy to use and has members from all over the world. Many of whom are neatly divided according to their kinks, fetishes, and unique desires.

The handy mobile app also means it can be used on the go from a smartphone, meaning you’re able to tap into the sleazy scenes of various countries around the world and sample the erotic delights our planet has to offer.

And so, AFF takes first place on this list of resources I use on the road to find out if there is a swingers club near me. You can sign up for a free trial through our link, although the very underpriced premium membership gets you a lot more spurt for your buck!

In conclusion? Naughty swingers events may be closer than you realize!

To round off, you may be surprised at how close to home a local sex party, swingers event, or adult club might be to you. Using the array of resources in this article, you’re bound to find a club close to home or wherever you may find yourself.

Sex clubs, swingers parties, and similar events are a great way for people to expand their sexual horizons, indulge in their kinks and fantasies, and add a kinky twist to a relationship.

When done the right way, it can be a phenomenal boost to your sex life. But remember, not all clubs and sex events are created equal. Do your research to find out if the said venue is right for you if they have specific nights dedicated to your desires (trans, bi, BDSM, etc.), and most importantly: Have fun!

A first-time visit to a sex club or swingers party can be daunting. Luckily for you, I’ve written several free guides where I detail the ins and out for a first-timer to make your entry into the adult lifestyle as well-lubricated as possible!


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