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BNWO: Ideas for 5 Initiation Tasks to Join the Black New World Order

Disclaimer: The following article aims to shed light on the BNWO fetish and allow consenting adults to indulge in it at a safe pace. If you are not comfortable with the race play aesthetic, we recommend you find another article to read.

From DDLG relationships to Coprophilia, there is an abundance of controversial kinks out there that make up the sexual smorgasbord of fetishism. But one that is rapidly growing in popularity is that of the Black New World Order (BNWO).

In the fetish world, BNWO is a form of race play that views black men as superior to all other races. It plays a big role in cuckold, Hotwife, sissification, and humiliation scenarios.

Whether you’re a sissy, a Hotwife, a cuck, or someone who wants to delve into the world of worshipping Big Black Cock, this article is going to show you how. Today, we’re going to look at ideas for initiation tasks to enter the BNWO at a sensible pace.

“This discreet piece of fetish jewellery slips around the ankle and can be a low-key way to display your sexual desires to those around you who know what they’re looking for.”

The kink centres around stereotypes surrounding black men from Alpha Male masculinity to being well-endowed. Of course, it is just a fetish and none of these is strictly true. I believe all races are equal but I do adore partaking in roleplay surrounding the Black New World Order.

Now, get on your knees and get reading. I’m going to show you all the secrets to worshipping black cock, humiliating yourself or your other half, and more. Welcome to the BNWO, trainee!

Black cock training through porn

Interracial BNWO porn

Ok, so you have an overwhelming urge to satisfy Black Men but don’t know where to look for inspiration. My dear kinkster, porn is your friend! It has been a bastion of BBC porn for decades and still is.

Of course, a decade of porn leaves a lot of choices to pick from. But I have my own favourite porn producers for different needs. Luckily for you, I’m going to share some of them with you:

  • Bang.com has a major interracial porn section – From squirting teens trying their first BBC gangbang to greedy divorcee MILFs living out their long-supressed sexual fantasies, Bang has an array of Black Cock porn in full 4K.
  • Grooby Girls is great for BBC sissy sluts – A long-established transsexual porn site, Grooby has thousands of trans videos and is a great resource for seeing sissies worship black dick.

From inspiring you to training you in black cock worship techniques, the world of porn can be a great way to slowly edge your way into the realm of the Black New World Order. The next step is to connect with like-minded devotees.

Connect with other devotees through Black new world order communities

Blonde girl gangbanged by two BBC

Do you think you’re alone in your fetish? Well, think again! The BNWO fetish has been around for many years. But the advent of social media connecting like-minded kinksters has allowed it to boom in popularity.

One of my favourite places to get inspiration, connect with Black Men and other BBC sluts is r/BlackWorldOrder. With over 150,000 members, this is an incredible fetish forum for porn, inspiration, advice, and hookups.

“When meeting Black Men to worship, it’s vital to be upfront from the beginning. Some people might be offended at this controversial fetish, whereas others will be very keen.”

When it comes to BBC hookups, Reddit can be hit and miss. Because members are often spread out across the world, it’s better to use a dedicated adult dating site or a forum so you can narrow down your search preferences.

There’s a range of dedicated forums dedicated to the Black New World Order, cuckolding, and Hotwifing. I compiled a handy list of the top 10, which you can read at the bottom of this article. Some are a little dated, but they’re still very active.

Big Black Cock worship starts with BBC dating

Fucked by a big black cock in stripper heels.

So, now that you’ve rubbed yourself silly with interracial Black Cock porn and sought advice from fully-fledged members of the BNWO, it’s time to get out there and take your place at the altar of the big black cock church.

Hooking up with Black Men around the world is one of my favourite things about travelling. One of the highlights was being placed on a revolving sex stool and used like a whore by a group of Black Brazillian men in Germany. You can read all about it at the bottom of this article.

“Whether you plan to humiliate your non-Black cuck or just flaunt your status as a BBC slut, it’s time to mark yourself as a breedable whore.”

When it comes to meeting Black Men to indulge in your fetish, it’s vital to be upfront from the beginning. Some people might be offended at the controversial fetish, whereas others will be very keen on having you on your knees and worshipping them.

But the truth is, you’re more likely to find open-minded Alpha males in adult dating circles, swinger parties, or similar. So here are my top three BBC dating hotspots that will give you the chance to start your Big Black Cock worship journey.

  • AdultFriendFinder – A 20-year veteran of adult hookups, it won’t take you long to find sexually adventurous Black Men looking for obedient slaves.
  • OnlySwingers – An independent swinger dating site that connects like-minded sexual beings for casual encounters.
  • Ashley Madison – The notorious dating site for cheating wives, it has seen a membership boost with Hotwives and cuckold men. It has since become a hotbed of BNWO enthusiasts.

But of course, your devotion to BBC doesn’t have to be confined to online hookups. Why not combine it with a vacation to a country where the majority of the population are superior Black Men?

The entire world can be your Big Black Cock Church

Queen of Spades tattoo on show at a swingers resort in Jamaica.

As you know, I’m an avid traveller. But whilst I love taking in a few cultural sights, I’m much more focused on sampling the local population deep in my throat. As a BBC slut, I have a few destinations that I visit specifically to drop to my knees for black dick.

For me, the best countries have been in the Caribbean. I’m talking Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Barbados etc. Whilst far from the cheapest destination, they’re a Mecca for people seeking out casual sex with local men. The latter is often only too keen to provide it.

“I know a lot of women that have been fucked in the Bahamas by locals. A Bahamian friend of mine fucks nothing but white girls on vacation. He said it’s just so easy.”

– Whoreuro user on Reddit.

There are so many destinations that have their pros and cons, but for newcomers to the Black New World Order scene, I would recommend the stunning island of Jamaica. It’s one of the more affordable of the Caribbean islands and is a haven for Black Cock!

It’s a beautiful country with friendly people and great food. It’s also a relatively sexually open-minded one too. You don’t have to look far to find sexually adventurous local guys to worship whilst on vacation.

Not only that, but Jamaica is also home to the notorious swinger sex resort known as Hedonism II. If you don’t find your dream Black Dick rendezvous on the street, you certainly will get it back at the resort if you stay there!

Faunt your devotion to the Black Cock cult with a temporary BNWO tattoo or anklet

QoS tattoo on the ankle of a Hotwife dedicated to the Black New World Order

Now, you’ve physically begun your journey to becoming a slut of the BNWO. Whether you plan to humiliate your non-Black cuck or just flaunt your status as a BBC slut, it’s time to mark yourself as a breedable whore. Luckily, there are a few fantastic ways to do so.

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll know I adore slutty tattoos (despite having a fear of needles!). But one of my favourite types has to be the BNWO tattoo variety, of which there are many!

But look, I’m not suggesting you mark yourself for life. Remember those temporary tattoos from years ago? Well, they’re making a comeback amongst the adult community for fetishists to give themselves mock fetish tattoos that wash off easily.

I’ve found temporary tattoos a wonderful way to present myself as a tattooed slut. I often apply them for swingers events or even casual hookups. The look on people’s face when they see what looks like a permanently inked piece of obscenity on your body is priceless!

So whether you want a ”BNWO slut” tattoo across your chest, ”Black Cock Only” above your asshole or the classic Queen of Spades (QoS) marked on you, temporary tattoos can be a fantastic way to show off your devotion to BBC without the long-term commitment.

Also, there’s the option of a Hotwife anklet. This discreet piece of fetish jewellery slips around the ankle and can read anything from “BBC slut” to “BNWO”. It’s a very low-key way to display your sexual desires to those who know what they’re looking for.

Now, get out there and taste superiority!

White cock destroying a white pussy.

In summary, the black cock cult of the BNWO can be an incredibly rewarding experience for those who are sexually open-minded enough. But it’s important to take it slow and do it the right way and with the right people.

To round things off, don’t just dive into a hastily arranged gangbang with the first people you can find. Prepare yourself, indulge in BBC porn, and make sure this is right for you (and your partner if you’re going down the cuckold route) before taking the plunge.

Further reading

Becoming a member of the Black New World Order isn’t a fetish accolade that is done overnight. It’s very much a long term journey of dedication. But trust me, it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This guide to the Black New World Order may contain affiliate links to products I am happy to represent. When you use these links to purchase their services, I can earn a commission. All commissions go towards maintaining my site and providing you with further content. Something I am very grateful for if you do purchase, my thanks in advance if you do. x


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